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My best friend and I are bleeding heart liberals, but from time to time we can get into heated conversations over politics, especially now with President Trump in office. One night not too long ago she called me out after I made a statement about how I believed many of the protests do not change anything, and she asked me what I was actually gonna do if not protest. So, I normally don't post about shows that are not mine, or about politics on Beautiful Buzzz - but this is really something special. I am shocked to learn how many racist, homophobic, non-tolerant, stupid American's there are left out there .... that we were actually capable of electing someone like Trump as our President, and this bigoted womanizer with no political background has the power to put forth in motion the immigration ban last week. What is happening to us? I thank my parents every day, for moving us out of Missouri in the 80's to California, where I was able to grow up learning love and tolerance for all. I'm proud to live in this west coast  bubble, because things like this happen with like minded musicians who live here - the arts will always be for the people and support the people. So, this is me doing my part ... spreading the word about this fundraiser for the ACLU that ZEDD (an immigrant) put together, asking some of his friends to join him. No ego's here kids - we all just want to help!