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Summer is still going strong for us west coasters, in fact we have been experiencing quite a heat wave over the past week! To keep the hot hot vibes going strong, Los Angeles duo Curt Reynolds gave us their Top 5 Summer Jams to get your week started right!  These deep house disco chrispy legends can be found playing scorching sets almost every weekend up and down the west coast -- it's always a party with these babe's! Listen and love!  

Claptone - Dear Life ft. JAW (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Ben's selection perfectly tailored with a classic disco bassline for those elongated daytime Summer sessions. 

Maxim Kurtys - I'm Movin On ft. Becky Rutherford
Tyler's go-to for when the dance floor is craving that deep bass. This track has the perfect combination of tight percussion, enticing vocals by Becky Rutherford, and a punchy bass arrangement. 

Jean Tonique - What You Wanna Do
We love this French pluck-heavy feel good jam. It goes perfect with a tangy Tequila cocktail and dance-offs by the pool...vitamin D included. 

Aeroplane - Page One Is Love
The legend that is Aeroplane delivers yet again. This is a more recent tune but we think it has the ability to extend Summer into the colder months. Blast this in a convertible while flying high down PCH and you'll see why. A sure classic.

Saint Motel - Just My Type (Eau Claire Remix)
We had the pleasure of playing alongside Eau Claire at a recent LA pool party and boy did we enjoy the vibes. Her remix of Saint Motel's "My Type" is nothing short of perfection and it spews the word SUMMER from all angles.


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While summer may be winding down, the music of summer continues! We've recruited fellow tastemakers and SoCal legends GRYN to give us their Top 5 Summer Jams. Living up to their name, the guys have made us smile with a great mix of soul, funk, house, deep groovy bumps and daytime splendors. These tasty tunes are the perfect way to get you through this hump day. Listen and Enjoy! Take it away fellas.  

Mark Ronson -  I Can't Lose Ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

To us, this remix wholly embodies summer… so it’s the perfect track to kick off our selection. Pomo’s signature funky basslines work too well over Keyone Starr’s powerful vocals. It’s all around such a well-produced, feel-good track.

Cosmo's Midnight - Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA)

This track has been constantly playing whenever we have a minute and decide to trek around LA with friends. The entire thing is one fun and lighthearted groove. Also, this track pairs nicely with a heavy dose of Vitamin D.

Kartell - Attracted

We got our hands on the new Kartell EP just before summer hit, and haven’t been able to stop grooving since. It’s a great track to accompany any summer situation, be it sipping beverages by the pool or getting your boogie on at a rooftop soiree.

Gallant - Weight in Gold (Brasstracks Remix)

This track hits us square in the feels. Every damn time. It felt like everyone and their mothers decided to remix Gallant this summer, but for us, this Brasstracks iteration takes the cake. It’s the perfect transition track between your daytime and nighttime summer escapades.

Thabo Getsome - The Sound (Sacha Robotti's Wobbly Remix)

We’ve been mixing with this Sacha Robotti remix nonstop this summer. This is the track you should throw on once the sun has finally set and you’re ready to spend a balmy night on the town.


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Every year I meet a fresh group of musicians who play one of my events throughout the US, and every year there is one person or persons (usually Australian) who totally steal my heart! I know we are only 1/2 way through 2015, but I'm convinced Carmada will walk away winning! I've already done 2 shows with this gorgeous Aussie duo, and kinda chomping at the bit to do more! They have provided us with their top 5 summer jams, and as I suspected they have handed over an eclectic group of tracks -- asking us to get low,  chill out, and feel summertime vibes for days!  

This Friday Carmada will be slaying their live set in San Francisco at 1015 -- and I'll be there raging!! If you are in the bay area this is something you cannot miss!  Tickets are on sale now - so grab a pair HERE and meet me and the Aussies there!!

Nick Lynar - Too Dope
Perfect track for chilling by the poolside

Bengal - The Nile
This track makes you want to do backflips of jetty's into water!

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
There's no need to explain this track, just listen and you'll understand. 

The Similou - All This Love
Mad because it's real sick and makes everyone do mad stuff!

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
Just because it's Bob.


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We have been keeping a close watch on this little muffin, and gotta say we pretty much love everything he puts into the world.  filous is a young producer from Austria - another talented kid who is barely legal and absolutely slaying the jams, one after another after another.  He's given us a Top 5 summer jams playlist that he believes are fire - and we have to agree!  You should also check out all filous tracks because ..... they are bananas good! Enjoy! 

RAC - Back Of The Car
Like many songs from RAC "Back of the Car" is one of those songs that will instantly put me in a good mood. The perfect motivational, feel good summer track.

Me & My Toothbrush - One Thing (Nora En Pure Radio Mix) 
Absolutely fantastic production on this one. Love the floaty and chill, but also dancy vibe of the track!

