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If you have been wondering where the Beautiful Buzzz team has been over the past few days, you can blame 4 little letters - SXSW - and the insane amount of planning that goes into your annual 4 day and 4 night party in Austin. I'm going to try to do a little catch up today while I have a bit of free time, and one track that is giving me all the chill vibes on this rainy Sunday is this new Andrew Luce remix of "Ilybs" by Lany. This 19 year old Los Angeles producer shows us some deep future soul sounds that are hitting all the right feels. You guys can grab a free download HERE!   


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Back in December, we introduced you to Emmit Fenn, the Los Angeles-based artist who writes, produces, and sings darkly-tinged post-EDM genre-bending music. He demonstrates a solid grasp on various production styles including pop, hip hop, and future bass. His delicate voice also contrasts effortlessly with the highly dynamic elements of his production. On his latest track “Modern Flame”, which features the incredible Yuna, he's found himself the perfect duet partner for his first collab. The Malaysian songstress’ silky smooth pop/R&B vocals provide a similar understated topline to Fenn’s, which together strike the perfect balance with the track’s production. Listeners like me are definitely eager to see what other collaborations Fenn has coming next!


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Yay I'm pumped I get to do this. Let me have the grand honor of introducing you to Axel Mansoor! I've known Axel since we were both in college together, and I'm amazingly happy to hear how awesome this release is. "Wasted My Love" is vibey af in the best possible way. The guitars are swelteringly sensual, and the delays and reverbs set a dreamy soundscape for this longing tune. Axel's falsetto vocals ebb and flow with a catchy chorus that rings out "wasted my love, you wasted my love." As the lyrcism sweeps downward with tenseness so does the chorus melody sink with the weight of the subject matter. We've all been in that situation when a relationship doesn't quite go as planned and you're left wondering if it was all worth it. I hope there's much more downtempo goodness following this tune from Axel, but before we move on lets enjoy the fulfilling vulnerability of this one. You can get this as a free download here.

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose.



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So this is gonna make blog number 3 for me today, and yet there's still so much more music I could get to - it's like we're gearing up for festival season or something... Regardless, I really loved Sivik's original "All Day All Night" and was pretty pumped when he sent over this John Lock remix. Electronic music in general has gotten so chill lately and I am in no way complaining. This remix is full of laid back bliss, and chill housey tones it should put you at ease. Dig in to this during an breezey afternoon picnic and get lost in the clouds. You can grab this as a free download here. 



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So much good music dropping it's hard out here for a pim...I mean blogger lol. Justin Caruso bubbled into our radar when we premiered his remix of Martin Garrix's banger with Bebe Rexha "In the Name of Love." Well now he's back with his FIRST original "Talk About Me" thats perfect for that sunset drive down the PCH with your bae ridin' shotgun looking cute as hell. Well that's what I'm picturing at least, but the chill-to-bump ratio (i'm gonna copyright that haha) is just right on in this tune. Victoria Zaro's lyrics have bit of bite to them, but the nature of the instrumental offsets the spite of the lyricism just enough to give you room to smile. I'm digging - you can add this to your favorite Spotify playlist here

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It's been a minute since I've tuned back into The White Panda, but I was sent over this cover of The 1975 they did with VÉRITÉ that's dopee! VÉRITÉ's vocals just flow over you like a warm summer breeze on top of swelling pads and light drumming. The horn hits burst in at the vocal chorus smashing the bass line with a percussive rhythm that persists into the vox chop filled chorus hyping the track up before dropping you back down for verse 2. While we're on the subject of White Panda I'm gonna also steer you over to their remix of Jahkoy's "California Heaven." I posted the original a while back and their remix was freaking awesome. You can download their "Somebody Else" cover for free here.  


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Some tracks just make you feel good - like eating the most delicious sushi, or having a puppy kiss your face - makes ya feel so so so good! Our next premiere is doing just that, the feel good vibes are strong and I'm thinking I'll be jamming this one allll day! New York producer Jay xero teamed up with LA Legend and Space Yacht co-founder LondonBridge on "Gonna Go With You" and asked me to show the world .... well, at least show all you BB readers!  Ha! It's bouncy fun sound is making me long for late summer nights out on the town with my crew hitting a show and hitting that bottle! Jay xero says this is “a tune about fleeting, wordless love… and the healing powers of touch." Swoon! Get into this one fam!  


