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Today our love JackLNDN dropped his new full length record Thoughts and we are swooning! 12 house tracks dripping with serious dance grooves and sweet R&B vibes …. perfect for any poolside party with all your friends … major, major vibes. I chose to feature track 1 “Beautiful Life” because it sets the tone for the whole record … finding your happy place! JackLNDN is one of the most wonderful humans around, kind and passionate about his music, but also loving and hilarious, we have had so many amazing moments together (you deserve the world Jack) and I can remember every one on each track I hear from this new record. DO what’s right kids - swoop this one HERE!



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Funky and incredibly catchy, “Played Out” has the makings of a versatile classic. Kill Paris’s groovy synths fused with power guitar riffs are guaranteed to have listeners snapping their fingers while tapping their toes to the addictive percussion he’s also cooked up. Dutch Robinson’s vocal addition is absolutely killer, as his soulful voice will easily be stuck in listeners heads for days to come. 



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Paco Versailles is a name you’ll be hearing a LOT in the near future. The electric duo is composed of songwriter/producer Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities fame) and guitarist/composer Vahagni, and they recently released their second single “Shangri La” — but I’m already a fan for life. Merchant’s mesmerizing dance/pop vocals are fantastically memorable instant sing-alongs, exquisitely complemented by Vahagni’s resplendent flamenco guitar. Together, they’ve dubbed their sound Dancemenco (a new genre moniker I quite like). 

The group’s first single “Unwind” dropped in late June. The delightful concoction of enthralling acoustic guitar riffs, dance claps, and romantic vocals is instantly enamoring. With that release, they also debuted their captivating live show at LA’s esteemed Peppermint Club. All I can say is: this is a band that will be playing festivals this time next year. Following up “Unwind” with “Shangri La”, Paco Versailles has delivered more of their addictive Dancemenco, alluding to the search for the legendary literary utopia Shangri La, which represents a mystical paradise, isolated from the world (a place I think we’d all enjoy going to for a while). Keep your eyes and ears on Paco Versailles. I hear lots more new music is coming soon :D

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LSDREAM is the psychedelic bass aficionado from LA rewiring contemporary EDM. Between retro synths and enormous drops, his latest offering is a novel cut featuring songstress Meredith Bull. “Spaceship” balances electrifying chord progressions with mellow breakbeats, resulting in a vast melting pot of intellectual sound design. A festival-ready relic, this LSDREAM original is equally as contemplative. Spaceship boasts an artistic warmth that is often overlooked in contemporary bass music- there is a an acute sense of soul to all that he touches. Engage in this interstellar outline of vigor and heart-rending passion today.



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Championing the new age of electro-soul and R&B, Nashville’s own R.LUM.R delivers a breath of fresh air with his latest offering, “How This Feels.” An immersive cut dipped in soulful songwriting and looming melodies, R.LUM.R solidifies himself as an authentic visionary. Dripping in profound psalms, “How This Feels” is a righteously unnerving outline that prompts contemplation. Musically sincere and easily embraced, the Nashville creator strikes chords beyond those which make up this track’s very DNA. Lose yourself in the enlightening musings of R.LUM.R via “How This Feels.”



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Breathing a vibrant sort of life into the Milwaukee music scene, Chris Siegel delivers his feel-good, summertime joint, “Week 1.” Unapologetically optimistic, Siegel’s freshest cut is distinctly genreless. A poignant instrumental with hip hop breaks and synth-pop aromas, “Week 1” challenges the M.O of contemporary electronic production. Bubbly percussive elements tumble through shimmering digital soundscapes curating an outline of neon resonance. Rich with spirit and embrace, “Week 1” is the lively melting pot of sounds you need to hear.



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As female empowerment continues to sweep the globe, women from all walks of life are celebrating the cause. With three female rappers on this year’s XLL Freshman Class, feminine art is being honored in all of its mediums. In an ode to self-empowerment, super-babe and rising pop songstress Cuja delivers, “New Bitch, Who Dis?” This vibrant cut is ripe with soulful vocals that parade around the track’s righteous mantra. Anchored to an electrifying production style with hip-hop cadences , this spitfire single is reminiscent of Ariana Grande with Cuja’s signature tattooed throughout its entirety. Check into this space of girl power and self-love today.



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Kyle Braun is a 21-year-old producer hailing from New York who began releasing music in 2016 under the name Poorchoice. The project's first success on a large scale came when he released a remix of “Chateau” by R&B artist Blackbear in June of 2017. The remix currently has over 600,000 streams on his Soundcloud and has even garnered support from Blackbear himself. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Porter Robinson, Grey, The Chainsmokers, and Illenium, Poorchoice continues to shape his sound around catchy vocal melodies, classic house drums, all while trying to create emotion driven moments in his music. In 2019, Poorchoice has already released a plethora of music including collaborations with Veronica Bravo, Big Z and KVMO. He has many more collaborations, solo productions, as well as remixes lined up for the remainder of 2019 in what is shaping up to be the biggest year of his career so far.

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Following the exciting release of “Scars” featuring Luna Grey, producer and drummer COFRESI delivers a thunderous music video to parallel the wicked cut. Exploring a monochromatic pallet of white and grey, the music video follows the portrayed insanities of Luna Grey in a straight jacket. As she hurls herself about, falling in and out of reality, chopped vocals and electro-rock cadences oscillate her chaos. A sinister visual to a in impressive single, “Scars” has come full circle in terms of creative direction. Listen and watch today.

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