PALASTIC - Don't Hesitate ft. Y Z R
I have been listening to PALASTIC constantly for the last two months and fell in love with everything they have put out so far. "Don't Hesitate" is a great, catchy and unique track - love it!

Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck
That awesome steel drum melodie combined with that groovy beat is killing me, I just can't stop listening to this song!

Big Wild - Afterglow
That moment when the drop is kicking in is a pure bliss. Definitely one of my favourite tracks at the moment!


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Wow - this top 5 is super hot! Our new fave producer out of Florida has to be PLS&TY!  The minute he came into our lives and we heard his sweet jams, we kinda swooned a little!  This future bass kid has got something we really like, and this selection of summer jams is proof in the pudding ... it tastes so good!  PLS&TY got so into this there is even a 6th pick for a little extra heat!  Any one of the tracks below will make your summer playlist super sexy! Enjoy! 

Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank - Shades of Grey ft. Delaney Jane
Such a feel good jam. Delaney’s voice is amazing. This song is so catchy and really something special

Coolwater (Far East Movement & Autolaser) - Up To No Good ft. Adrian Delgado
Far East Movement and Autolaser!? I can not wait to hear more Coolwater tracks. Autolaser is insanely talented, probably the next Jimi Hendrix, and it was a pleasure working with him on our recent collab!

Two Fresh. - Gettin Throwed ft. Towkio & Joey Purp
This goes! I saw Two Fresh play a show at Grand Central Nightclub here in Miami a while back, so this new release on Next Wave Records got me super excited! “Let “Gettin Throwed” be your guide as you ride through your city”.

Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
One of the most impressive original releases of summer 2015, and curated by Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective, Jai Wolf’s track is legendary! It’s beautiful from beginning to end. The synths are stunning.

Netsky - Rio
Ahh, I love Netsky. Finally a new original track, and every sound is perfect… the percussion, the vocals, the piano, everything. Anything Netsky is very sentimental for me, as he’s one of the artists that originally kickstarted my passion for electronic music.

Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar (Arman Cekin Remix)
Immediately hooked by the gorgeous piano chords at the start. Arman’s song was just released with a premiere by Run The Trap, and it’s pretty incredible. One of the most talented producers I know and a close friend.


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How about some California lovin' from one of our best homies Colour Vision! He's given us his top 5 summers jams today, and it's time to get tropical.  This pineapple king is no stranger from poolside vibes and tropical feels; once he even showed up to the Beautiful Buzzz Hollywood HQ with a pineapple .... just because! These tracks are perfect for your summertime playlist -- enjoy! 

Todd Terje - Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian vs Tangoterje dub)
I can't say enough good things about Todd, he is my ultimate tropical disco hero and this tangoterje blend of his single alfonso mukedunder has grown to be one of my favorite tunes. It creates an amazingly comical tiki lounge feel that should be heard at every pool party this summer around the world. 

Ben Browning - Friends Of Mine
I'm incredibly excited that Ben has started releasing more of his lovely indie pop tunes and 'friends of mine' really has become a favorite so far. It's one of those light sunshine infused tunes that i could be stranded on a desert island with and not feel lonely.. be about it! 

DWYR - Make Me Float
One of my favorite up and coming producers at the moment DWYR from the GOYA SOCIAL CLUB in Madrid really delivered a fresh take on a very oversampled tune which i have been getting tons of use out of lately.. extremely vibey.. absolutely ideal for a pool party.

Rambo V - Catalina Bounce
Rambo V has been an underground favorite of mine since he remixed my original 'Sur Chic' last year and the dude constantly delivers fresh tunes of the bouncey/deep variety. My favorite is his single 'Catalina Bounce' that channels some heavy 'Jock Jams' feels wrapped in an infectiously groovy and fun treatment. 

Tony Disco - Papaya Surf ft. Ramisax (Colour Vision 'Tequila Beach Club' Remix)
It may be slightly out of taste to feature one of my own in the mix but i've just released a remix for Mexico's 'Tony Disco' that is hands down my favorite tunes of the summer. I've reworked the stunning original into a groovy latin disco heater complete with sax & a bit of space bossa nova feels for good measure and it's impossible not to smile everytime i listen or drop it in a set.. it was my favorite moment at SPLASH HOUSE this month. much love to the crew down south! 


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As the summer moves forward - we have been busy collecting artists top 5 summer jams to make our pool party playlists pure fire, and thing are really starting to get hot!  Next up is our girl Eau Claire!  She has put together a list full of disco feels that could make even a gloomy day seem bright!  With so few ladies currently at the forefront of this scene - the two of us stick together for ultimate girl power and definitely can hang on the same level as the boys! So kick back and enjoy summer with Eau Claire - it will be gone before you know it

KC Lights - No No No (Original Mix)
I found this one while preparing for Firefly last week and really felt it "feel good" written all over it. I'll definitely be including it in my future sets.  I love finding gems that everyone gets down to without knowing beforehand.

