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This ish goes harddd! So incredibly stoked and honored to get to premiere this track for you today. It immediately intrigues you from the beginning and picks up energy gradually as Tzar starts to air out her feelings toward her love/hate relationship partner. And then Aire Atlantica’s commanding production envelops you and begins to take hold over every part of your body and mind that responds to bass. The snappiest of trap snares crack over a swaying hip hop beat with an assortment of rich synth chords guiding the melodic line. Vocal chops provide striking moments of expression as staccato accents on Tzar’s legato lyric delivery. By all of this, what I’m really trying to say is that Aire goes IN on this track and I hope to see this live on a massive sound system at some point, but for now my headphones will do just fine.

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Combining elements of hip-hop, electro-pop, and femme musicianship, Aussie’s own China Roses is creating a genre all their own. Their latest release, “Piedaterres” is an intellectual, musically effervescent piece righteously saturated with feminine energy. Seductive vocals complement a house-esque production that fearlessly enter the bloodstream, possessing the listener with a signature sound. A full metamorphosis unfolds as the track reveals itself, as the twosome works in synchronicity to create a story with instruments, both internal and external. This blossoming track is both introspective and thrilling, putting China Roses on the map and fossilizing their swift come-up in the ever-changing music industry.

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Friday is finally here and I am so ready to chill! It's pouring rain in San Francisco and I'm soaked to the bone - but at east I have my headphones and this jam to make things feel all right! Our boy Alexander Lewis just dropped this sultry remix of "Don't Call Me ft. Yuna" by TOKiMONSTA .... HUGE! This one is soaked in drippy sticky R&B groove with that AL brass vibe that is hella delicious .... it's perfect for that sexy time!  You know what to do ... swoop this HERE



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Texas’ genre-defying mystic nøll just revealed his digitally enchanting single, “anymore” featuring Aidan James. The first single to release from his debut EP, “anymore” is a dynamic labyrinth of notes and bars working together to cast spells on its listener. Vague trap samples glide atop a down-tempo r&b production, where classically digital electronic music expels outward. The lyricism in “anymore” is defined by a robust vocal ebb and flow, flickering with passion and seductive allusiveness. The future is bright for nøll- “anymore” stands as a palpable  testament that music is nothing short of a calling for this young taste-maker. Experimental and approachable- it’s one you need to feel.

"As a producer, it’s always a struggle to decide what you want “your sound” to be. I’ve decided that the only way to derive that authentically is to base it off what YOU think sounds good. Around this time last year, I became obsessed with acoustic guitar sounds. I knew Aidan, who does cool looping things with the ukulele, and sent him a beat based around this one guitar riff. We both bonded over that organic mix of percussion and live guitar. After he sent me the vocal, I knew I wanted to build an atmosphere that fit the somber vibe. To achieve that, I played around with different foley and glitch samples to build a sonic landscape. I always wanted to juxtapose an experimental soundscape with layered harmonies. For the vocals, I wanted it to seem very much like an internal mental struggle with oneself; much like listening to a devil and an angel over your shoulder." - nøll



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In an enchanting collaboration, New York's progressive electronic producer Fareoh and singer-songwriter Lilianna Wilde teamed up to unveil "Famous," an intellectual future-bass psalm. Fareoh takes off with a soft, near rustic, electro-pop beat that illuminates Wilde's crystal clear vocals. As the track continues to unfold, passion ensues as geometric sounds oscillate Wilde's emotionally demanding verses."Famous" manipulates tunnel vision echoes, and seamlessly combines future-bas, electro-pop, and future-trap. Marinated in soul, and punctuated by illustrious intellect, "Famous" is both humbling, and grand- watch this space



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Taking the cadence of modern hip-hop and blending a sensual, feminine prowess into its roots, VenessaMichaels and Holly just teamed up to drop the week's freshest track. "Real One" features Bronx-born experimental MC, Outlaw the Artist and female vocalist, Effy. Combining rhythm and blues with down-tempo, avant-garde production, "Real One" is punctuated by urban influences and unfettered steeze. The girl power is poignant in this piece, as it radiates a coolness only manifested from the creative energies of female collaboration. Outlaw the Artist rounds out the track while he spits buttery bars over the sensually chopped production. "Real One" is an element of its own- chrome, fluid, and atmospheric with a complete sense of identity. Smoky and chic, this is a piece you don't want to miss, catch us bumpin' this all weekend.

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Remcord, Mark Höffen, Juan - HSTD

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What could be better than one amazing artist? That’s easy... three! Hosted recently released the Room Mates Series #001 and trust us- it will leave you reveling in the collaborative magic. The compilation showcases “HSTD” a minimal tech house track produced by beloved artists Remcord, Mark Höffen, and Juan. The French/ Parisian trio works to keep their focus on the love and music. This track embodies the essence of melodic techno, integrated with beats you can move and groove to. 



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I'm having one of those mornings where I am needing all the best vibes, because waking up is hard sometimes and facing my super insane work day is gonna take an extra cup of coffee and the most viby jam I can muster up for a premiere! Found it! Bay Area producer Justice Skolink holds the golden ticket with his rad remix of "You're On" by Madeon. This yung up-and-comer has been on our radar quite a bit ... we always like what we hear and with this next dance track we promise you'll become a super fan.  His thick synthy future melodies under glassy R&B vocals and groovy beats are everything!! If this one doesn't get you moving, then check your pulse because you might be dead. Swoop this one as a free download HERE!   



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The man the myth the growing legend that is Thoreau continues to put together brilliant tracks. His latest "Like We Used To" featuring Jeris is a driving thumper that is equal parts dance floor heater and emotional rollercoaster. Coming off a hot 2017 which brought him a Trap Nation premiere of "Illusion ft. Tina Decara" and a signing to Spotted Records, now we're gifted with this lovely record. Jeris' vocals decry a love that has fallen from the good days accompanied by Thoreau's instrumental full of dramatic drones and a pumping low end that keeps you bobbing from start to finish. This is a terrific new tune from this camp and a great way to start off a soon to be break out year.

Disclosure: Thoreau is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh

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