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Born from struggle and hardship, Auckland-hustling rapper Saint Lane is steadily carving out his own atmosphere in the hip-hop scene. Resurrecting an often over saturated sound, “Zip Code” is a hypnotic take on contemporary rap. An audible symbol of Basquiat, this joint is ripe with rhythm, saturated with dope flow and syrupy transitions- whistling tones penetrate the rolling drum beat that define its very nature. Saint Lane’s vocal tenor is approachable yet outstanding, breathing a new life into modern hip-hop. Conjuring up a nasty yet melodic track, “Zip Code” is both a party anthem, and a smoke session necessity. Listen to the movement.



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After spending time behind the scenes in the music industry as a festival curator, Austin-based creative Swayló is diving head first into electronic production of his own. His debut single, “Desert Flower” boasts his signature take on tribal-trap. A sonic collision of mathematic sound design paired with worldly cadences, this single is palpable with every transition. A mandala of thunderous bass is complimented by glistening digital frequencies that cascade atop the free-form nature of its entirety. While “Desert Flower” is a hard-hitting listen, it has moments of psychedelia that kindly sooth the trap tenor of which it is defined by. Swayló’s inaugural release is a striking testament to his bright future. Experience the sounds of consciousness with “Desert Flower.”

Disclaimer: Swaylo is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Swaylo is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey


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It’s Friday, and you know what that means- it’s time for the weekend and time to finally get that stressful work relief on the dance floor. That’s why today we wanted to showcase Brooklyn-based artist Jonny Sum’s brand new EP, ‘I Dream’. This two track EP is a dream for any house music fanatic.

The first of the two, the title track as well as the single we decided to highlight here, bursts with an energetic rhythm that you can easily step to. It’s matched with a minimal melody that accentuates the pulsating beat that’s overwhelmingly addictive.

The second single, ‘Mood100’, is exactly what it’s titled. The track will undoubtedly release feel-good endorphins through its vibrating bass, minimal keys, and seesawing sound design. Get your night started and your heart pumping with this diamond of a release.



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A year and a half ago, ODESZA released their monumental third studio album A Moment Apart. Since then, the duo dropped various remixes along the way up until today: the official A Moment Apart remix album featuring friends of Foreign Family Collective. Chet Porter is one of the featured artists on the album, being a fan-favorite from the FFC label. Chet is known for his beautiful, ethereal music, which he incorporates in his remix of “Line of Sight,” featuring WYNNE & Mansionair. In this remix, he stays true to the power of the vocals by WYNNE, but manages to add his own pop up-beat flair.

His music always seems to wrap me up in a nice warm hug. Give it a listen and see for yourself!

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If you didn’t cry to Dido’s “White Flag” when you were way too young to be crying to any kind of music, then you haven’t lived. The legendary track is a staple in Dido’s collection, just barely taking precedence over her equally phenomenal release “Thank You.” In a fearless pursuit, Australia’s rising producer Mickey Kojak gave the early 2000s single a chromatic treatment. The multi-instrumentalist and wide-range electronic producer revives Dido’s original with his own vocals and a unique take on the established beat. Although Mickey is goofy and charismatic as hell, his cover is equally as emotional as the original. Nostalgia pairs like a fine with his signature sound here as his vocal presence is more apparent than ever, allowing listeners to delve into a side of Mickey that is often overlooked. This Aussie cutie gets better with every offering, and we’re eager to hear more from the doll himself.

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson


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Austin natives Bronze Whale have been on a wave of discovery since redefining their sound last year. Their productions have become cleaner, more focused, and have added a whole new layer of authenticity by featuring their own Benny on all of the vocals. This change then led them to creating stand out tracks like “Patterns” and “Gold Grain” which saw success from NBA placements, playlists like Apple’s Today’s Chill and SiriusXM spins. Which in turn drove the guys to create an 11-track album, The Shape of Things, that is set to drop this April. With this announcement comes their last single before the album drop “Cruising,” and it gives you everything you need for those late night drives. Pulsing synths introduce Benny’s eerie voice that floats atop rumbling and gradually growing bass, that then plunges the listener into mesmerizing drops that will have you “Cruising,” in the best kind of way. Along with all the glory that will be their album the duo will also be dropping a Splice pack on Feb 21 and a full music video in March, so stay tuned.



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I have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this track to be released. Some months ago The Chemical Brothers posted a clip of their live show with the most insane visuals using this track, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. “Got To Keep On” has that quintessential Chemical Brothers flavor that have kept these legends in business for 30 years. Swooning! This groove is soaked with funky rhythms and siiick dance beats which climax into an epic drop igniting any dance floor fire! I can’t wait to see them on their upcoming tour!



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Bass playing super-babe Blu DeTiger is thriving at the heels of her debut single, “In My Head.” Championing disco-funk vibes, the live-electronic DJ/producer is well on her way to becoming a household name in the sub-genre. Currently on tour with The Knocks as an opener and member of the live band, Blu has claimed 2019 as her own. After the well-received release of her first original single, the spunky siren is passing the track along to a slew of talented producers to give it their unique treatment. A self-proclaimed purveyor of feel good house music, Atlanta’s own Treasure Fingers expanded the single into a more spacious outline by zooming in and emphasizing key moments from the original cut. Vibrant and groovy to boot, this remix pairs well with a Friday night- party on.



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Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Axel Mansoor has blessed fans with a beautifully melodic single, “The Other Side.” Born in the spaces between depression and drive, this darling single casts a rhythmic ebb and flow that pulls at the heart strings of its listener. His distinguished charm and allure brings a sense of warmth to each track he touches. Using mental health as a focal point, “The Other Side” brings waves of emotions to life while his signature vocals and vibrant strings collide effortlessly. Axel Mansoor- we’re listening.