Blonde ft. Alex Newell - All Cried Out (NVOY Remix
I've heard this one a million times over and it's definitely one of my favorite tracks of 2015. I love all the remixes but this NVOY remix has been making its way into my sets pretty often.

Shy Girls - Clean Cut (Colour Vision Remix)
Corey (AKA Colour Vision) sent this remix of Shy Girls "Clean Cut" to me a few months back and I already knew it was going to make waves.  I love the tropical sounds that he uses while keeping an upbeat energy that's perfect to dance to.

Midnight Pool Party - Disease 
Midnight Pool Party first came on my radar with their single "Stay" and now their second single "Disease" really proves that they have a sound that is here to stay.  I love the laser synths and the vocals cuts with the original.  Stay tuned to their releases - you might even see an Eau Claire remix of it coming in the next few weeks ;)

The Roots - Break You Off (Dino Soccio Remix)
I love what Dino Soccio did with this rework of The Roots- Break You Off. He did a great job mixing in both old and new elements and the production is really clean.  Can't wait to hear more from him!


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Our little Irish angel is up next to share his top 5 summer jams! Reuben Keeney is making sick ass dance beats somewhere in the Irish countryside! On some days I like to ask him if he's been running with any sheep lately - because I did that once when I was in Ireland, and it was fun! But mostly this uber talented youngster is writing and producing with peeps in Ireland and London, and also throwing his own parties in Letterkenny -- I'm not 100 percent sure where that is exactly, but I bet it's pretty green!! His selection is really great, check it out and get to know Reuben Keeney a little better! 

KDA - Rumble (Shadow Child Re-Edit)
This song is just a straight up banger! I've been dropping it in my sets for the last month and it goes off every time.. It just keeps building and building..

EMBRZ - Silent ft Amy Rose
EMBRZ is a fellow Irish producer and a very good friend of mine. We keep each other sane in such an insane industry. Above all though, his music is incredible and I’m a huge fan of his latest single Silent ft. Amy Rose.

Eagles For Hands - Glass Heart ft Holly Partridge
I love this song so much, Holly’s vocals are amazing! The melodies and ambience takes me to another place



The Six - Unfinished Sympathy feat Jasmine Thompson
I have a lot of time for all the artists on this record. Pablo & Danny from The Six are absolute legends and Jasmine is a super sweet young lady. I love everything about this song and can’t wait to show the world some of the collaborations I have been working on with The Six coming out over the summer!

Chet Faker - 1998 (Amateur Dance Remix)
I found this song through the Beautiful Buzzz Blog actually!! When I first heard it, it gave me a weird nostalgia feeling even though I never heard it before. I’m a huge Gui Boratto / Stephen Bodzin fan so I guess this song connects me with them. Either way I love it and can’t wait to hear what else Amateur Dance has got coming up!


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This legend is no stranger to Beautiful Buzzz - we support all his jams and recently premiered a Saint WKND remix that reached the top of hypem charts and now has over one million soundcloud plays.  Bananas good!  We are pretty excited he is coming to do a few shows on the west coast, including one of our High Tides Pool Parties with Take 2 Ent. in Los Angeles! Summer has started and here is TOP 5 favorite summer songs selected by young & super talented German producer/dj SAINT WKND

Catch SAINT WKND on his Cali tour:

Lion Babe  - Wonder Woman (NVOY Remix)
I’ve been following NVOY since there "You Are“ release. They have this cool 
futuristic synth sound and big chords. Really love their Vibes. Super catchy and 
makes me wanna move.

Shadow Child feat. Takura - Friday (MK Medicine Dub)
Even though the Song is a bit older the Piano Riff is still freakin banging. Modern 
Classic Tune. Shadow Child as well as MK are the ones I look up to when it comes to 
House Music. Legends!

Peter Bjorn & John - Second Chance (RAC MIX)
RAC was the first one I discovered on Soundcloud. The thing I remember is that I
downloaded probably every single track. „Second Chance“ was the Soundtrack of 
summer 2013 and it’s still golden. Listened to it every time I headed to the lake in 
summer. A lot of memories.

The Kooks - Junk of the Heart (Happy)
Just listen to the song. A little bit of Drums, Vocals and Guitars. That’s the formula. 
That’s the sound you want to hear when the sun sets.

San Cisco - Too Much Time Together
San Cisco. Argh. I think it was 2012 when I got my hands on their Awkward EP and I instantly fell in love with their sound. Now it’s 2015 and they released their newest EP called "Gracetown“ The whole EP is is a beautiful set of catchy vocals, guitar and drumming. But "Too much Time Together“ is my absolute favorite tune. Listening to it when I go Longboarding and the sound really makes the sun shine.