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OMG .... I can feel the weekend is almost upon us! It always seems harder to get through a short week after a holiday than a regular week .... why is that? I digress .... we've got something totally shiny and new for our next premiere ... and this one is definitely gonna light up your weekend playlist! Up-and-coming east coast producer Ryan Dominic releases his latest single "Three Words ft. Ian Gott" for all the future bass feels! This emotional love song is packed with smooth elevated vocals and gentle melodies weaving through bass dance beats ... I love it! Get into something new with Ryan Dominic and grab a free download HERE!  


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Some of the best tracks pull you in and take you for a ride, “Off For The Night” is no exception and conjures a long walk through the streets of Brooklyn at night contemplating how to get your shit together, with a precipitous series of revelations crashing over you as the journey progresses. NY Producer duo MEMBA and Auckland, New Zealand transplants No Wyld masterfully blend genres to deliver a measured, but brooding, original that channels feelings of frustration we all feel at one point or another. The track’s lyrics insinuate a need for escape, a common theme in music but one that when done right strikes a chord in anyone listening. Both of these groups of artists have great things on the horizons, make sure to check out more of MEMBA’s music here, as well as No Wyld's here.


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Good morning little angles! I've spent the past few hours putting together email blasts, scheduling Facebook ads and creating new branded artwork for upcoming events ... and it's just barely 8am! Who says working in the music industry is all fun and games! One thing is for sure tho ... I have had this track on constant repeat because wow! Josh Pan dropped his new original "Give It To Ya ft. ABRA" yesterday and life has not been the same. These dark and sexy vibes are everything ... this is the definition f siiiick! With sensuous vocals and grimy future beats, Josh Pan just set the bar! Out now via OWSLA! 


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Diplo's label, Mad Decent, is more than boat bangers and block parties. The label extends its search for talent all over the world. One Mad Decent DJ/producer, Big Fish, who has gone platinum 6 times, basically runs the entire Urban-Italian hip-hop and dance scene. This acclaimed, demanding producer just dropped a collaborative track, "Bullet In The Air" with David Blank showcasing his captivating vocals. The song takes off with a simple, rolling beat, giving attention to Blank's modern soul lyricism, warming you up for the eclectic masterpiece that it is. While the intro is slow, comparative to the entirety of the track, the first build up is rapid, only to premiere a drop that actually rises with vibrant confidence. It's like old-school soul had baby with modern disco and then told its girlfriend to get lost. Big Fish continues to prove himself as a pioneer not only with this track, but his entire career. See it for yourself via Soundcloud and Spotify.


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My favorite teenage wonderkid producer is back with another sweet jam that's giving me all the fees! Most of you are probably recovering from the US Independence Day holiday so it's the perfect time for a super soulful bass track to get you through this "back to work" day! DNMO has been crushing all things, and I kinda feel like were one step ahead on this one .... the past year we've seen him make big moves and hopefully given him lots of support on our end .... love this BB! Now DNMO handed us his version of "Knock Me Down ft. Elayna Boynton" by MAKJ and Max Styler that is totally delicious! With wavy Flume like builds and sultry vocals laced into big bass drops, it's hard not to love this! Grab a free download HERE!

And as an added bonus ... I've included his remix of "Neck And Neck Ft. Dragonette" by Zeds Dead .... just in case you missed it!  I'm feeling generous today kids! 


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I'm a sucker for an Australian! Considering I have been obsessed with Australian dance music for years, this next premiere gives me all the warm and fuzzies! Kye Grant is an up-and-coming producer from Gold Coast, and the other day he passed me this fresh new track "Williamsburg" that I totally fell in love with. Kye Grant is just starting to release music this year, and this young bedroom producer not messing around. With bright melodies and glitchy beats, we get all the future bass dance vibes that could rival the best! If you are looking for something brand spanking new to impress your friends on this US holiday, this would be it! I see great things for Kye Grant this year, super excited to hear what's next.   


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The world of electronic music is fluid- ever evolving, and broadening its depth. It's so much more than what the outside perspective often labels it as. Sure, sometimes it's perfect for partying, and raves; but often times, it's sound, conscious poetry via both production and lyricism. Based in The City of Angels, Slander just released a track featuring Eric Leva that is a testament to the theory of EDM diversity. "Superhuman" is a track that is bound to get stuck running circles in your head. It's uplifting and catchy while remaining novel. Leva's tender lyrics about "the grand delusion" of love coincide spotlessly with the magnetic production of Slander. The inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments defines Superhuman as its own distinct track. I want to say it's perfect for your summer time Spotify playlist, but the reality is, Superhuman is perfect for any day, any season. 


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I have decided that this new Alizzz track "Pull Up On Me ft. YAS" is 100% my summer anthem. Being a woman making moves in this industry, I kinda feel like a bad bitch every day. Finding my place in this boys club while being respected has been no easy task, but I've gotten my stamp of approval and have achieved that honorary position .... because I'm a bad bitch! Can't pull up on a bad bitch OK! But for real, Alizzz is yummy ... I love everything this Barcelonian producer puts into the world. It's filled with bright future beats with smooth vocals from YAS ... what's not to love! This one is out via our loves Moving Castle - thanks homies! 


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One of the reasons young Chicagoan Ethan Snoreck, known professionally as Whethan, has achieved such success so quickly is his attention to mood in his musical productions. The recent high school grad has an uncanny ability to tap his sound design skills to establish an intangible emotional vibe that always seems to match perfectly with the singing style and songwriting prowess of his vocalist collaborators — resulting in hit record after hit record. Rather than trying to excel with a particular sub-genre of electronic music, he just makes music. Sometimes it’s more chill and indie, other times more energetic and poppy, but it’s never generic.

This time, he’s enlisted newcomer Mascolo, whose raspy vocal is a bit reminiscent of Drew Taggart’s on The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” but with way richer emotional density. Lyrically, it’s a nostalgic anthem recalling the “Good Nights” with a past lover. Mascolo’s soulful lines and Whethan’s light synths and claps work effortlessly together on this fun short jam. You’ll want this one on your summer Spotify playlist!