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One of the coolest things about the modern day music industry is the existence of artists who do everything on their own. There is a growing contingent of artists who are the all-in-one singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Los Angeles-based Phil Good is one of this new breed of creators. He burst onto the scene last year with infectious debut single "Sleeping In" and has since followed up with a couple great remixes (including this one by Sean Turk), a killer collab with k?d, and sophomore burner "Growing Up" — you could say we're fans.

This week he shares his third solo track "I Miss You" which is yet another emotionally relatable record with catchy melodies and upbeat bouncy contemporary production. I've been blasting this one and singing it everywhere from my commute to the shower. Give it a listen and you will be too.

Phil himself shared a short story about the song:

“I Miss You is the first song in a while that just poured out of me. I wrote it during a visit home last Christmas on one of my best friends' couch while looking out at a pretty incredible wintery view of Portland. Everything was movie-perfect except for the fact that the love of my life with was not there with me. I think writing and producing this song really helped me better understand this project and pave a clearer path of the future of Phil Good and the type of catchy-but-not-too-happy music I want to make.” - Phil Good