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K?d never ceases to amaze us here at BB - we have the biggest crush on this young producer and we are proud to call him our boyfriend! Over the past year K?d has absolutely exploded into greatness with sell out tours and main stages at festivals … bananas! He has also just dropped his first official EP that is all kinds of wonderful. Find Paradise EP shows off K?d’s wide range of genre bending influences with each track having it’s own particular flavor. Delicious! Check out the first track “Electric Memories ft. Mickey Kojak” above and swoop the rest HERE!

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Over a year ago, the French electronic super group, Slow Hours, teased us with two epic remixes of Petit Biscuit and What So Not. Their name, as well as the names of the artists it comprises: Khamsin, Kidswaste, Kultur, Rusty Hook, Lain and Astre, started spreading like wildfire following those releases. Listeners and fans worldwide were left on the edge of their seats in anticipation for more music from the group. Well, almost 2 years later that time has FINALLY arrived, and it’s pretty hard for us here at Beautiful Buzzz to comprehend just how elated we really are. Might we say, their debut single, titled “Endless”, was well-worth the wait and 100% exceeds what were already our sky-high expectations. Each member contributed their own signature style to the track - from indie to pop, to some of the grimiest electronic synthwork - and created one hell of a masterpiece as a result.

But this release comes as one very close to the heart for the boys, considering the physical- and emotional- energy that went into the production of it. Confronted with a plethora of obstacles, from internal disagreements to the contemplation of disassembling the group, “Endless” is the result of what happens when 6 young incredibly talented artists, and close friends, decide to persevere and let their passion lead the way.

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Fall has officially kicked into full gear, and there’s no better way to welcome the crisp air and autumn colors than with a brand new groove such as the latest from bitbird‘s  first-ever signee, Duskus, and his latest release “Longtime.” 

The mellow, beat-ridden song finds the perfect balance between subtlety and high-energy- a track you can pretty much bump in any mood, at any time and any place. Comprised of seamless transitions, gorgeous intercepting layers of vocals and chops, and a house-like rhythm that urges you to get up and dance, there’s not one thing about this song that isn’t to love. 

But what makes this track so special in particular is that the London-based producer released the single on his very own label imprint Kaleido. Might we say, the prospects are looking mighty high for the newly established label if it continues to serve as a home and outlet for bops as massive as “Longtime”. Based on Duskus’ track record, we can only assume this will certainly be the matter.

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Critically acclaimed and described as “Gallant meets Frank Ocean on Nikes,” Nashville’s own R.LUM.R returns in a proper r&b fashion per his latest release, “With My Words.” The rising star was just pinned as direct support for Louis The Child’s nation-wide tour kicking off in November. His latest joint is a breezy, soul saturated outline of optimistic production and insightful lyricism. Redefining the notion of swagger, R.LUM.R is shaping up to be one of the most exciting contemporary pop-R&B acts this year. Lush and inviting, “With My Words” yields a radiant, easy aura. Nikes on, volume up- watch this space for more from R.LUM.R



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Psychedelic and dazzling, LA-based “chef of sounds” Allen French returns with a remix of Eric Sharp’s “Take This Time.” Inspired by the sounds of culture, Allen French is making consistent gains in his early yet pioneering career. Synonymous with elegance, this radiant remix is saturated with allure. Stitched together with an organic sound, the polished tune is an ensemble of interconnecting sounds and rhythms. Walking a fine line between risky and fantastic, Allen French dives head first into the fantastic, setting the spaces betwixt each on fire. A myriad of simple yet resounding sounds collide to create an ideal remix of “Take This Time.” Check out this psych-house masterpiece along with the full “Eric Sharp & Friends” EP.

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Orchestrating deep house rhythms and oceanic grooves, charismatic electronic producer/DJ Eric Sharp returns with “Too Much,” giving French Horn Rebellion’s original track a delectable club-esque treatment. A defining facet of the collaborative EP, “Eric Sharp and Friends,” this “Too Much” remix is robust and charming. Staggering build ups drop into a lyrically syrupy, slow, and sexy chorus breathing a new life into disco. The four on the floor cadence is both sensual and intoxicating, inducing lingering shuffle like symptoms. Defined by alluring lyricism, oscillating piano frequencies, and a near-glamourous resonance, this outline of party vibes is nothing short of remarkable. Put your dancing shoes on and get weird with Eric Sharp.

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Influenced by the likes of M83, Chairlift, RHYE, Miguel, and Gorillaz, LA-based indie electronic powerhouse Zhao returns with vibrancy per his latest single, “Car.” This full bodied joint fuses elements of alt-soul with a house-esque cadence, boasting a touch of disco on the nose. Radiant and distinguished, “Car” is flawlessly balanced, embodying the very definition of musical equilibrium. Satin vocals grace the club-like production with a neon glamour. Anchored by a deviating, yet constant synth that dances at the bottom layer of the track, this multifaceted anthem is saturated with a refreshing, artistic coalition. Both dance-floor-ready and introspective, “Car” is not one to miss. Stream Zhao’s latest on your favorite listening medium here.

“There’s a lot of dance tracks that coast along on a few phrases for imagery, but I wanted this to hit on something specific- like feeling responsible for the downfall of a relationship. A song where the person actually recognizes they fucked up, and knows the situation is irreparable. There’s no redemption in the end, the only consolation is the memory. We all carry moments like  this around with us, and music has always been an outlet for me to ruminate and daydream about myself, about things I’ve done, about what could have been.” -Zhao



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Shaping up to be one of the most influential contemporary electronic producers in the game, San Holo returns with passion and innovation with, “Show Me,” from his celebrated album1. The Dutch producer fuses glistening dance music with indie rock. Layering the electric guitar atop future-bass reverb, San Holo is a pioneer of a new wave of dance music. Breathing organic instrumentation into feel-good, digital production, “Show Me” is set to be a staple in his wildly influential career. This outline of righteously syncopated resonance stands as a testament that San Holo will never settle. Straddling the boundaries of experimental electronic and alternative dance music, “Show Me” is nothing short of stunning. The ever-evolving San Holo’s album1 is available now on all major streaming platforms- join us as we listen to the sounds of history being made with this charismatic manifesto of sounds.



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Boulder-based producer Ehren River Wright, better known as SoDown, returns with a thunderous resonance per his latest single, “Stand Up,” featuring Homemade Spaceship. Self-taught on the sax, SoDown is respected for including the pioneering brass instrument into both his live performances and singles. Dominating 2018, SoDown has performed on stages like Red Rocks, Coachella, Electric Forest, and more. Not to be defined by any one genre, SoDown has created what he calls a GetDown key- a genre atlas that coincides with a specific geometric shape- SoChill, SoGroovy, and SoHeavy. “Stand Up” is SoDown’s lead single to his forthcoming, debut SoHeavy EP titled Jet Black. Riddled with roaring bass and fierce drops, “Stand Up” is the definition of dubstep, giving listeners a first look at what’s to come with Jet Black. An absolute banger, this masterpiece echoes with a stentorian energy, proving that SoDown is worlds more than “future-funk.” This track’s nasty drops are stirring, feeding the beast within. Stay tuned for more from this unique Colorado musician.

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