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Many music legends like Ray Charles and Elvis Costello have covered famous songs from Johnny Cash with their own unique sound and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. Here comes Monophona, dare to be extreme and cover the song that solidified the Man in Black to epic badassery when he played this song in the actual Folsom Prison back in 1968. This “Folsom Prison Blues Cover” keeps the dark aura of the song by producing its own dark sound with the guitar and bass. The continuous riff that is being played by the guitar keeps the essence of a  rhythm and blues and gets you swaying the way Johnny Cash had people moving back in the day.  The vocals match the vibe perfectly as she is singing with such soft yet dark range that reverberates due to her channeling the spirit of Johnny Cash himself. Monophona are breaking new ground and will continue to break new ground because they are that talented and just that badass. Monophona dares to be extreme, dares to go above and beyond, and dares to use the darkness and let the music naturally blossom into epic wonders. Check out the new 8th wonder of the world, Monophona’s “Folsom Prison Blues."


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Holy cow Myrne has absolutely murdered this remix of Gramatik's "Native Son Prequel." This track has just about everything you could ask for packed together and presented with a bow. A super funky piano riff starting it off, zany eclectic sounds, an impressive albeit hyperactive rhythm section, plenty of vocal chops and of course a crazy synth solo at the end. If you're in to electro funk like me then this track is simply mind blowing. The singapore bred producer has already put out some ridiculous tracks: peep his collab with SteLouse "Call Me" and his killer remix of Hoodboi's single "Closer ft. ASTR" just for starters, and definitely start keeping tabs on this guy, You won't regret it. You can download this amazing remix on your preferred digital retailer here.



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Greetings Beautiful Buzzzers! My name is Eric and I’m so excited to join BB helping to bring you guys the best music the Internet has to offer!! Brief intro about me, I’m a Texas boy now living in beautiful Californ-i-a. I hate orange soda, love sushi and I brush my teeth in the shower ha ha! I’m a fan of pretty much every genre of music and I want to remind everyone that genres were only invented to sell records. If it’s got a beat and a hook I can dig it. I love when genres are bent and broken and that brings me to my first post. I wanted to find something fresh, new and eclectic to start my tenure at Beautiful Buzzz and CloZee is just the fit. Releasing her new EP ‘Revolution’ on Gravitas Recordings on August 9th for Donation/Free DL, she has developed a style that is unique and refreshing. Blending dirty bass lines, African and Arabic percussion, Sitar, and oh so much more the French phenom has delivered music that pushes electronic boundaries juxtaposing elegance and sophistication with grit and bump. This is pretty much the reason why I’ve become such a fan of electronic music, its boundaries are totally limitless and CloZee is showing us how. I’ve chosen to support the last track on the EP “Apsara Calling,” but I would recommend everyone check out the entire EP here. Enjoy!