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What amazing year for San Holo - this guy 100% crushed 2017! Honestly .. it could not be happening to a greater guy! This Dutch producer not only delivers some of the sickest beats out there, he's also founded one of our favorite little indie labels, bitbird. With his positive nature and humble vibe, San Holo has been one of our favorite people we've worked with over the past year ... and is delivering the goods with releasing one amazing track after another. As a gift to his fans, he's offering a free download of The Trip EP which includes this fire track "b song." You can swoop that bad boy HERE! Thanks San Holo!



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Happy New Year kids! If you are a BB follower, you may have noticed we have been rather quite the past few weeks! 2017 was both a great and tough year for the BB team - we've all been adulting with new jobs, moving to new cities, family situations, cancer .... it's been a hell of a year! Now that we're in 2018 - it's time to pick things up and start fresh and get back to what's most important .... the music! With this, my first post of 2018 will be for my loves Louis The Child. Over the past few years I went from twisting arms to book their first show in LA to not being able to find a room big enough to put them in. Their live show may be out of my reach, but they will always be my bb boys. Massive love for this yung duo! Their latest original 'Last To Leave ft. Caroline Ailin" is officially my jam for 2018 - we out here!  



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Wow.  Has anyone had a bigger year that k?d?  He started the year being hand selected to open up for The Chainsmokers on tour.  From there he's had his release "Lose Myself" chart on Billboard's Dance Music Airplay chart, sold out numerous shows across the globe, all while continuing to put out music we love.  Now he's closing out the year with his official remix for The Chainsmokers and a feelsy original "Distance" featuring our dude Blair.  Both are jams I know you're going to love!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.  



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“Future funk” producer Jenaux and Bryce Fox are a match made in electronic collaborator heaven on “Sentiments”. Fox’s bright yet soulful, gritty vocals are a perfect complement to the dense combination of deep-grooving synths, piano hits, guitar licks and drums. I never really imagined blending funk vibes with the builds and drops of future/EDM, but Jenaux proves that with the right swung rhythms on your sidechains and vocal chops you can induce a fun “funk face” in your listeners and get them bobbing their heads. 

Jenaux is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey.



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I'm excited to share this one for you this weekend. You could say it isn't our usual BB fare. "We are not a Christian Rock Band," epic dark pop duo Dana and the Wolf cry on their social media. After releasing clips of the overly-charismatic 1950's preacher Billy Graham juxtaposed with the dark instrumental from their new song, "Him," the LA based duo apparently received several DM's asking if they'd turned religious. 

But a close listen to their new song reveals that vocalist Dana Hobson and producer Daniel Wolf are anything but religious. "I gave it a go / gave it a roll / you don't approve of what I'm gonna do / be someone new," sings Hobson in an Amy Winehouse torching-manner.  Is she singing to a man, or the ultimate "Him" up above?

"Him" the track is an exciting and refreshing take on modern pop music, with elements of theater, hip hop, future bass, trap, it's a cinematic banger soundtracking this couple's life. There's word that more releases are in the pipeline very soon from DATW. I'm excited to say the least.


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Millennial behavior is criticized in the media on what seems to be a day-to-day basis, most of which Gen Y is unabashedly proud of—challenging mainstream capitalism, redefining how America digests art, and ultimately reshaping the American experience. While this radical group of young adults are pioneering a new way of collective thought, much of it is done with the use of technology, a medium where ideas are often misconstrued. In regards to millennial romance, this digital miscommunication can prove disheartening, and worse-off, entirely fabricated. Combining conceptual, generational philosophies with a multi-dimensional myriad of instruments, singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor captured a new age in a mere 4 minutes and 35 seconds with this single "Talk To Me." The track is a gentle, charming and welcoming piece that challenges what it means to make people move. Using predominantly traditional instruments, Axel fills the spaces between each shift in chord progression with his soft, palpable psalms. His vocals pour out of the depths of his soul, kissing his lips, almost audibly, as it makes its way into our ears. It's slow, yet moving, soft, yet demanding. Moreover, the music video release of "Talk To Me" perfectly encapsulates the mantra of the song. Undoubtedly an unorthodox video, this moving picture is made of entirely of real-time Snapchats between two romantic suitors, one of which, seems to be falling for the other. With Axel playing the main character, viewers and listeners alike are welcomed into a delicate space of his creative mind—you laugh, you cry, and you feel with this video. The release of "Talk To Me" and its visual counterpart are incredibly thought out, touching, and is set to blaze trails for the way millennials look at, and utilize their every-day technology. 

 Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose


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It seems that everything the German producer TRAILS touches turns to gold. Following up his stellar Big Gigantic 'I've Gotta Know' remix, he now takes on Starset's "Satellite' and crushes it. By utilizing raw instruments into his productions, TRAILS creates a grimey post-hardcore track that keeps the listener coming back for more. With guitar riffs that will make you drool to a bassline that will get you moving, there's no doubt that this track will be on repeat.



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Get ready for 2018 kids - because we have a ton of shows that I know are going to make you oh so happy.  First announcement is HUGE!  We are bringing our boy QUIX back to San Francisco on his STORM TOUR on March 31 at Mezzanine! BOOM! This line-up is stacked with all the delicious future bass and trap vibes one could want with ATLiens, Choppa Dunks, and Nico Crespo. So grab your friends and get ready to throw some trap arms, tickets are on sale now! 


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Portland artist Kid Indigo has been making waves with his unique style and fresh rhymes, which has gathered him attention from influential artists like Post Malone and The Dream. Recently he dropped his track 'Head Change' via Empire Distribution, and boy oh boy is it a treat. At first you're drawn in with a simplistic beat featuring light pads and subtle percussion and then Kid Indigo comes in with his sultry voice that reminds the listener of Tory Lanez. 'Head Change' describes how you can be surrounded by lots of people and friends, but at the end of the day still feel the void that is left by that special someone. If you're looking to get into your feels throw this little gem on and let it ride.