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Florida-based future bass producer, AJ Salvatore has seen a slew of successes in recent years alone. His high energy profile and unique take on electro-pop has led him to reaching milestone after milestone from the inception of his very first release. Capitalizing on his upward trajectory, AJ just unveiled his remix of Fluencee and Bri Tolani’s “Better.” With the original track amassing over 14 million streams in one year, AJ Salvatore is breathing a new life into the single. Vibrant and radiating a cosmic optimism, this striking treatment goes above and beyond. Effervescent and dance floor ready, AJ Salvatore proves once again that he’s up next.



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Australian purveyors of all things indie, Akurei and Golden Vessel teamed up to unveil “August,” the title track to Akurei’s debut EP. A mantra for hope and healing, the entire EP is an ode to personal strength and the complex ascendance to inner peace. “August” boasts a lush resonance that balances crisp vocals with a dreamy production. A romantic, instrumental melody compliments the stirring nature of the track’s lyrical content. Proving to be a beautifully synergistic duo, Akurei and Golden Vessel shine in “August.” Align yourself with the breezy nature of this track, and explore the labyrinth of inviting sounds showcased in the August EP.



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It’s Halloween y’all, and I’ve been jamming to this song for the past week. All of us at BB love pretty much everything Autograf and SNBRN make, and this groovin' new joint is no exception. This time, the future house producers are joined by talented newcomer KOLE, who’s had some great releases of her own lately with our homie Aire Atlantica. Her catchy songwriting and sensual vocals take this already fire track to a new level. If you plan on dancing tonight and making the house party go up on a Wednesday, definitely add this one to the queue on your Halloween party playlist!

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Weighing in at only 19 years old, Canadian producer Ramzoid’s influence on electronic music has recently witnessed a stunning, upward trajectory. His acute attention to detail, technical dexterity, and innovation breathes new life into experimental dance music. The cutting edge producer just unveiled his latest EP, “WORLD.” This catalog of finely tuned sounds is righteously diverging- both breezy and industrial. The EP’s namesake and intro track, “WORLD” is a stirring joint, tethered together with hip-hop-esque vocals and a fearless, looming melody. The beat’s ebb and flow is distinct, conducive to an unmistakable, musical movement. Controlled chaos dissolves into the gritty sounds of a mute vinyl record, as “WORLD” flawlessly sets the bar for the rest of the EP.

Disclaimer: Ramzoid is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Hunter Thompson



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I can honestly say I am officially psyched for the debut album from Big Wild. Superdream comes out February 1, 2019 and to celebrate he’s release the first two singled …. and I have found my jam of the day with “Maker.” This laid back dance track shows us that Big Wild has a indie dance side …. and we love it! This feel good vibe is everything, with bouncy rhythms and soaring vocals I am taken to my happy place! I can’t wait to hear more! You can pre-order Superdream HERE



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Inspired by the unlikely sounds of Britney Spears, Lil Miquela, and Kim Petras, LA-based producer nicopop. is paving a new way for contemporary electro-pop to be heard. Vibrant and charismatic, this dreamy-eyed cutie just unveiled his latest single, “Below The Ceiling.” Despite only having two other singles under his belt, nicopop. boasts a sound far from novice. Delicately balancing a myriad of unique influences, nicopop. makes pop-culture avant-garde. This buttery tune’s elegant aura dissolves into an unfettered dance party; it’s Dom Perignon and 4 AM whiskey pulls. Downtempo disco cadences oscillate his cinematic vocals, breathing life into vast, radiant soundscapes. Funky as hell and cute to boot, nicopop. is one to watch.



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After bursting onto the Soundcloud electronic scene with his enigmatic remixes years ago, Luca Lush championed his own impressive path to become one of the most innovative producers today. Showcasing his undeniable ability to produce just about every genre known to man, Luca Lush shines on his Mad Decent debut with his hard-hitting “Another Life” featuring Aviella. Aviella’s raw, powerful vocals carry listeners through Lush’s booming soundscapes and monstrous trap-laced drop. Taking a fresh and surprising turn, Lush turns his second drop into a wonderfully high-energy psy-trance banger. “Another Life” is an impressive change of pace for the largely known remixer, and demonstrates only the best from the New York based artist.

Disclaimer: Luca Lush is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Alli Lindsey



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If you’ve been a following Beautiful Buzzz over the years, then you know we are quite the fans of Philippine artist, Manila Killa. With that said, you better believe we were all over his brand new single, “Run Away”. His latest has us in complete awe as his growth as a musician is nearly impossible to ignore through its quality and intricacy. Manila Killa takes synths and vocal chops to a whole other level in the dreamy pop, melody ridden track. Blending indie elements with a dance-like structure, “Run Away” assumes its form as an universally enjoyable tune and an absolute hit. Styles and chords similar to those of Porter Robinson’s can be noted in the chorus before it smoothly transitions into a waterfall of colorful vocal chops and fluttering synths.

Like what you hear? Then make sure to keep your eye out for Manila’s forthcoming EP releasing via Moving Castle.

Disclaimer: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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Really tho …. I love everything Louis The Child puts into the world. It’s all consistently happy with that feel good vibe, because feeling good feels good. Today they drop another fantastic track “LOVE” with Elohim just in time for this festive Halloween weekend, along with their new Kids At Play EP. This track glides through your headphones with sweet vocals and laid back future pop beats. The whole EP is pretty great … they’re like a machine producing one solid jam after another … I love it! Get into this one kids!