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Austin, Texas has been a point of refuge for starving artists for decades. This vibrant, metropolitan haven is more of a showcase than a city. In the midst of this unusual southern city, which fuels itself on dancing to the beat of its own drum, you can find multi-talented musician Vince Seidl- a man who is no stranger to the oddities that define Austin. Seidl, otherwise known as Diamond Cuts, is a producer, guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and 1/3 of the future-funk ensemble Resonant Frequency. Prior to Resonant Frequency's take off, Seidl channeled his expertise, primarily, into his alias Diamond Cuts. Since RF has seen a steady rise in success, Diamond Cuts has been on a hiatus. But, alas, DC is back and deep-seated as ever with the hard-hitting release of "Elevate." Diamond Cuts is a love child born from funk, classic rock, soul, and hip-hop. His latest drop runs on big, future-bass, with oscillating hints of groove and hip-hop right on the nose. His musical flora is apparent here, combining all of his inspirations in one track. It drips with a syrupy, sonic reverb- a spectacle of sounds and verses. Elevate is a wicked spell, turning dust into gold, and redefining what future-bass is all about. You can check out the sounds of his comeback on both Soundcloud and Spotify