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Not gonna lie - I spent the whole weekend dealing with so much FOMO - everyone was either at Lollapalooza or Hard Summer having all the great times, and I was at home doing pretty much nothing. That's cool tho, because so many of our homies were slaying sets and causing havoc which always makes me happy! We saw this guy pop up on stories and snaps quite a bit, having the best time of course. What So Not just released a remix of "Redrum" by pop songstress Era Istrefi that is full of all those future feels that we love so much - perfect way to kick off this Monday morning! You can stream/buy this track at various outlets HERE!


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You know the music that plays over a festival recap video? A track that has a cosmic, broad frequency sound over b-roll of massive crowds flailing their totems carelessly? Savoy and Grabbitz just crafted one of those tracks with the release of "Contemplate." It's epic; with it comes a sense of tasteful familiarity, but also the collaborative, signature sound of both parties. Most impressively, both names are at large in the game of live electronic music. An incredibly difficult genre to excel in, Savoy and Grabbitz both have found a way to demand EDM fan-based crowds using both digital production and live instruments. "Contemplate," is becoming in its electronic, chromatic production but simultaneously pays tribute to each parties respective choice of live instrumentation. The track has a large, tunnel vision-esque reverberation and walks a line between Deadmau5-style house music, and classic, indie-electronic. It's cleanly mixed, and the collaboration is seemingly star-crossed, yet indeed, a cosmic reality. Check it out via Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Also, every Monstercat release sounds like the track artwork- props. 


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Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote a piece on Slander's "Superhuman" ft. Eric Leva. Calling it "a testament to the theory of EDM diversity" while taking careful notice of "the inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments [that] defines 'Superhuman' as its own distinct track." One month, and one day later I am pleased to share with our BB friends, the Paperwings remix of Superhuman. L.A-based producers, a twosome, Paperwings stated that their remix, "is something a little chiller than our other songs." A Soundcloud claim that is definite, but ambiguous regarding key details. But, that's what we're here for. The remix is affably outspoken, distinct from the original track, yet remains respectful and mindful of the OG composition. The dimension added by Paperwings is cheeky and bright, bubbly and friendly- more romance. There is a gentleness added to the flip, an audible representation of a smile. The large, spacey bass structures are still present with a film of higher, more rapid frequencies atop. In and of itself, the remix is cinematic and bold. Check out the vibe! 


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Who else is feeling super lazy this Friday morning? I don't wanna do anything but get back into bed with my pup and try to squeeze in a few more hours of sleep. However, there is so much new music to talk about .... I'll have to find that extra sleep some other time. Our boys SWIMS are back with their second release of 2017 - and it's just a yummy as the first! AObeats + SAKIMA make up this duo, and together they are creating super sexy future feels tracks that are 100% swoon worthy. "1 Drink" takes a look at the age old problem of the use of alcohol as an escape, a crutch and even an anti-depressant, but SWIMS talks about it in the club surrounded by their millennial peers.  I am not a millennial, but my generation Y peeps dealt with the same issues, so on and so on. SWIMS is killing it, get into this one kids!  


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So excited for this next show in San Francisco! We started talking with Gryffin way back in 2014 when he was just beginning to drop the freshest remixes around, and now we are announcing a show with him headlining the world famous Warfield! If you could see me now, you would know I am physically beaming with joy! The friendships and bonds you make in this industry can be amazing, and Gryffin will always be family! So, if you are in the bay area you need to swoop a ticket now - they go on sale at 10am today .... so  in just a few minutes, and y'all this will sell out today! I've also included his latest original track "Love In Ruins ft. Sinead Harnett" that is nothing but dance floor heat! Don't sleep on this kids! 


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Well the secret is out. The mysterious FRND has stayed ambiguous for months hiding behind the guise of a colorful Koala animation. But now with the release of his debut 'In Your Dreams' EP we've learned that FRND is none other than producer Andrew Goldstein, producer for a huge variety of big names including Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Robert Delong, Andrew Mcmahon, Celine Dion among others. I had the pleasure of seeing his debut live performance here in LA, and man I can't wait to see where this train keeps going. Our other writer Mike and I kept saying during his show that this music somehow brings us back about 10 years to the myspace days of Never Shout Never, Postal Service, and Hellogoodbye with the feel of indie rock meets electronica. Regardless the music is impeccably produced from start to finish and this latest single "Movies" is spot on again. With youth like exuberance and even children vox samples in the beginning FRND is definitely tying his music to that aesthetic, and we're totally ok with that. As the chorus drops in you can't help but bob your head. We hope there will be many more shows ahead as the EP continues to garner even more support across the web. 


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Josh Moriarty who we at BB know well from his work with Miami Horror has launched into solo land with this first single "R.T.F.L." a sexy jam from a forthcoming 8 track album titled War Is Over. This tune has a lot to unfold with layers of group vocals filling in the backseat of a slow rolling musical Cadillac trudging forward into a hazy skyline of grooving percussion and somber pads. The beat really keeps things moving with pace as the Josh's vocal tone captures your interest. I love Josh's quote regarding the tune, "It is music to make you feel (at least for a moment) that you are not alone, to capture in aural form the ephemeral grace of existence. Yet, on the other hand the music is mere art for art’s sake, completely useless, beautiful for the sake only of beauty. A dichotomy of point and pointlessness. War Is Over is designed as a modern day opus of existential desire, longing, sensuality, and what it means to human." With the amount of feels packed into a short 3:57 I can assure you the point of this tune is simple desire. 


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It's hard to believe it's already been a year since we did our first premiere with this young up-and-coming producer Element. Since then he's released a hand full of new tracks and an EP, and today for our next premiere he hands us "Home To Me ft. Eileen Tiffany" for our listening pleasure. This New York producer certainly knows how to bring the vibes with his bouncy rhythms, future beats and angelic vocals .... perfect for any summer adventure! You can grab a free download HERE!


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Janelle Kroll has been crushing it lately. "Barricade" was a really cool tune with such an infectious wave of a melody on the lyric "Barricade" that just makes you smile. So I was pretty excited when I got sent another Tyzo Bloom remix of Janelle ripe for our ears. This remix starts rather ethereal with child like bells and piano whisking us away as we're launched into the familiar tropical marimba tones on top of bobbing sub. Tyzo makes ample use of vocal warps throughout the remix that sound not too distant from whistles. The original was light, even jovial and Tyzo has simply enhanced those feelings while making us feel warm inside.