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Sometimes I listen to something, and it’s so good on the first listen I just feel compelled to share it with more people. I think that’s the real reason why music bloggers choose to write about music. As much as I love writing, I wouldn’t post a song publicly if I didn’t think that other people would enjoy it as much as me. 

This remix is one of those tracks that was so good that I knew after the first drop that I had to share it with the BB fam. Don't wanna jinx it but this could go #1 on HypeM easily, knock on wood. I’ve heard the original which is incredible, as most things from LA’s favorite homies Sweaters and Kiyoko usually are, and I’ve seen the name Spirix floating around the interwebs, so I could say I sort of knew what to expect from this song. Little did I know what I was in for. Spirix has taken “Glory Days” and turned it from an exciting electropop song into an electrifying supercharged magnum opus. The flawless production chops demonstrated in this remix of an already melodically impressive and hook-laden song just make you want to listen on repeat. If you weren’t already watching Spirix, this remix is reason enough to start.

 Dig the branded photo? Let us know! Our emails are in the 'About' section and we listen to everything.

Dig the branded photo? Let us know! Our emails are in the 'About' section and we listen to everything.


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Is anyone else having one of those mornings where .... shit just drags? I'm having one and I'm not super happy about it! However, the homie KRANE just handed me this fresh new remix of "Odyssey Pt. 1" by Big Gigantic and I'm telling you .... THIS is just the kind of pick-me-up I needed. This bay area producer always knows how to get my blood pumping with his big bass tracks that are always packed with that future feels energy - and this remix slays! You can swoop a free download HERE

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Really tho - I am so excited for this next show because SAVOY might just be my favorite new obsession .... this one is gonna be crazy y'all! Saturday September 23 at Mezzanine, get ready to get down with SAVOY house party DJ set, along with French house producer Anoraak and our super homies Manics.  Tickets just went on sale, and you can swoop them below!  Also, gotta check out this new track "How U Like Me Now ft. Roniit" that Savoy just released ... it's filled with all that future feels electro funk goodness ... swoon! See you kids there! 



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Alina Baraz X Khalid is simply a dream combination, and they work soo well together in the original "Electric." But add in Electric Mantis' special breed of future electro and now we have something that's completely legendary. This track is full of juicy production chops that serves to enhance the sexy original in just about every way. The chorus sweeps us around with a combination of sounds that are metallic and driving, but not too overpowering. There's definitely still a sense of sensual melody hidden behind the beats that keeps things moody in a good way, but yet hype enough for dance floors everywhere. We're already big fans of Electric Mantis and with jams like this being regularly pumped out it's easy to see why. 



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This one is special right here. Kaleena Zanders' wonderful voice has been featured numerous times on our pages for her work with SNBRN, is the voice behind his epic cover of "California Love," and has also been a workhorse the last couple years not only performing live at many major music festivals (Coachella, Middle Lands, Splash House to name a few), but also grinding in the studio with Gigamesh, Breathe Carolina, Loud Luxury, Madeaux, Vindata and others. After being featured so much, it was only a matter of time before we got a KZ original. Well finally we've been gifted this gem and when she sent it over it was almost an automatic OF COURSE I'LL SUPPORT THIS! Granted the tune is a little different from our normal blend of electro/pop, but the combo of simple piano and vocals is a time tested formula that clearly exposes the quality performance and songwriting of the tune. Produced by the duo dirtyMonster, the song was also recently featured in a promo ad for season 2 of STAR on FOX, it must be an honor to have your song featured on a show that's based upon the lives of budding musicians. This song is emotional, impactful and soulful. Everything we would expect from KZ, and damn she knocked it out of the park. 



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Sup fam! As we all continue to rise in this industry of electronic music, our personal bonds and friendships mean the world to us! I've gotta say ... I'm a lucky girl to be a part of this new generation of music makers, and I love supporting all the things they do. Like Austin based duo Bronze Whale - these guys are rad and they love to give hugs so .... kinda my faves! They deliver a super delicious remix of "I Want You" by Robotaki & Manila Killa that's full of all the chill summertime future feels vibes! I love it! Get into this one kids! 

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh



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Ok so .... it's Sunday and I'm up early ... and I came across this track just now and WOW swoon! Then I listened to some of the other tracks this Seattle based producer has been dropping over the past few weeks, and again WOW swoon. Who's Luxx. tho? Don't know ... because I can't find any info on the kid! What I really hope is that Luxx. is some young girl who's been tucked away in her bedroom making rad future bass and deep electro tracks like "Tide Pools." since she was like 14 and really just wants to be taken seriously like one of the guys. Maybe I'm wrong about that ... but it would be a nice surprise. Luxx. seems like my kind of people tho, from what I gather he/she has a slight Flume obsession like myself, I can vibe with that! So yea .... who are you Luxx.?



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The beautiful thing about electronic music is that, unlike many other mainstream genres, it is fluid. Producers and DJs in recent years have challenged the genre's negative criticism by combining digital production with live instruments, romantic vocals, and fusing production with unsuspecting genre's and audible energies. Kidswaste's "Fade" ft. Hunting Stories is an eccentric combination of down-tempo electronic music and indie-psych rock. It's long winded hums and vocals simulate an "Of Monsters and Men" vibe. Although the track is relatable in regards to it's familiar resonance, it's novelty does not go unnoticed. "Fade" is a soft, reflective track- digging deep into the intellectual side of electronic music, simultaneously holding onto the vibrant energy that defines dance music. It's a special track with emotional aromas, and a cheeky polish. Check it out on Soundcloud or Spotify



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Seriously tho - I feel like I could spend the whole day blogging about all our homies and the rad tracks they've been dropping! The love I have for this little muffin right here is super special ... as I have a school girl crush and he knows it! LA producer and Moving Castle legend Robokid delivers a sexy future pop track that's got me feeling some kind of way! With bouncy R&B melodies and soothing vocals "Next Year" has officially become my favorite track of the week! Swoop this one HERE!