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On his perpetual endeavor to capture the hearts of millions through sound, Nashville-native Super Duper stuns in his “Open Eyes,” featuring Nashville songstress Madi Diaz. A captivating journey through lush synths and sublime vocals, Super Duper’s latest and final single ahead of EP release is a true treat. Ripe with passion, “Open Eyes” charms from the get-go, and entraps eager listeners alike. Stay tuned — Super Duper’s Vessels EP is out everywhere Friday, March 8.

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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In a cross-continental collaboration, Aussie musician Jamie Lane teams up with American artist Naji to unveil “Say It Again.” Boasting an invigorating draw, "Say It Again” is a fresh take on contemporary R&B. Chambers of charming, distorted vocals melt into the optimistic electronic production with ease. Naji brings a raw, rhythmic feel to the digital resonance, propelling the track into a different dimension. Assembling a tapestry of genres to create a single outline, “Say It Again” is as intellectual as it is musically dynamic, Lane quotes “Although the track has easy going vibes it’s lyrically a fairly personal song. There are a few themes running through it but the main one is; trying to establish real confidence through drive & will, instead of through the validation from others, which always leads back to self-doubt and depression.” A single rich in value with an acute attention to the technicalities of electronic production, “Say It Again” is a stunning reveal. Stream it across all platforms here, and watch this space for more from Jamie Lane.



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Making their shimmering debut into the electro-pop atmosphere, Malaysian ensemble MFMF. combines the musical efforts of KUIZZ, and Spuds. This trio comes together in a formidable fashion on their single, “Flashes.” Rising Maly vocalist Bil Musa blesses the optimistic production with crisp, feminine vocals that help define the track as a whole. This effervescent cut is ripe with neon resonance, awakening all of the senses. An element all its own, this collaboration is a stunning debut, leaving listeners eager for more from the three-piece visionaries. Watch this space.



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Making future-pop glow, this Netherlands duo is turning heads with their latest unveiling, “NAUGHTY BOY.” 2CRE8 is an electro-fusion duo riding a wave all their own. Stitched together with an acute sense of glamour, these dance music pioneers are as effervescent as champagne bubbles. This charismatic joint is vibrant with optimism- untethered and unbound by a shared artistic synchronicity. Inviting and versatile, “NAUGHTY BOY” continues to pave the way to an exciting future for the 2-piece outfit. Stay tuned for more.



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Lighting up New Zealand with disco funk and deep house, electronic producer La Felix delivers his first release of the year, “Drama” featuring female vocalist KOLE. Outlined with optimism, this bouncy single is easy to embrace with its palpable energy. Textured with funk and future bass, “Drama” is a plentiful single, carefully layered with vibrantly colored sounds. La Felix and KOLE boast a fantastic sense of synchronicity breathing life into each others artistic strengths, making “Drama” an easy listen from its inception. Let your hair down and glow with La Felix. Listen to “Drama” on your preferred streaming platform here.



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Bringing the sounds of the summer to the holiday season, Vienna-based duo PALASTIC brings electro-pop to life with their latest unveiling, “Goldmine.” Amassing a stunning 16 million streams across their discography since their 2016 debut, PALASTIC is quickly becoming a preferred ensemble in the pop atmosphere. “Goldmine” kicks off with a syrupy, salsa-esque melody. A cool breezy air rises as the production ascends into a bouncy, optimistic plane of digitalism. Subtly chopped and tropical to boot, PALASTIC is sunshine and saltwater with “Goldmine.” Tune in with us.

“We love this track! Written in the first sunny days of spring surrounded by good vibes, the mood easily translated into this upbeat, contagious song” -PALASTIC



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Cheeky and vibrant, Nashville’s most inspired post-genre sensation Spazz Cardigan strikes gold with his latest offering, “DOIDOIT.” Raised by Queen and MJ, and inspired by Kanye and Bjork, his unique influences shine with radiance in “DOIDOIT.” Characterized by a DNA of romantic theatrics, subtle vigor, and undeniable glamour, this outline of sounds is a charming venture of resonance. Each vibrant transition is complimented by Spazz’s robust, alluring lyricism. Not to be defined by any one genre, Spazz Cardigan is manifesting his own reality, one where he will never be put inside of a box. Bubbly on the surface, yet profound in its entirety, “DOIDOIT” solidifies Spazz Cardigan as an artist to watch through the holiday season and into the new year- watch this space.

“‘DOIDOIT’ is about the one question that I think unites everyone: 'why am I the way I am?' It's a reflection on my life over the last few years as I've moved from sleeping on couches to making a living with music and a dissection of the decisions I've made in the meantime. I've got a nasty tendency of basing my self worth on how busy I stay and how productive I am, and while that's fueled me in getting music off the ground it's also led to me tearing myself apart when I feel like I'm not living up to the expectations I set for myself. I got to a place about a month ago where it hit me how unsustainable that is over a lifetime, and ‘DOIDOIT’ was written in about 5 minutes as I questioned why my brain was wired that way. This is the quickest I've ever been able to write and release a song.



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Electronic soundscapes, textural guitar riffs, and lush synths are the pillars of Price Park’s latest single, “Fire” featuring Joe Kosky. This vibrant framework of sounds boasts a palpable resonance, both sweet and striking. Little moments of bliss collide in “Fire,” awakening a myriad of emotions via smooth transitions and complex arrangements. Drawing inspiration from a labyrinth of electronic sub-genres, Price Park channels a slew of influence with a notable sense of cohesiveness. Gorgeous and gritty, this Melbourne-based visionary is as encompassing as they come. Join us as we lose ourselves in this rare, seamless beauty defined only by Price Park and Joe Kosky.



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In a stunning, synergistic collaboration UK producer CUB teams up with Clara Hurtado from The Voice UK to unveil “Don’t Wanna Know.” Inspired by the likes of Mark Ronson and Zedd, CUB is in the pioneering stages of his syrupy, electro-pop career. The producer is a student of both music and life, continuously expanding his artistic influence to push the envelope of contemporary indie-pop. “Don’t Wanna Know” boasts a feminine energy yet balances sharp, industrial production that pierces the effervescent nature of Hurtado’s lyricism. This chromatic design of sounds and musical movement shines at the apex of indie-electronic. Like a yin and yang, CUB and Clara Hurtado are a complimentary duo, illuminating one another’s vocal and physical dexterity with ease. Tune in.