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Bringing an organic feel to electronic music, London ensemble Myo delivers a fresh feel with their latest single “A Particle.” While everything they touch turns to gold, this track is a moving triumph with hallowed out synths that echo across a field of honey dipped vocals. A dreamy cut brushed with shadowy hues, “A Particle” radiates a new age resonance that forges the path for a new era of dance music. Rounded out with chilling sound design, cut with jagged edges, Myo offers something distinguished in a sea of monotony. Rhythmic and visionary, “A Particle” is not one to miss.

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The man is back with another melodic masterpiece. The Mansoor that is. Axel Mansoor, the talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist known for his flawless falsetto, catchy lyrical cadence, and glistening guitar licks just dropped his second single of 2019. The track, entitled simply “Busy”, is a chill pop record with sweet synths, sparkly guitar lines, and a message about being so caught up in the constant millennial-grind for success that the important people and things in life fall by the wayside. It’s not quite summer yet, but this tune is getting me primed for chill hangs in the backyard or at the beach. Definitely going on the daytime jams playlist! Go peep!

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Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz contributor Mike Doose


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Alt-electronic duo LMBO strikes gold with “Still Love U,” the freshman single to their forthcoming debut EP. Embellished with thunderous synths and luxurious melodies, the dynamic offering is layered with electronic complexities. Their distinguished sound is an explorative journey through geometric sound design and evolving transitions. Paying close attention to the acute technicalities of electronic production, “Still Love U” is a wicked, experimental triumph and an incredible inside look at the EP.



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California got a little bit brighter today as the highly anticipated DEVAULT JADE EP was unveiled. “MAFIA,” the lead single to the 4-track effort is a stunning introduction to the chromatic catalog. The single speaks to the industrial side of electronic music as machine-like bass rivets through a plane of placidity, setting the tone for its successors. A spine chilling, rhythmically dynamic intro, “MAFIA” is as intense as it is moving. The EP was released in parallel to a striking, 13 minute visual aid, solidifying DEVAULT as a tastemaker as well as an artist to watch. Listen to “MAFIA” and the JADE EP today.



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Y Balloon has been turning heads since his debut release, “Mockingbird,” the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP. The indie-electronic project is a call to action regarding society’s unhealthy tendency to obsess and abuse social media in the technological age. His second single, “Careless” is a glistening adventure through lush soundscapes inspired by the forest- where it was created in part. As crisp, whispering vocals surround atmospheric synths, a flow of emotion and truth pours out from the track. Dynamic and morally righteous, “Careless” is the second look into the Joy Of Missing Out.

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Perfecting drum and bass is a feat that few can master- true rhythm often gets lost in its rapid sound design and speedy cadences. Russian producer Noel challenges that notion with his latest offering, “Rhythm Flow.” Like a steady hand, each note of the track is, ironically, concrete in its fluidity. The track is a percussive anthem that works like a musical drug as the rapid-fire cadence infiltrates the air waves. “Rhythm Flow” is fastened to an anchor of high-energy resonance, drawing a blueprint for what drum and bass should look like. Close your eyes and listen to the wicked vibes of Noel with this righteously untamed cut.



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Although the Coachella madness has come to a close, attendees can relive some of the festival’s glory with Balkan Bump and CloZee’s collaborative triumph, “Varshaver.” CloZee, the french producer and super babe boasted an intoxicating set at her Coachella debut. The rising powerhouse brought out her special guest Balkan Bump to perform their previously unreleased track, “Varshaver.” As fans were mesmerized by their acute synchronicity, they can now stream the studio version of the up-tempo cut. Meticulous sound design breathes a new life into experimental bass as Balkan Bump brings a brassy hue to the forefront. This uptempo Coachella anthem is a maze of geometric sounds complimented with notes of funk on the nose. Listen to CloZee and Balkan Bump take dance music to a new level.



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La Felix is a New Zealand-based producer championing contemporary disco. Inspired by French house and old-school funk, the pioneer of groove weaves vintage licks with a futuristic resonance. His latest joint, “Real Thing” a downtempo house cut anchored by kitschy guitar plucks and crystal cool vocals from Becca Krueger. A marriage between indie electronic music and nu-disco, “Real Things” is a funky summer-time vibe doused in an electrifying kind of optimism. Tune in!

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Narcsus Prye is a London-based producer and songwriter doing things his own way. His inspired single, “You Can’t Save Us (From Ourselves)” featuring Arch Birds is a delivery of eccentric resonance. Sewn together with whispering vocals and remarkable chord progressions, the single dances between indie and experimental electronic. Echoing chambers of isolated notes tether themselves together to create a single outline. This tantalizing track is on repeat, join us.