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Wow - I am having the most hectic week and it's only Wednesday! Good thing it's time for the next Buzzzmix because I could really use a musical fix to get my spirits up and stress levels down ... and KREAM has me covered! This fresh Norwegian duo just handed me so much fire - their Buzzzmic Vol. 38 is packed full of dance jams that has me chair dancing from my desk, and my boss laughing at me! They are about to make their US debut - playing 2 west coast cities and SXSW - and the San Francisco will be their first US show ever, and that show happens to be with me! Crossroads + DJ Dials are welcoming KREAM to 1015 Folsom on MAR 10 w/ Cosmo's Midnight and SG Lewis + more! This is going to be such a fun night - you can swoop tickets below! To celebrate their US arrival - we are offering this mix as a free download HERE! So, grab your dancing shoes and sink into Buzzzmix Vol. 38 - KREAM.   


1. Cid - Secrets (With Conrad Sewell)
2. Our Psych & Clarx - VOX
3. Martin Garrix & Mesto - WIEE w/Galantis - Runaway (KREAM Mashup)
4. Grey - I Miss You (feat. Bahari)
5. Yellow Claw - Love & War (feat. Yade Lauren)
6. Bougenvilla - I Got It/Steve Aoki - ILYSM (KREAM Mashup)
7. KREAM - Another Life (feat. Mark Asari) w/ Justin Mylo - Jumping Jack (KREAM Mashup)
8. Ariana Grande - Into You (3LAU Remix)
9. Mesto - Tetris w/Zhu - Faded (KREAM Mashup)
10. Astrid S - Hurts So Good (KREAM Remix)
11. Marshmello & Ookay - Chasing Colors (feat. Noah Cyrus)
12. KREAM - Love You More (Hibell Remix)
13. Brooks - Hold It Down (feat. Micah Martin)
14. DJ Snake & Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Don Diablo Remix)
15. Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso - Make Up Your Mind w/Malaa - Notorious (KREAM Mashup) 16. Loud Luxury & Ryan Sheperd - Something To Say
17. Migos - Bad & Boujee (R3hab Remix) w/Our Psych - Misae (KREAM Mashup)
18. KREAM - Taped Up Heart (Joe Mason Remix)



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This is a littler longer than my usual posts, but I dove deep into the story behind this track and just decided to throw on my aspiring journalist hat for a few minutes. So bare with me kiddos. If you read it all, you deserve a cookie. Let me know...seriously, I'll bake you some.

Albania is a country that receives little recognition this side of the Atlantic, but has spawned some incredible musical talent over the years. Notable recent musicians from Albania or of Albanian descent include Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, and Action Bronson. The artist I've chosen to feature today, Era Istrefi is a name most Americans probably haven't heard, but the young Albanian female singer-songwriter has quickly become a small legend in her part of the world. Last year she released a hooky AF sensual pop-EDM number in "Bonbon" which racked up stream counts and video views in the hundreds of millions--and even got remix treatments from the likes of Marshmello and Post Malone. Her latest single"Redrum" once again showcases a voice that carries the sex appeal of Rihanna and Dua Lipa with the mystique and allure of Kiiara and Alunageorge. When you combine that level of vocal prowess and carefully-crafted-to-be-sung-along-to-in-a-club pop songwriting and production, you get the kind of record that has the potential to be a global hit across continents and cultures. 

The producer also deserves equal credit. If you're not in the music industry you may not know his name (if you are I'd be shocked if you don't) but Felix Snow is a legendary producer/writer/industry powerhouse who has his hand in a veritable plethora of endeavors and continues to churn out hit after hit. You've heard his work on songs by Kiiara (one of 2016's biggest hits, Gold"), Gallant, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez, just to name some of his recent company. Expect to hear more and more of him, whether you know you're listening to him or not.