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Yesterday was a rough one ..... and I'm not sure I feel much better today. For those of us who work in the live music industry, the Las Vegas mass killing cuts us in a different way. I wont get too political here because it's early and I've not had my first cup of coffee, but this gun death epidemic is real, and I hope we can make some positive changes soon. On the brighter side of things, my bb boys Louis The Child dropped a new one that's definitely an end of summer anthem. With that easy going Louis The Child vibe mixed with groovy future feels and bouncy Caribbean melodies, "Right To It ft. Ashe" is everything I need. I can't wait to see my sweet boys again on their upcoming Last To Leave Tour - you can check dates HERE!  



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Our favorite sunny duo Papa Ya is back with a new original that's an absolute trip! The boys have constructed a fun, definitely pop leaning record "Oom Zigga" that's pretty much onomatopoeia-land. To be honest when I first heard it I was a little taken aback with the in-your-face unapologetic and borderline cheesy tribal nature of the tune, but upon second listen I couldn't help but smile and laugh. Look if you take music too seriously then this might not be the record for you, but if you know the guys (Alex and Nate), and their previous releases then you can fully appreciate how silly and perfect this song is. First of all they're called Papa Ya which I think inherently implies a little jungle-istic nature to it, and the guys are simply hamming it up. The production is really well done, and the verses from Malcolm Anthony add a cool factor fully legitimizing the tune. Have a laugh, drink a piña colada and turn up the Papa Ya! 

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LA-based artist management group, TH3RD BRAIN houses relations for artists like ZHU, Krewella, and Gallant- noteworthy acts to say the least. But, the collective brakes for musicians who are still on the come up as well. TH3RD BRAIN's latest addition is Thutmose, the Nigerian-born, NYC-living hustler who is blazing trails for the entire community of not only hip-hop, but the world of art entirely. His latest track, "Blame" is a bump that is platinum-worthy- capitalizing on a mainstream, hip-hop cadence while remaining novel and distinct. Combining production fit for the world of dance music, and seductive, rhythmic rhymes, "Blame" chews you up and spits you out, fiercely. His presence is dominating, and certain. The world of rap goes to the beat of its own drum, as high-profile rappers are redefining it's aesthetic and sound every moment, of every day. But leaving a legacy in that community is challenging. Thutmose, on the other hand, is humbly taking the throne as one of the best young rappers in the game right now. He uses bold production, and delivers lines clearly, and consciously. "Blame" is only a stepping stone in what will be a long career for the rapper- watch this space. 


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Orbiting each other like a binary star system on a collision course with greatness, Oliver Tree & Whethan continue their path towards world domination with "Enemy". Whethan lays down an ambling backdrop to to Olive Tree's signature cadence that will have you pullin' back that sunroof on a sunny day lovin' life. Both artists are very much on the come up right now; Whethan with a tour coming to a city near you and Oliver Tree redefining the fashion landscape as I type this out. Shoot yourself on over to Whethan & Oliver's Soundcloud for more because you don't want to sleep on these gentlemen. 



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We all know Prince Fox is legit. He's been dropping sick tracks and making people shake hella ass at our parties over the past few years, and we just love him to death. Today he releases another rad remix, putting his future feels flavor all over "Do Re Mi" by blackbear. Prince Fox can do no wrong in my eyes, some may say I am bias ... but for real this kid has been making some of the most exciting moves and producing some of my favorite tracks, all while being the greatest person on the planet and loving little ol' me all the while.  He's special, and this remix is fire, and all y'all need this in your life riiiight now! 


Bay Area peeps! Our boy is coming back next weekend for the first NITE BRUNCH party at Mezzanine on OCT 07 - with Sam F and Goshfather!  Bottomless Mimosas, breakfast for dinner and Prince Fox! What could be better? Swoop your tickets quick! See you there!

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Proving to be much more than a duo with an enticing name, Sydney, Australia-based Midnight Pool Party unveils "Signals," a smooth and groovy piece with electrifying spaces. Firm believers in the power of nu-disco, the twosome serves to keep the pioneering genre alive and respected. "Signals" is a cosmic explosion of chill vibes- hold the inevitable chaos resulting from explosions. Midnight Pool Party is making live-electronic music the norm by combining the sounds of digital production with guitar, bass, keys, and in-house vocals. "Signals" was born from delicate frequencies, swept through a filter of jazz and coffee-house intricacies, giving new meaning to modern day groove. 

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Here's one I found in my inbox that I though was tightt, and had to show some love. Shimmering guitar accompanies pumping rhythmic bass underneath Kyan Palmer's soulful vocals. The production sounds full and mature even though there doesn't seem to be much online about Michael Mar at this point. The vocal chops flitter around making an upbeat song even lighter, while the positive lyricism focuses on changing the subject to something less ominous. "Don't Talk About It" is a fun energetic tune and I'm really curious to learn more about this project. 


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This is just a straight jam. So glad Kill Paris is back with more music, and I might even wager to say that this is his best single yet. I've been listening to it on repeat. Lowly Palace (the label for this release) has got a good thing going. Dotter's catchy songwriting and sanguine vocals are interesting enough to shine in their own right and not just blend in with the production, as often happens with so many dance music top line vocalists. "F*cking with my head in the red lights baby..." She's just so good.

And the production is of course where the track truly shines. It's just a perfect example top-notch, dynamic, emotion-inducing dance music production: synths that wreak of dance floor euphoria. I could even see this is used in a futuristic sci-fi film or TV soundtrack. I've listened to this track at least 5 times while writing this post, and I still don't want to stop. Spotify should take note and include more tracks like this in New Music Friday instead of giving the spotlight to "artists" like Bhad Babie (read: Cash Me Outside girl).