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After bursting onto the Soundcloud electronic scene with his enigmatic remixes years ago, Luca Lush championed his own impressive path to become one of the most innovative producers today. Showcasing his undeniable ability to produce just about every genre known to man, Luca Lush shines on his Mad Decent debut with his hard-hitting “Another Life” featuring Aviella. Aviella’s raw, powerful vocals carry listeners through Lush’s booming soundscapes and monstrous trap-laced drop. Taking a fresh and surprising turn, Lush turns his second drop into a wonderfully high-energy psy-trance banger. “Another Life” is an impressive change of pace for the largely known remixer, and demonstrates only the best from the New York based artist.

Disclaimer: Luca Lush is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Alli Lindsey



Music, Original MixSara NatkinsComment

If you’ve been a following Beautiful Buzzz over the years, then you know we are quite the fans of Philippine artist, Manila Killa. With that said, you better believe we were all over his brand new single, “Run Away”. His latest has us in complete awe as his growth as a musician is nearly impossible to ignore through its quality and intricacy. Manila Killa takes synths and vocal chops to a whole other level in the dreamy pop, melody ridden track. Blending indie elements with a dance-like structure, “Run Away” assumes its form as an universally enjoyable tune and an absolute hit. Styles and chords similar to those of Porter Robinson’s can be noted in the chorus before it smoothly transitions into a waterfall of colorful vocal chops and fluttering synths.

Like what you hear? Then make sure to keep your eye out for Manila’s forthcoming EP releasing via Moving Castle.

Disclaimer: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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Really tho …. I love everything Louis The Child puts into the world. It’s all consistently happy with that feel good vibe, because feeling good feels good. Today they drop another fantastic track “LOVE” with Elohim just in time for this festive Halloween weekend, along with their new Kids At Play EP. This track glides through your headphones with sweet vocals and laid back future pop beats. The whole EP is pretty great … they’re like a machine producing one solid jam after another … I love it! Get into this one kids!



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I don’t even want to think about how many new tracks dropped today …. the list seems to be endless and I will have the task of picking through the noise to find the gems! Lucky I came across this new jam from Chicago native producer Madnap and up-and-coming producer Jaron - they got together to produce “Your World” which I am loving so I swooped it up for our next premiere! This track has all that lovely big energy with glitchy melodies and mad trap arm throwing beats … I see this being huge in the club. We’ve been supporting Madnap for a minute now, and seems like he’s making all the right moves. You guys can grab a free download HERE!



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Ruuth is a new name to the blog, but we’ve had backyard pool party hangs so we’re pretty much homies by now. She hails from a small island off the north coast of Germany, near Denmark, but was in Los Angeles recently for sessions with writers/producers (the likes of Emmit Fenn, Graham Candy, Younotus, Em Basa, and several other acts). 

“So Heavy” is only her second original solo release, following “All About”, her impressive debut single. With it, she continues to establish her forward-thinking lightweight electropop sound, characterized by catchy, lilting, bouncy melodies and percussive, minimal production. Lyrically, she speaks on the seriousness of a toxic relationship, “Why does it have to be so heavy? Why do we drag each other down?” Ruuth tells a compelling story through her uniquely sweet and airy vocal approach coupled with relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. We’ll be keeping a close eye on her as she continues to share more foot-tappingly terrific tunes.

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Happy release day RÜFÜS DU SOL! Today we get to experience SOLACE in its entirety, and I am happy to say that it’s every bit as amazing as we thought it would be. This Australian trio takes us through a sonic journey with synthy melodies and dreamy vocals for the most epic vibes … it’s like the best dream we’ve ever had. I chose to post “New Sky” because of the contagious dance beats and massive feels …. but really the whole album is amazing! If there is on thing you do today, it should be listening to this!



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LA pop songstress Haneri returns with “Real Love,” a cheeky, porcelain pop gem. Former runner up on Singapore Idol, Haneri is breaking down the walls around her, redefining her legacy as an individual creator. Haneri blends Asian pop with American electronic as a flickering, animated beat is soothed by her charming vocals. Expelling a playful energy, this optimistic joint is an ode her 11-month-old pup, Snowball. The carefree nature of this track shines with each transition, breathing life into Haneri’s humor, affection, and prophecy as a star.

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Intellectually arousing, seductive, psychedelic- a fraction of the descriptors one could use to define North Elements’ latest single, “It’s Always Been ~ You.” Boasting the crisp, feminine vocals of Ayelle this joint is riddled with delicate, charming, syncopated production showcasing North Elements’ refined dexterity. A slight, gritty film rests atop the finely chopped beat, making a near-vintage sound become cosmic. Breezy and lush, this framework of sultry sounds is set to be a fall staple.



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Channeling hypnotic, gangter-esque frequencies, Rain Main (formerly of Krewella) unveils “Mirage” featuring BLI. A unique take on hip-hop and rap, “Mirage” is a collage of echoing soundscapes that illuminate animated, bold rhymes. Rich, looming melodies drip into subtle spaces of vibrancy and zest. With this distinguished unveiling, Rain Man proves that his dexterity extends beyond the horizons of Krewella. Personifying the sounds of a well rolled blunt, “Mirage” is a phat beat with moving parts made of swagger and kick. Tune in.