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Miami living producer Luis Crucet brings lush synths to life with his latest offering, “Mist.” An ethereal triumph rich with blossoming chord progressions and future bass aromas, this Luis Crucet original drips in gold. Swathed in an indie-electronic cape, “Mist” is an ocean of emotive rhythms with echoing lyrical content which coincide like a yin and yang with the production- breathing life into one another as they aesthetically interrelate. A mellow cut with intellectual sign design, Luis Crucet delivers something incredibly special with the freshman single to his debut EP Current. Tap into this mystical vibration today.



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What else can I say ….. there ain’t no party like a GOLDROOM party …. ya herd? I have watched this legend work crowds into a dancing frenzy, blowing the minds of every kid in the crowd and filling their hearts with major vibes. I can’t imagine not hosting GOLDROOM in San Francisco, and this fall we have the LIVE set coming your way on November 08 at Mezzanine! Boom! Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 23 … and this will sell out to remember to swoop them tickets at 10am. In the meantime, check out his latest track “Everybody’s Lonely” from upcoming double album release Plunge & Surface. It’s so smooth and delicious, perfect for your afternoon vibes.



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Indie electronic producer Roet just delivered the second single from his forthcoming debut EP, EP 1. A full circle creator, vocalist, producer, and songwriter, Roet’s catalog often surveys life’s most challenging discussions. Despite being laced up with optimism and poise. “Here For You” tackles self-doubt and feelings of helplessness. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Roet invites listeners in with his crisp vocal presence encouraging them to strive towards the truth. A universal message explored through the lens of electronic production, Roet will donate 50% of the song’s royalties to Suicide Prevention Lifeline. A charming musical gift with a profound message, “Here For You” is worth the listen.

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Indie-pop duo HOAX explores immigration and fatherhood on their latest single, “Unamerican Dream.” An electric rendering of alternative rock with poppy aromas, this formidable single is ethereal as hell and mystical to boot. Likened to the sounds of Tame Impala, “Unamerican Dream” is decorated with subtle psychedelics and a retro resonance. A striking story that parallels the contemporary political climate, HOAX are poetic and brave with their latest offering. The storyline centers around an immigrant father who, in facing his impending death, comes to terms with all his shortcomings. A larger-than-life mantra complemented by explorative indie cadences, “Unamerican Dream” is a profound musing from the duo HOAX.



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Creating a bedroom-pop subgenre with a wicked flair, REI AMI is making steadfast gains in her early yet promising career. The 24-year-old songstress just delivered her latest single, “Make It Mine.” Tiptoeing the line between darkness and vibrancy, this unapologetically innovative cut is a polarizing triumph. Her brazen attitude and angsty lyrical content accentuate the tracks spitfire hip-hop production. Her bold presence is softened by colorful, pop trimmings that rise with a cadence like champagne bubbles. A melting pot of fly rhythms and captivating vocal progressions, “Make It Mine” is a fearless feat. Watch this space for more from REI AMI.

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Cosmic super-babe and part alien Lucii returns with an acoustic translation of her WAKAAN debut, “Neptune.” While the original release was a roaring psychedelic-bass relic, this folk-like edition of “Neptune” is an emotional treat. Stark guitar licks fill the spaces where maddening drops once existed, and her resounding lyrical content is as profound as it ever was. Rebelling against EDM stereotypes and exploring vulnerability through classic instrumentation, Lucii explores two polar genres through the lens of one emotionally penetrating song. An ethereal slice of heaven for Lucii fans and a fearless leap of creativity from the visionary herself, “Neptune” is a limitless creation with the world to offer. Listen today.



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Today our love JackLNDN dropped his new full length record Thoughts and we are swooning! 12 house tracks dripping with serious dance grooves and sweet R&B vibes …. perfect for any poolside party with all your friends … major, major vibes. I chose to feature track 1 “Beautiful Life” because it sets the tone for the whole record … finding your happy place! JackLNDN is one of the most wonderful humans around, kind and passionate about his music, but also loving and hilarious, we have had so many amazing moments together (you deserve the world Jack) and I can remember every one on each track I hear from this new record. DO what’s right kids - swoop this one HERE!



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Funky and incredibly catchy, “Played Out” has the makings of a versatile classic. Kill Paris’s groovy synths fused with power guitar riffs are guaranteed to have listeners snapping their fingers while tapping their toes to the addictive percussion he’s also cooked up. Dutch Robinson’s vocal addition is absolutely killer, as his soulful voice will easily be stuck in listeners heads for days to come. 



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Paco Versailles is a name you’ll be hearing a LOT in the near future. The electric duo is composed of songwriter/producer Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities fame) and guitarist/composer Vahagni, and they recently released their second single “Shangri La” — but I’m already a fan for life. Merchant’s mesmerizing dance/pop vocals are fantastically memorable instant sing-alongs, exquisitely complemented by Vahagni’s resplendent flamenco guitar. Together, they’ve dubbed their sound Dancemenco (a new genre moniker I quite like). 

The group’s first single “Unwind” dropped in late June. The delightful concoction of enthralling acoustic guitar riffs, dance claps, and romantic vocals is instantly enamoring. With that release, they also debuted their captivating live show at LA’s esteemed Peppermint Club. All I can say is: this is a band that will be playing festivals this time next year. Following up “Unwind” with “Shangri La”, Paco Versailles has delivered more of their addictive Dancemenco, alluding to the search for the legendary literary utopia Shangri La, which represents a mystical paradise, isolated from the world (a place I think we’d all enjoy going to for a while). Keep your eyes and ears on Paco Versailles. I hear lots more new music is coming soon :D

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