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A good artist friend of mine doesn’t like when songs are referred to as bops. He says it’s like getting your hair tousled by the internet. While I can see where he’s coming from, sometimes “bop” is just a perfect word to describe a song. It’s a catchy-ass pop song that gets you moving. This new one from Ben Phipps and Sam DeRosa, co-written by Oktavian and Steve Wilmot, is a bop!

The hooks within “Don’t Stop Now” are irresistible. Sam DeRosa glides into each note with a little sweet sass while Ben Phipps’ crisp beats and melodic stylings cement the track as contemporary pop masterpiece material. I especially like the bridge which, with Sam’s little laugh, big background claps and tambourine, is a welcome alternative to most pop bridges these days which tend to be a little blah. I’ll be putting “Don’t Stop Now” straight into rotation on my party playlists, and you should do the same.

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The 24 year old producer Bobby Mckeon, better known as 4B swept the music scene in 2017 with appearances at every major US festival including, Coachella, ULTRA Miami, Hard Summer, and EDC Las Vegas where Soulja Boy joined him on stage. Now he brings us his latest 'Drown' which is a fusion of future bass and trap in the verses and a punch of jersey club in the drops. With hornlike synths, a bumpin bass line, and a stellar vocal/vocal chops, you too will be drowning with your latest music discovery, but in the best kind of way. 



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There's big things on the horizon for our favorite melodic dubstep heavyweight, Jeff Montalvo aka Seven Lions. After headlining a massive North American tour with Tritonal and Kill the Noise, he's back with one of his biggest tracks to date, and the first release on his brand new record label, Ophelia

"Calling You Home" is brilliantly brimming with everything you've ever loved about Seven Lions, signed, sealed, and delivered in a beautiful package that carries you away to a whimsical dream world. Just as you begin to lose yourself in RUNN's mystical melodies, that quintessential Seven Lions bass sneaks up and snaps you out of your stupor. Highly regarded as one of the most versatile artists in the scene, he has proven his musical prowess time and time again with live sets that journey through every genre imaginable with effortless precision and taste. This time though, Jeff has returned to his roots with this "Days to Come" reminiscent track that has struck a chord across the board amongst his day one fans and the fresh blood. With his new label making headway, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this legend. 



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Italian DJ and house artist WHOM is looking to stimulate and stir things up, which is evident in his latest EDM.COM published track, “Addicted.” Alberto Longo started experimenting with electronic sound in 2013 and signed his first track back in 2015. Longo is currently the resident DJ at Shire Music Festival where he continues to seek out new sound and inspiration. When we reached out, WHOM expressed to the BB Fam that the house scene is too serious and tracks like “Addicted” are the product of incorporating soft synth and seductive vocals to “play with your weaknesses” and destroy taboos around sexuality. Trust us, it will have you feeling something! WHOM continues to pioneer new music, while preparing for some festivals in Italy that are soon to be announced.



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I am just swooning over San Francisco's Justice Skolnik!  He's already dropped off stellar remixes of Kanye West and Madeon this year and just added my fave Flume to the list.  He adds a fresh take to Flume's classic hit "Sleepless" and I just can't get enough!  Expect plenty more to come from this rising star in 2018. 

Disclaimer: Justice Skolnik is managed by Beautiful Buzzz Contributor Hunter Thompson



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Today it’s my true pleasure to introduce you to smalltalk, the new musical project of Peter Fenn and Parker Livingston. A serendipitous meeting while working at the same San Francisco tech company led to the duo originally making music together under the name Polaroid, releasing a handful of singles in 2016 and 2017. Now they’ve rebranded as smalltalk and have released their vibey debut single “Wait”, a relaxed indie soul track with the kind of warm vocals and instrumentation that beckon the backyard days of summer. Citing inspirations old and new, from Otis Redding to Anderson .Paak, it’s evident that the pair are able to bring together elements of both classic soul music and contemporary hip-hop beats to create their own unique vibe that feels timeless. We can only hope for more smalltalk as we move through 2018.

Parker Livingston and Peter Fenn are smalltalk.

Parker Livingston and Peter Fenn are smalltalk.


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The Milwaukee based Crystal Knives has been on the radar for a while now with his dreamy melodic bass music. The young producer originally started his journey in music by being a jazz drummer, which then turned him onto production and songwriting. Now he brings us his latest remix of Spirix's - 'Little Doubts' and man is it good. Chiptune plucks fill the space as Aviella's whimsical voice glides across the melodies with ease. From there percussion breathes energy into the track as we get led into the drop full of dazzling synths, a gritty lead and little bleep bloops (idk what to call it...judge me) that add the perfect finishing touches. Now what are you waiting for, go on check it out! 



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Good Evening Beautiful Buzzz Fam! If you've been looking for a tune to carry you into your weekend on good note then look no further! Today newcomer to the scene Michael Mar released his second track with one of our favorite singer/songwriters Axel Mansoor, and man is it good. Michael starts the track with horn like vocal chops and then transitions us into beautiful guitar riffs that compliment Axel's buttery voice like limes do to Corona. With amazing production and just as amazing songwriting, this track will have you saying hello to the weekend in no time...maybe we really can 'Have It All'. 

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose.



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Once upon a time ya boy went to a sacred place called the good ole Hollywood Bowl for a show with the one and only Pete Tong. We were there to rock out to some of the most classic Ibiza dance records accompanied by the epic Heritage orchestra. Funny enough I hear Pete announce "Please welcome Thutmose to the stage!" I looked around and was like whattt?? Is that Thutmose I heard? I had been hearing murmurings about this up and coming rapper, but was definitely surprised to see him take that kind of stage. He performed flawlessly, and I knew it was time to check out what all this Thut is about. Today I'm bringing you his latest, a soulful rendezvous of bobbing bass and laid back vibes. Thut gets rockin on the track both singing and rapping in between Alex Mali's delicately yearning vocals. This ones a chill jam and I think you're gonna love it.