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Influenced by the likes of M83, Chairlift, RHYE, Miguel, and Gorillaz, LA-based indie electronic powerhouse Zhao returns with vibrancy per his latest single, “Car.” This full bodied joint fuses elements of alt-soul with a house-esque cadence, boasting a touch of disco on the nose. Radiant and distinguished, “Car” is flawlessly balanced, embodying the very definition of musical equilibrium. Satin vocals grace the club-like production with a neon glamour. Anchored by a deviating, yet constant synth that dances at the bottom layer of the track, this multifaceted anthem is saturated with a refreshing, artistic coalition. Both dance-floor-ready and introspective, “Car” is not one to miss. Stream Zhao’s latest on your favorite listening medium here.

“There’s a lot of dance tracks that coast along on a few phrases for imagery, but I wanted this to hit on something specific- like feeling responsible for the downfall of a relationship. A song where the person actually recognizes they fucked up, and knows the situation is irreparable. There’s no redemption in the end, the only consolation is the memory. We all carry moments like  this around with us, and music has always been an outlet for me to ruminate and daydream about myself, about things I’ve done, about what could have been.” -Zhao



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Enticing, fascinating, and handsome to boot, BLVTH returns with a striking framework of thunderous sounds via his latest single, “Rigid.” The German-based babe is relatively new to the professional music scene, yet far from novice. His unique sound is distinguished, sharp, resounding. “Rigid” is a smokestack of polyrhythmic soundscapes. Industrial and chromatic, BLVTH channels the unfamiliar sounds of post apocalyptic techno, later diving into a world of echoing, electro-R&B. Reverberating vocals oscillate moments of controlled chaos, giving rise to a zealous yet chilling energy. Explore this labyrinth of sounds, and watch this space for more from BLVTH.



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Swathed in the sounds of gold, Thai songstress Pyra returns with her latest single, “Regret Me.” Combining ancient world sounds with modern dance music, the lyrical siren radiates a radical elegance. “Regret Me” boasts chopped production that skips atop a vibrant beat like a stone on water. Stitched together with a DNA of ominous glamour, Prya’s fluid, vocal strut can not be overstated. A labyrinth of digital production transforms into a mosaic colored by her seductive, stormy voice. Her coolness comes with a sense of wisdom, and ease. Lose yourself in this psychedelic crossover of temptation and rhythm.



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Dripping in a royal sashay, Nashville’s indie-pop songstress and self-proclaimed "hot mess," estef, returns swathed in a signature swagger with her latest joint, “Come Around.” A groovy beat illuminates the sensualities of her crystal clear vocals, building a framework of feminine energy and attitude. Combining the sounds of classic soul, indie-pop, and electro-r&b “Come Around” is stitched together with a DNA of glitz and sway. Colorful and saturated with a neon reverberation, estef’s energy is infectious and compelling. The jazzy, Motown inspired queen is solidifying her place on a rose gold throne at the pinnacle of electro-pop- watch this space.

"I am so excited to be releasing my new single “Come Around”!  This song is about initial attraction and the feeling that comes with meeting someone that really excites you."  -estef



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Colorful and melodramatic, Brooklyn’s own Unknown Caller returns with “Sayonara.” Inspired by the new wave cadences of the 80s, and intellectual conversations made across Taipei, Seoul, Kyoto, and Tokyo, “Sayonara” is a melting pot of unique influences. Stitched together with a demanding melodrama, this tapestry of sounds is both familiar and far out. A careful algorithm of isolated, digital chimes work together to create a single framework of vibrant emotions. At the apex of bedroom pop, Unknown Caller’s vocals are distant, sequestered, yet distinctly encompassing. With a DNA of whispering theatrics, subtle vigor, and undeniable glamour, “Sayonara” is a charming venture of resonance. Paralleled with artwork from Taiwanese visual artist, Air Geometry, the single is an artistically sound conception. Tune in. 



