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In recent years, French producer Kidswaste has quickly become a global act to watch. Each of his tracks boast a glistening digital resonance, robust with a signature shine. His latest unveiling, “Sleeping Pills” featuring LA super-babe KOLE is a testament to his artistic innovation. Swathed in warmth, the single evokes emotion, effortlessly rousing the senses. Hills and valleys of vast landscapes rise from the spaces between each note, prompting an even-tempered listening experience. “Sleeping Pills” is defined by a slackened cadence that is equally as invigorating and effervescent. Kick back and listen to four minutes drawn from the sounds of cloud nine.

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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On his perpetual endeavor to capture the hearts of millions through sound, Nashville-native Super Duper stuns in his “Open Eyes,” featuring Nashville songstress Madi Diaz. A captivating journey through lush synths and sublime vocals, Super Duper’s latest and final single ahead of EP release is a true treat. Ripe with passion, “Open Eyes” charms from the get-go, and entraps eager listeners alike. Stay tuned — Super Duper’s Vessels EP is out everywhere Friday, March 8.

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Super Duper is Promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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In a cross-continental collaboration, Aussie musician Jamie Lane teams up with American artist Naji to unveil “Say It Again.” Boasting an invigorating draw, "Say It Again” is a fresh take on contemporary R&B. Chambers of charming, distorted vocals melt into the optimistic electronic production with ease. Naji brings a raw, rhythmic feel to the digital resonance, propelling the track into a different dimension. Assembling a tapestry of genres to create a single outline, “Say It Again” is as intellectual as it is musically dynamic, Lane quotes “Although the track has easy going vibes it’s lyrically a fairly personal song. There are a few themes running through it but the main one is; trying to establish real confidence through drive & will, instead of through the validation from others, which always leads back to self-doubt and depression.” A single rich in value with an acute attention to the technicalities of electronic production, “Say It Again” is a stunning reveal. Stream it across all platforms here, and watch this space for more from Jamie Lane.



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Duskus returns to the forefront of the coveted Bitbird label with his remix of DROELOE’s “Only Be Me.” His take on the already amazing song gives it a bouncier, dancier feel. Duskus is one of the newer additions to San Holo’s Bitbird label, along with label-mates DROELOE. To be honest, there is not one release under the Bitbird label that I haven’t enjoyed, which speaks volumes on the quality of their artist’s production and skills.

Stay tuned for more from Duskus this year. He is an artist that you’re going to want to keep on your radar!



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Miami-based producer Charlie Crown is making steadfast gains in his early, yet promising career. Blending elements from a myriad of electronic sub-genres, the dynamic artist returns with “Brutal” featuring Kyle Reynolds. A slow, chromatic intro with echoing vocals brings the listener into an experience, not a song. At the first drop, a trap-esque melody is brushed with strokes of electro-pop that radiate through Reynolds’ charming vocal tenor. Multi-faceted yet entirely balanced, Charlie Crown strikes gold in his latest release. Volume up.



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I’m always down for a good Justice remix … how can you not love every song those Frenchies have graced us with. Also, the fact that it’s yung Justice Skolnik putting his spin on “D.A.N.C.E.” makes this track all the better! Justice doing Justice …. oh yeaaaaa! This Bay Area producer has been killing it with one phat track after another, and this funky electro remix is a little bit dark, and a little bit sweet, and 100% rad! It’s Monday, the day is almost over, and this is a perfect time to have a dance party! Grab a free download HERE!

Disclaimer: Justice Skolnik is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Hunter Thompson


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Only Gramatik can make me feel this way …. for real this is the best jam I have heard all week. I happen to live in a state where weed is legal … in fact I was just at the dispensary around the corner from my house last weekend …. with my Dad and I thought, fuck remember when you did everything you could to hide the weed from your Dad, and now it’s completely socially acceptable to go weed shopping with him!! I love you California! I digress, it’s Friday and Gramatik says “Puff Your Cares Away” and you know what … I’m going too riiiight now! Best jam ever …. that is all …. swoop a free download HERE!



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Can’t ever get mad at a proper pop song, and our loves Phantoms just dropped the good stuff! This Los Angeles duo is telling a modern day love story … gone are the days of going out to dinner and seeing a movie, home by midnight, etc etc. Nope, these days it’s 3 am text that’s all about where you at? The bars are closed and your friends are heading home, but there might be that e-maintained individual who’s on your mind, and who might be down for late night cuddles … Are You Up? This funky dance track hits the mark for radio ready pop magic as well as bring the heat in the club …. we love everything Phantoms put into the world. You guys can swoop this one HERE!



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Making their shimmering debut into the electro-pop atmosphere, Malaysian ensemble MFMF. combines the musical efforts of KUIZZ, and Spuds. This trio comes together in a formidable fashion on their single, “Flashes.” Rising Maly vocalist Bil Musa blesses the optimistic production with crisp, feminine vocals that help define the track as a whole. This effervescent cut is ripe with neon resonance, awakening all of the senses. An element all its own, this collaboration is a stunning debut, leaving listeners eager for more from the three-piece visionaries. Watch this space.