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jackLNDN is no stranger to our pages! We’ve been supporting this legend since he was a wee lad still making beats from his parents basement in the UK. After many years of rad releases, about a dozen shows, a move to the USA, and all around general hangs …. you could say he’s one of our besties! We are VERY excited for this next premiere of “Gone” by jackLNDN which will be included on his first full-length album THOUGHTS out AUG 16. This new track has all that deep house goodness that only Jack can vibe, but this time he’s tackling the “darker side of loneliness; when the mind is such a mess, that numbing it seems is the only way to cope.” With shadowy melodies under deep house beats and dulcet vocals, we get all the feels. Get personal with jackLNDN and get into this one kids!



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Chicago-based producer ALIGN released his debut EP Intertwine today, no small feat for a budding artist. The EP features 5-tracks, including 3 previously released singles and 2 new tracks. Let me be the one to say: this is truly some amazing indie-electronic work. From one song to the next, the EP flawlessly flows, continuing to draw the listener in further and further.

One of the new tracks from the EP is titled “Symmetry,” a song that immediately had me hooked from the first few seconds of the song. Utilizing ambient vocals and a conglomerate of percussion elements, “Symmetry” is enthralling from beginning to end. I expect a lot more from ALIGN in the next coming years, so definitely add him to your radar to keep an eye on.



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Austin-based producer/DJ Casual T revealed the third and final single from his forthcoming Lovers? EP. Following the well-received singles “Why?” and “Bath?” the impressive artist unveils “Wanderlove?” With looming soundscapes and breathy chords, Casual T’s “Wanderlove?” is a shadowy success that highlights his dexterity as a musician. Haunting, sultry vocals bleed into punchy drum kicks and sharpened synths. Closing out his EP rotation with a bang, “Wanderlove?” solidifies the foundation that Lovers? will soar freely upon.



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As Sensu anticipates the release of her forthcoming debut album titled Embrace, she tantalizes our earholes once more with “Issues” featuring Ryck Jane. As a classically trained pianist, she incorporates her musical knowledge into every aspect of her music, creating something new and innovative in the hip-hop-fused electronic world. On this specific single, she explains she was inspired by “Asian music and instruments,” which you can definitely hear within the various production elements. She wanted to make a female MC to make the track “complete,” and Ryck Jane worked her magic.

Sensu’s debut album will be released later this summer, with a sprinkle of single releases in between.



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Radiating a fresh sense of tech-house feminism, Kallan HK is RAM Records’ razor sharp new songstress. The first lady of RAM Records, Kallan HK unveils her 2-part single “Flight Path” and “Future Shock.” A spellbinding triumph, this techno feat is a speedy treat garnished with high-energy cadences and invigorating melodies. Between its consistent rhythm and fluid digital tenor, Kallan HK effortlessly boasts her quick-witted production skills on her latest offering. Her simple yet intentionally calculated sound design keeps these breakneck beats anchored to tantalizing soundscapes. A futuristic introduction to the weekend, “Flight Path” is the warped techno gem you need to hear.



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Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony team up for “Hussy,” a collaborative house heater ready to keep your feet moving and your body grooving into the wicked hours of the night. Producing a driving blend of tech house and techno with a touch of funky fun and sacred beats, Dead Space delivers a unique and cutting-edge style of music. With productions created almost entirely in analog accented by deep vocals and driving bass-lines, in his work Dead Space searches for a deeper meaning of the cosmos. In a seemingly flawless blend of the utmost catchy vocals, masterfully timed snares, and powerful house rhythms, “Hussy” comes as a treat from Gene Farris’ enigmatic label. The pairing of Dead Space, Lex & Wood, and Pony is a match made in heaven; all displaying their signature styles in full, each contributor holds their own while effortlessly blending their styles with their musical companions.



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“Inside Out” is the chilling new single from Nashville musician Mokita. Composed as a testament to the human condition, the single is a rumination of life’s trials and tribulations. A call to the light, “Inside out” is an emotive ballad with simple, sentimental guitar melodies and poignant lyrical prose. Profoundly moving and captivating from the jump, “Inside Out” is alternative indie-pop at its apex. Velvety smooth melodies oscillate the philosophical production, leaving listeners extensively captivated. A hymn in its own right, “Inside Out” is a heavy-hearted abstract that bridges art with human nature. A blossoming triumph, Mokita is keen to sincerity on his latest offering.

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Four piece ensemble The Millennial Club is the indie fusion outfit you need to be listening to. Their debut EP, She’s So Insane is a 6-track series of lush guitar plucks, 80s inspired dance cadences, and crisp alternative vocals. “MI” is the 3rd cut from the EP. A labyrinth of dream pop resonance and compelling lyrical prose, “MI” is an impressive facet stitched carefully into this debut project. Anchored by its witty production and sun-soaked synths, The Millennial Club struts across dazzling soundscapes and nu-wave pop. Listen to “MI” and She’s So Insane today.



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Multi-platinum, Grammy-winning producer Steve James is no stranger to the limelight. He's reached the pinnacle of success in music at the tender age of 21 but it looks like he's not slowing down any time soon. With his debut solo EP dropping this summer on Casablanca, James is proud to release his new single "Missing You" feat. K-pop superstar Eric Nam. He claims that he wants everything to be “personal and authentic, striving to connect with his fans by putting as much of himself into his music as possible. From pop to dance, Steve James has shown his incredible ability to adapt and make music that is unequivocally his own. "Missing You" meets the lofty standards that he has set throughout his glittery career, an ode to his desire to learn and expand his already considerable skillset.