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Electronic soundscapes, textural guitar riffs, and lush synths are the pillars of Price Park’s latest single, “Fire” featuring Joe Kosky. This vibrant framework of sounds boasts a palpable resonance, both sweet and striking. Little moments of bliss collide in “Fire,” awakening a myriad of emotions via smooth transitions and complex arrangements. Drawing inspiration from a labyrinth of electronic sub-genres, Price Park channels a slew of influence with a notable sense of cohesiveness. Gorgeous and gritty, this Melbourne-based visionary is as encompassing as they come. Join us as we lose ourselves in this rare, seamless beauty defined only by Price Park and Joe Kosky.



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Closing out two highly successful tours with both Kasbo and Petit Biscuit, quickly rising Nashville superstar Super Duper rides his hot streak with his latest single “Vessels To You.” At its core, “Vessels To You” is a deeply emotive expression of musical bliss from the producer. Pulsating beats filled with meaningful sound voids open up the track, and quickly bursts into stunning melodies. Super Duper’s wondrous production capabilities shine in his newest, showcasing an immaculate and entirely unique skillset. 

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DROELOE’s new single “Facing The Sea” is a dark and stormy track that builds on the electronic duo’s path towards a more experimental albeit, exciting route in dance music. The fresh tune marks the first release of a double-single series that the Dutch power players are putting out, showcasing music from artists they admire. “Facing The Sea” shines a light on the talents of fellow producer Sem, whom the bitbird signees have been supporting in live sets since last year.

The single is a thrilling journey for listeners of all music; taking them down a psychedelic road of sharp synths that are fused with the distinguished, addicting DROELOE style. Suffice to say, if you’re a DROELOE fan, you’ll inevitably find yourself continuing to be blown away by the duo’s fearless ability to explore unfamiliar musical territories and craft divergent sounds.



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Sydney-based electronic duo Hermitude returns in style with “Stupid World” boasting a sensual vocal feature from Bibi Bourelly. Influenced by the likes of J Dilla, Herbie Hancock, and Busta Rhymes, the charming duo blends hip hop cadences with electro-pop aromas to create a signature ebb and flow. “Stupid World” is a boisterous beat- optimistic and unfettered. Each swift transition is complimented by echoing chambers of charismatic energy, illuminating the power of artistic synchronicity. “Stupid World” is Hermitude at their finest, join us as we heat up with this stirring framework of vibrant soundscapes.



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Inspired by legends from the likes of Anderson .Paak, John Mayer, FKJ, and D’Angelo, London-based duo fika returns with their breezy single, “High.” Defined by lush guitar licks and feathery, slackened cadences, this Sunday morning anthem exudes an acute coolness. The R&B-esque joint boasts distorted, buttery vocals that cascade atop a Tom Misch style of production, illuminating fika’s dexterity and influence. This easy tune serves smooth vibes on a silver platter, making fika one of our favorite new outfits to keep an eye on. Kick back, spark up, and ride the wave with “High.”



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Seriously tho … any day Hotel Garuda drops a new track is the best day ever! Our love for his sweet sweet jams is huge, and today he brightens our morning with his new track “One Reason ft. Imad Royal & Kiah Victoria.” Plus, it’s his birthday as well so, all kinds of reasons to celebrate. With that infectious groove and dance floor fire, Hotel Garuda once again gets our feet moving and booty shakin’ … so good! If you are in the bay area and are looking for a rad yet inexpensive New Years Eve party — you are in luck because we have Hotel Garuda with The Knocks and Sweater Beats! Woah! You can swoop tickets below!

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Beautiful Buzzz is absolutely delighted to have the honors of premiering rising artist midnight’s turbulent new single, “Pressure Gradient”. The stirring single comes as the first off his forthcoming EP, “Nocturne, which will be releasing via Majestic Casual.

Enlisting NY-based artist ylxr to spearhead the production, the two creatives bring their unsurpassed abilities to the table and develop a heart-rendering, contemporary ballad. The artists’ chemistry and the track’s mixing is nothing short of breathtaking. A relaxed, r&b-fused melody sets the foundation for the piece while midnight’s satiny-smooth voice provides a devastatingly beautiful contrast to the rollercoastering glitchy synths and jaw-dropping vocal chops that decorate the single. The result is both mesmerizing and intoxicating, sending listeners on a journey filled with musical complexities and deviating sounds.

midnight discusses the passionate thoughts that inspired the track and explains, “‘Pressure Gradient’ is birthed from the struggle to balance rebellion and restraint as a person of color living in a country terrorized by bigotry. The lyrics covet the simplicity of being in love while drowning in the anguish of that bigotry.” midnight’s passion seeps through the emotive single, leaving us awe-struck and bedazzled, and it surely will leave the same lasting effects on listeners.

Disclaimer: midnight is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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In a stunning, synergistic collaboration UK producer CUB teams up with Clara Hurtado from The Voice UK to unveil “Don’t Wanna Know.” Inspired by the likes of Mark Ronson and Zedd, CUB is in the pioneering stages of his syrupy, electro-pop career. The producer is a student of both music and life, continuously expanding his artistic influence to push the envelope of contemporary indie-pop. “Don’t Wanna Know” boasts a feminine energy yet balances sharp, industrial production that pierces the effervescent nature of Hurtado’s lyricism. This chromatic design of sounds and musical movement shines at the apex of indie-electronic. Like a yin and yang, CUB and Clara Hurtado are a complimentary duo, illuminating one another’s vocal and physical dexterity with ease. Tune in.



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Beauvois, more commonly known by his indie-pop moniker, Kidswaste, has once again graced us with an exposé of versatility and musical brilliance. His fresh release “Escape” takes a different path than previous releases of this alias that took on a mellower vibe such as his last single “Jupiter”. In his most recent, the French singer, songwriter and musician assumes an earlier 2000’s indie/synth-pop sound comprised of upbeat chords and energized guitar riffs. It perfectly cultivates a heavy sense of nostalgia through indie rock elements such as those found in old school Matt & Kim while the 21 year old artist tops it off with his own vocals- ones that almost scarily resembles that of Thomas Mars, lead singer of (also) French indie-pop/new wave band Phoenix. All in all, if you’re looking for an “escape” from the long hours of work, and the continuously shortening days of winter, then this is definitely going to be your go-to.