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The Austin based producer, guitarist, and Emmy-winning musician, Derek VanScoten, better known as Cloudchord has been effortlessly creating soulful compositions full of intricate guitar for the past couple of years. With tracks like “Sunlit” and “Stay Puff” his laid back and soothing style truly takes ahold and transports the listener to a place of stillness. Now, for his next feat he tackles one of Bronze Whale’s tracks, “Gold Grain” which speaks to the cycle of work hard and play hard. In his rendition, Derek uses delicate vocal harmonies along with groovy guitars and funky piano to slow the track down just a bit, yet he still manages to keep all the energy of the original. As the hi hats ring through the speakers, Benny’s voice shortly follows and ensures that your foot keeps tapping and head keeps bobbing. With birds flying in the background, let Cloudchord introduce you to your next favorite song. Also, be on the lookout for Bronze Whale to release their full remix package for their album The Shape of Things, in July.

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Having already wrapped up three EP’s – ‘Shelter,’ ‘Watching’ and ‘Rhythm Flow’ respectively – Noel ties it all together on his debut album “Reborn.” This project is the finishing product of a producer who wanted to re-immerse herself in the world of drum & bass and found a perfect place in ProgRAM. As one of four of the album’s exclusives, title track ‘Reborn’ steps in with edgy synths patterns and rippled arpeggio melodies. The track’s subtle rowdiness offers more to marvel at which makes it no surprise why the productions made it onto the full LP. Since Noel was the first artist to manifest his album on ProgRAM, he certainly cements himself in the history of the label. "Reborn" is a coherent collection of Russian talent.



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jackLNDN is no stranger to our pages! We’ve been supporting this legend since he was a wee lad still making beats from his parents basement in the UK. After many years of rad releases, about a dozen shows, a move to the USA, and all around general hangs …. you could say he’s one of our besties! We are VERY excited for this next premiere of “Gone” by jackLNDN which will be included on his first full-length album THOUGHTS out AUG 16. This new track has all that deep house goodness that only Jack can vibe, but this time he’s tackling the “darker side of loneliness; when the mind is such a mess, that numbing it seems is the only way to cope.” With shadowy melodies under deep house beats and dulcet vocals, we get all the feels. Get personal with jackLNDN and get into this one kids!



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NOKO has done it again! This duo has slowly become one of my favorite groups to anticipate new music from. Their claim to fame kicked off merely three months ago with the release of their remix to San Holo’s “Life Me From the Ground.” The remix is close to 100,000 plays on Soundcloud alone, and their other previous remixes are following a similar route.

Their newest release is a remix to The xxs “Crystalised.” They stay true to the emotions behind the vocals and back it with powerful and equally as emotional synths, giving new life to almost 10 year old song. NOKO have the ability to tackle a song that people haven’t listened to in ages and effortlessly revitalize it.

Later this summer, the two have some original music in store, with their debut EP to follow.



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Chicago-based producer ALIGN released his debut EP Intertwine today, no small feat for a budding artist. The EP features 5-tracks, including 3 previously released singles and 2 new tracks. Let me be the one to say: this is truly some amazing indie-electronic work. From one song to the next, the EP flawlessly flows, continuing to draw the listener in further and further.

One of the new tracks from the EP is titled “Symmetry,” a song that immediately had me hooked from the first few seconds of the song. Utilizing ambient vocals and a conglomerate of percussion elements, “Symmetry” is enthralling from beginning to end. I expect a lot more from ALIGN in the next coming years, so definitely add him to your radar to keep an eye on.



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Austin-based producer/DJ Casual T revealed the third and final single from his forthcoming Lovers? EP. Following the well-received singles “Why?” and “Bath?” the impressive artist unveils “Wanderlove?” With looming soundscapes and breathy chords, Casual T’s “Wanderlove?” is a shadowy success that highlights his dexterity as a musician. Haunting, sultry vocals bleed into punchy drum kicks and sharpened synths. Closing out his EP rotation with a bang, “Wanderlove?” solidifies the foundation that Lovers? will soar freely upon.



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I’ve been buzzing about Medasin for awhile now. His ‘Irene’ EP last year is still on repeat for me. He’s delivered a few singles already this year that are in constant rotation. Now Medasin has offered up his first remix of the year and I just can’t get enough. He does wonders to Local Natives’ hit single “When Am I Gonna Lose You.” Adding some jazzy synths and a laid back vibe, this one’s perfect for your Summer playlist.

Disclaimer: Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Hunter Thompson



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Autograf’s first EP in 3 years has arrive and I’m here for it. I’ve already mentioned their singles “Hold Me Back” and “Casual Love”, but they dropped a new one last Friday that I can’t get out of my head. They teamed up with the legendary singer WYNNE for a moody song titled “Test The Waters.” It’s not the first time they linked up as they collaborated on “Nobody Knows” a few years ago. The entire EP is worth checking out but if you’re packed for time definitely give Test The Waters.

Disclaimer: Autograf is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Hunter Thompson