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Australian label Mammal Sounds Records is on an upward trajectory of noteworthy success. Despite only having a few releases under their belt, each track is an epic unveiling of brilliant sounds and musical ideas. Their freshest release is a curtain call for the Australian jack of all trades, Abraham Tilbury. “Ocean” boasts a feature from Melbourne rapper Diemne- a fantastic collaboration that gives rise to a new age of hip-hop. While electronic music and hip-hop are often seen as polar genres, their diverging cadences are inherently dependent on each other. Like and yin and yang, Abraham Tilbury and Diemne combine Lo-Fi, electronic production with sultry verses and shadowy vocals. Smokey and riddled with an acute swagger, “Ocean” is a testament to the future of hip-hop. Slacken your senses and get deep with this easy joint- you’d be a lot cooler if you did. Listen on your favorite streaming platform here

“Diemne, Jacob & myself had written a few songs together in the past, and this session ended up being one of those moments where our different talents just seemed to work together perfectly well, in this kind of seamless integration.” -Abraham Tilbury



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July 6, 2018 marks the rise of a fresh new UK-based label, Absent Mind Records. The label’s debut release casts the Australian LUNA MAY, a striking flower child with a noticeably spooky aura. “Silly Boys” is a feminine anthem pollinated with strength and ease. LUNA’s female prowess dominates a smoked out beat that builds avenues of slackened sentiments and ancient philosophies. Confidently stitched together by the shaky hand of feminism, her temptation is palpable in “Silly Boys,” giving rise to a genderless sort of resilience. Lo-fi and bedroom ready, “Silly Boys” is succulent, drifting and lush, yet defined by moments of grit and backbone. A myriad of musical arsenals collide to create a sonic ebb and flow of emotions and allure. Righteously witchy, LUNA MAY is setting the standard for Absent Mind Records, watch this space for more from the UK label.


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Good morning kids! It's been a delightful holiday here in the US - celebrating the birth of our nation. Now that the weekend is upon us, we American's are in full party mode ... lighting up our BBQs, drinking cheap beer, and looking for that one track to get the dance party started! I got one riiiight here with our next premiere - "Too Cool To Dance ft. ONIVA" by Swedish producers Tobtok & GhassemiTobtok has been one of our besties for a minute, and with this new track he brings all that delicious dance pop flavor that delights our senses and makes that booty shake. With bouncy summer time beats and refreshing vocals, this one lets us know summer is in full force! You can catch Tobtok at a number of upcoming dates this summer listed below!

JULY 12 - Output -- New York
JULY 15 - The Standard -- Los Angeles
JULY 29 - Ushuaia -- Ibiza
AUG 03 - Love & Propaganda -- San Francisco
AUG 04 - No Vacency -- Portland
AUG 24 - Dalston Roof Park -- London


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Master of vintage vibes and soulful swag, the one and only Tim Atlas is back with a new tune just as he prepares to embark on his All Talk! Summer Tour, and we’re excited to have the honor of premiering it for you today on this lovely New Music Friday. 

Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Counterfeit” is a short and sweet slice of classic Tim Atlas grooviness. Replete with a sassy bass line, plenty of cowbell, sexy synths, and cheeky gang vocals for good measure—it’s a bouncy toe tapper that’ll have you moving without even realizing it. Tim’s soft and subdued vocals glide above the 80’s rock drums, nostalgic synths and jazzy guitar and bass licks. Like most of Atlas’ music, it transports you back to an earlier era while maintaining an air of contemporary electro-funk of which the likes of Chromeo or Cherub would likely be fans. 

Speaking about the track, Tim said:
"We're all guilty of indulging in something when we know we shouldn’t. But we do it anyway because we’re human and we often choose that feeling over what actually makes sense."

Catch Tim Atlas on tour in a city near you
JUN 17 Bottom Of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
JUN 20 The Peppermint Club - Los Angeles, CA
JUN 21 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
JUN 23 The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA
JUN 27 Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
JUN 29 Middle East - Cambridge, MA