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It's been a minute, but KNGDAVD is back with a new tune! The duo lit it up with their last couple singles "Medicine" and "Shame" and now connect again with this new single "You Never Know." The lyrics talk about sinking into decisions that you might later regret "You Never Know" preaching to "don't count your chickens before they hatch." A great phrase my parents used to tell me all the time haha and truthfully is sage advice. The record features a haunting guitar line that evolves into light pads upon sprightly hip hop oriented percussion. The beat is droning and melancholy which simply adds to the spice of the tune.    


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Super excited for this next premiere! If you follow us here at BB, you know we are huge fans of On Planets -- I feel like he's 100% part of our fam because we've supported this legend from the start. Today he drops a fantastic cover of "Flume" by Bon Iver and I feel like my poor writing skills will not do him justice for just how excellent this is. If I was a fancy writer I would deconstruct each element using colorful descriptive words to try to paint a picture of what this sounds like. But ... I'm not that fancy - and you'll just have to trust my good taste and believe me when I say .... this is the bomb! We love you On Planets! You guys can swoop that free download HERE

Disclosure: On Planets is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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This new one from upstart folk/pop group The Federal Empire was sent over to me the weekend, and was so damn catchy I couldn't help but throw it up this week on BB. The message behind it really struck me as well albeit rather bluntly. It's a simple concept - drugs give you that quick fix, that high, but ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled or wanting more. "What's the difference between you and drugs" the lead singer Chad sings with perfect precision. The band ends the latter part of the tune focusing on love because as they say, "Love lasts longer, is giving and selfless, and makes you feel good for longer than just the instant. The song can be applied to so many different things because we have a lot of "drugs" in our every day lives now." So true, and applicable to our fleeting, and frequently unfocused millenial generation.  


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Canadian singer-songwriter/producer Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, the electro-pop dance queen who broke out in 2012 has always mesmerized me. She’s one of those all-around artistic talents who is deeply involved in all aspects of everything she releases from videos and art to the engineering of the music itself. 

It’s to our delight that Dublin-born producer EMBRZ has chosen to remix “Realiti” from her 2015 album Art Angels. He’s taken the 80s-inspired indie-dance tune and beefed it up into a deep, rich, future-friendly house number. With pumping synth and side chain, EMBRZ has shown what he loves to do production-wise when it comes to remixes: create a driving danceable track that showcases forward thinking sound design while still preserving the essence of the original track.



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I am credited with, give or take, 95 digital bylines in the discipline of music. Admittedly, I have glorified music that I don't particularly love. And rarely am I completely awe-struck by a track, especially in the world of electronic music. The artistic tendencies seem to be repetitive, and well, a bit grey. But when LA-based, Dreamers Delight and Austin-based Cloudchord come together...touching, technicolor notes and melodies rise from the ashes to remind me why electronic music is a legendary artistic locus in the entire timeline of art and music. Their co-written track, "Swirls" is a flighty one, warming your senses, dipping you in gold, and most importantly, evoking emotion. It's a live electronic gospel, with structured layers and meditative guitar riffs. Ironically (but probably intentionally), it sounds like the intangible sounds of "swirls-" it almost tickles when you listen. "Swirls" is a trip, and you peak with a sense of euphoria and come down satisfied, taught, and more aware. Dreamers Delight and Cloudchord have created something very special with "Swirls." Get your headphones, or your aux and start streaming today. 



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We've been seeing a lot of these Lorde remixes come through, and though we like many of them, I am feeling this one the most! The White Panda are back with a fresh take on "Perfect Places" by the Aussie princess, and it's packed full of that epic dance party vibe, which is what The White Panda are all about! With bouncy rhythms and those soulful Lorde vocals, this is an instant club hit. Perfect timing too, because our boys are coming through SF for a home town rager at the end of this month. September 30 at Mezzanine The White Panda will be dropping he craziest party vibes yet ... I can't wait for this show! Tickets are on sale, but they wont last so get yours fast!  



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Symbolic and subtly conceptual, Luca Lush's latest track, "A Boy Brushed Blue Living In Black And White" is a diced, summery single with high pitched frequencies and carefully layered facets of heavy hitting EDM and down tempo aromas. If you have ever had the pleasure of catching one of Luca's live sets, you are likely familiar with his thunderous bass vibes and powerful drops. While his bold, live performances define his in-person charisma- "A Boy Brushed Blue Living In Black And White" has a softer touch, with introspective overtones that still yields his signature sound. Luca's appearance is striking with his stunning blue hair, and the title of this track can leave a lot to the imagination- forcing his listeners to take a closer look at his metaphorical side. The more I listen and digest this musical motif, the more I feel like I have grown closer to the darker parts of his mind. It's opening blows are not distinctly intellectual, but as the track carries on the production tells a story and carries you up, down, and side to side. The essence of the track was crafted as a versatile piece of art, appropriate for a party, a long drive, or when you are in times of solitude. The vibe of the single is intentional, and asks you dive deeper than it's bangin' connotation. It's flavorful, fun, vibrant and distinct, and frankly, the best I've heard from Luca Lush. Stream it on Soundcloud, or Spotify- whatever's clever. 


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I could not think of a cooler collab if I tried tbh! My loves Carmada - my super homies that I am dying to see again are coming back and I am so so so excited! They keep teasing us with photos and clips that new music is coming ... and it's started with this awesome new track "Embrace ft. Xavier Dunn" with NGHTMRE. Having these two legends work together is better than all the things, and combining that huge dirty trap NGHTMRE sound with Carmada's sexy smooth future style has got me swooning! Cant wait for more! 



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While everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend with BBQ's and rooftop parties, I am staying indoors in the air conditioning with the pups, because this heat wave in NoCal is fierce! Someone who can handle extreme heat is our boy Wax Motif because he's constantly dropping fire tracks, and this weekend he puts out his second release "Five Alarm" on Tchami’s infamous Confession label. Teaming up with G-House producer ANGELZ, this track combines his nitty gritty sound with Waxy's deep house future vibe ... delicious! Swoop this one HERE