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Making future-pop glow, this Netherlands duo is turning heads with their latest unveiling, “NAUGHTY BOY.” 2CRE8 is an electro-fusion duo riding a wave all their own. Stitched together with an acute sense of glamour, these dance music pioneers are as effervescent as champagne bubbles. This charismatic joint is vibrant with optimism- untethered and unbound by a shared artistic synchronicity. Inviting and versatile, “NAUGHTY BOY” continues to pave the way to an exciting future for the 2-piece outfit. Stay tuned for more.



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Despite being relatively new to the mainstream music scene, the future of pop fusion is in good hands via Spazz Cardigan. His latest unveiling, the lead single to his forthcoming EP, “S.O.S.” is Spazz at his best. Blending electro-pop with formidable indie cadences, this outline of sounds is a full bodied triumph. Wholly immersive, “S.O.S.” is an invigorating joint, boasting a wide range of colliding genres. Watch this space for more from the spunky as hell pop player.



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If you don’t already know who TÂCHES is, then it’s best you start to familiarize yourself. The man is an absolute musical genius, and we have the proof to back it up. 

Diving head first into 2019 with an incredibly clean 5-track project titled “Heart Over Heels”, TÂCHES rises above the electronic norms through an eclectic fusion of house, minimal and dance. Songs such as “I Don’t Look Back” and “Meet You in the Moonlight” are more melody-driven, while other tracks like “Dances With Wolves” and “Sofia’s Theme” are led by uptempo percussions.

The single we are choosing to highlight of the 5 is “Meet You in the Moonlight”- an invigorating blend of disco, house and tribal that’s guided by soulful vocal samples. But the last thing we want to do is downplay the other tracks, as every single one is just as unique and beautiful as the next. Take a listen and you decide which one is your favorite, though I can guarantee it’s definitely not going to be an easy choice.

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At the heels of a shocking year, Seattle-based producer Ark Patrol returns with an entirely new outlook on life. In 2018, the alternative electro powerhouse was diagnosed with cancer, straining his creative processes. Despite facing a life-threatening illness, Ark Patrol overcame adversity with a sense of intellect and grace. The new found warrior has since taken back his life, and is ready to share new music with the world. “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)” is Ark Patrol’s lead single to his forthcoming self-titled album length project. Melodic and inviting, “Your Eyes” warms its listeners with glistening sound design and mellow cadences. Originally produced as an interlude for the project, the track later came to fruition as a staple single from the upcoming catalog. Find peace and healing in “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” and stay tuned for a monumental year from the Seattle musician.

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Lighting up New Zealand with disco funk and deep house, electronic producer La Felix delivers his first release of the year, “Drama” featuring female vocalist KOLE. Outlined with optimism, this bouncy single is easy to embrace with its palpable energy. Textured with funk and future bass, “Drama” is a plentiful single, carefully layered with vibrantly colored sounds. La Felix and KOLE boast a fantastic sense of synchronicity breathing life into each others artistic strengths, making “Drama” an easy listen from its inception. Let your hair down and glow with La Felix. Listen to “Drama” on your preferred streaming platform here.



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Beat your Tuesday blues with ALIGN, the fast-rising star out of Chicago. The thought-provoking producer just released his first single of 2019, “Play It Cool” featuring Sarah De Warren. ALIGN’s latest joint chronicles the thoughts of a romantic encounter, reminding us that sometimes, it’s best to just “Play It Cool,” even when our hearts swell with butterflies. Bouncy production and feminine vocals collide in this track, breathing a new life into indie electronic. Get lost with ALIGN and Sarah De Warren.

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Happy New Year! We’ve been away for a few weeks celebrating the holidays and causing havoc on NYE - but now it’s time to settle down and get back to the fresh jam grind! So much to look forward to in 2019 and I’m kicking things off with something super duper new! Heroless is a yung producer who’s been quietly showing up with cool remixes that crush. He’s that artist you hear and your like, I love this remix so much, who is this again? I have a feeling we are going to see a big move from Heroless this year, making him a house hold name on mixes and festival plays. His bouncy remix of “Top Shelf” by Whethan is delicious, you can grab a free download HERE!



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Newcomer Eylia is making some massive waves with her collaborative debut EP “The Missing Scent”. Aided by fellow producer Majeur Mineur, the 7-track work is absolutely exquisite as it blends R&B with a pop-electronic sound that serves as the backdrop of the EP. 

The track that particularly caught our attention was “Aura”, a soothing piece that can put anyone’s stresses or worries at ease. Eylia is truly a knockout, setting herself apart from others through a powerful and striking vocal performance, that is driven by emotive lyrics and a soulful melody. Considering such outstanding talent as hers, one can only imagine how quickly the up and coming artist will be packing stadiums.



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Intoxicating like a cabernet by a warm winter fire, Benji Lewis’ latest release is a river of emotions and intellect. “Ride” is a blanket of feelings, a swim through a vast stream of intoxicating sounds, an effervescent plane of both pleasure and pain. His moving take on alternative resonance is sincere, possessive, moving. Almost impossible to articulate, Benji Lewis blends his medicinal vocal powers with Lincoln Jesser’s feathery production. An indescribable truth radiates from “Ride,” slowing the world around you, awakening your truest self. Lose yourself in this hazy labyrinth defined only by Benji Lewis.