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Kyle Braun is a 21-year-old producer hailing from New York who began releasing music in 2016 under the name Poorchoice. The project's first success on a large scale came when he released a remix of “Chateau” by R&B artist Blackbear in June of 2017. The remix currently has over 600,000 streams on his Soundcloud and has even garnered support from Blackbear himself. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Porter Robinson, Grey, The Chainsmokers, and Illenium, Poorchoice continues to shape his sound around catchy vocal melodies, classic house drums, all while trying to create emotion driven moments in his music. In 2019, Poorchoice has already released a plethora of music including collaborations with Veronica Bravo, Big Z and KVMO. He has many more collaborations, solo productions, as well as remixes lined up for the remainder of 2019 in what is shaping up to be the biggest year of his career so far.

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Following the exciting release of “Scars” featuring Luna Grey, producer and drummer COFRESI delivers a thunderous music video to parallel the wicked cut. Exploring a monochromatic pallet of white and grey, the music video follows the portrayed insanities of Luna Grey in a straight jacket. As she hurls herself about, falling in and out of reality, chopped vocals and electro-rock cadences oscillate her chaos. A sinister visual to a in impressive single, “Scars” has come full circle in terms of creative direction. Listen and watch today.

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Making steadfast gains in his early career, anonymous producer juuku returns with remix of Graves’ “I’m Fine” ft. EZI. Giving the original cut a charming treatment, juuku layers the track with dazzling sound design and emotive chord progressions. The remix ascends a fascinating crescendo that quickly drops into staggered digital bits. Prompting an immersive listening experience, juuku continues to solidify himself as exciting act to watch this year.



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A distinguished outline of quick-witted sound design, Habstrakt just delivered his latest single, “De La Street.” Born from the spaces that exist between house and trap, this original joint has already solidified its place as a festival-ready relic. Dance-floor-equipped and wicked to boot, Habstrakt proves that his mathematic and technical attention to detail breeds a resonance similar to that of a lightning strike. Listen today.



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Spreading his Australian influence across the globe, Laurel Laxxes enlists vocalist Gavin Beach to unveil “Somewhere New.” This mellow single tracks gated drum kicks with sultry lyricism to set a new standard for alternative-electronic music. Esteemed for its subtly tropical aromas, “Somewhere New” is a hybrid dance cut that ultimately establishes Laurel Laxxes as one of the most innovate emerging producers in the land down under. Void of chaotic turns and transitions, “Somewhere New” is an atmospheric triumph that minimizes thunderous EDM cadences while remaining true to its influence.



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Pat Lok just unveiled his new Corazón EP, out now via French powerhouse Kitsuné Musique. The Vancouver native's Corazón EP is both fiction and cautionary tale, metaphor and lament - revolving around a relationship that takes place over only 36 hours. In the larger sense, Corazon is about something we each deal with in varying levels and how we treat ourselves and each other in a time of 'instant everything'. We all desperately want real connections but maybe aren't so sure how to go about them building them. Sometimes these intense, rapid encounters occur naturally - but sometimes they are just illusions we've built up in our minds from clicking 'Like' on a few posts or exchanging a few messages. Listen to the illustrious “Fearless” featuring Luke Burr, and explore the moving 7-track effort today.



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Having already wrapped up three EP’s – ‘Shelter,’ ‘Watching’ and ‘Rhythm Flow’ respectively – Noel ties it all together on his debut album “Reborn.” This project is the finishing product of a producer who wanted to re-immerse herself in the world of drum & bass and found a perfect place in ProgRAM. As one of four of the album’s exclusives, title track ‘Reborn’ steps in with edgy synths patterns and rippled arpeggio melodies. The track’s subtle rowdiness offers more to marvel at which makes it no surprise why the productions made it onto the full LP. Since Noel was the first artist to manifest his album on ProgRAM, he certainly cements himself in the history of the label. "Reborn" is a coherent collection of Russian talent.



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jackLNDN is no stranger to our pages! We’ve been supporting this legend since he was a wee lad still making beats from his parents basement in the UK. After many years of rad releases, about a dozen shows, a move to the USA, and all around general hangs …. you could say he’s one of our besties! We are VERY excited for this next premiere of “Gone” by jackLNDN which will be included on his first full-length album THOUGHTS out AUG 16. This new track has all that deep house goodness that only Jack can vibe, but this time he’s tackling the “darker side of loneliness; when the mind is such a mess, that numbing it seems is the only way to cope.” With shadowy melodies under deep house beats and dulcet vocals, we get all the feels. Get personal with jackLNDN and get into this one kids!



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Austin-based producer/DJ Casual T revealed the third and final single from his forthcoming Lovers? EP. Following the well-received singles “Why?” and “Bath?” the impressive artist unveils “Wanderlove?” With looming soundscapes and breathy chords, Casual T’s “Wanderlove?” is a shadowy success that highlights his dexterity as a musician. Haunting, sultry vocals bleed into punchy drum kicks and sharpened synths. Closing out his EP rotation with a bang, “Wanderlove?” solidifies the foundation that Lovers? will soar freely upon.