Bronze Whale - The Shape of Things

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The Austin based duo Bronze Whale has been slowly releasing parts of their 11-track, The Shape of Things LP, over the past couple of months and now have released the full package for the world to hear…and it’s better than we could have ever imagined. Where most long works tend to lose the attention of the listener, Bronze Whale manages to keep in interesting track after track with their production that boasts in it’s perfection and its vocals that ooze with so much soul that you can feel it with every word. Five of the 11 tracks come as new pieces to the puzzle such as “Mountain Lane” and some feature artists such as San Antonio’s own Swanny Ivy on “Valley Yum,” the lovely Gioto on “I Really,” and the emotive and always smooth Khai on “Burn Me.” Bronze Whale maintains their indie electronic style with this one with their luscious synths, while infusing hip-hop in the percussion and R&B in the vocals. Another cool thing about their album is that the guys posted about each track to their Instagram, where they tell about the process of making the song, and what it meant to them. Along with this the guys also created the cover art for the album themselves, where they took stills from their lyric video for “Warm,” then printed them out, placed them on a white background and then took pictures of that, which they then edited to be the final product. If you haven’t heard the album yet, I highly suggest you throw it on first thing in the morning, with that cup of coffee and let it play from beginning to end. By doing so you might just have the best morning of your whole year.



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Milwaukee electro-pop powerhouse Crystal Knives returns with his glistening, collaborative single “When I’m Okay.” Boasting the crystal cool vocals of Sarah De Warren and the production help of world-renowned cellist Eru Matsumoto, this vibrant single is another obvious triumph from the rising electronic visionary. “When I’m Okay” showcases the magic that can happen when multiple talented minds bring their gifts together to create one incredible outline of music. Dripping with a formidable neon resonance, Crystal Knives heads a collaborative triumph with this distinguished unveiling.



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“Better Apart” by Jai Wolf ft. Dresage is the fifth single from his forthcoming debut album The Cure to Loneliness. So far, his past singles have showed him evolving as an artist, while heading more towards an alternative-indie style sound. In this single, he enlists Dresage for another high-energy, feel-good hit. Her light and airy vocals are backed behind classic and ethereal Jai Wolf production.

This release marks the final single before The Cure to Loneliness. This album is his chance to shine amongst his other Foreign Family Collective label-mates as he progresses further away from just being the artist behind “Indian Summer.” I can’t wait to hear what he has in store!

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Hauntingly glamorous, French-American pop songstress Ariane unveils her debut single, “Trust Fund Kids.” The melodramatic energy of the track is enticing, alluring, and dangerously playful. Her dashing vocal range syncs beautifully with the spacious synths that expand in the background of the track. Doused in a wicked, flirtatious allure “Trust Fund Kids” is pink drenched in black. The official music video for the cut boasts a retro feel, following three thrifty fashionistas stunt on a beachy boardwalk. Color-focused, the video stands as the perfect visual parallel to the moody audio. Likened to the sound of Billie Eilish, Ariane’s debut marks the beginning of a charming career for the singer- watch this space.



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Drum and bass is alive and thriving on AJ Mutated’s latest offering, “Catch 22.” AJ is one half of Mutated Forms on a daring, new-found journey to cast influence in the D&B atmosphere. The Friday morning unveiling is saturated with thunder and high-energy cadences, invigorating the senses while igniting a rapidly rhythmic flame. “Catch 22” is speedy, animated with a finely tuned charisma. Saturated with a true lightening-in-a-bottle resonance, this chromatic cut is another fantastic triumph from AJ Mutated.



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Making a stunning debut, former Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur and current purveyor of the now, Y Balloon unveils “Mockingbird.” The cinematic triumph is the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP - the joy of missing out. Atmospheric chords stretch across a plane of robust synths, as feathered vocals whisper in the background. “Mockingbird” was released in parallel with a visually breathtaking music video that features the producer isolated in the desert while a dancer moves fluidly to the natural ebb and flow of the rhythm. This inaugural single marks the beginning of a fruitful vision for the producer. Watch this space for more from the LA ace, Y Balloon.



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Bay area native Justice Skolnik keeps delivering hits. His latest remix sees him add some future bass flavor to Khalid’s “Talk”. He spices the original up by adding in lush synths and a beat that will have you shaking it on the dancefloor. I can’t wait to hear some more new original music from him as I’m sure it’s on it’s way with the amount of music he’s put out so far this year.

Disclaimer: Justice Skolnik is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Hunter Thompson



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Australian dream boy Mickey Kojak has done it again! His latest single “It’s Gonna Be Okay” is a synth pop wonderland that is driving me wild. Fans of Hayden James, Touch Sensitive and the like will absolutely adore Mickey. If you’re digging the vibes, keep an eye out for his “Coming Together” EP which is due out next week. Enjoy!

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LA-based musical visionary, Crywolf just released his album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ]. The 16-track effort is a stunning feat, doused in emotion and artistic dexterity. Strategically placed in the story that is widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] his single, “Fawn” is a chilling endeavor. The echoing sounds of a vast cathedral oscillate a bare bones guitar riff as his crystallized vocals leave a haunting pigment on the outline. The multi-instrumentalist summons a looming energy on “Fawn” leaving listeners deeply entranced- stoned in a peculiar charm. Explore the otherworldly sounds of of “Fawn” and widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I ] today.

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James

Disclaimer: Crywolf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Kelsey James