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Bringing the sounds of Sweden across the globe, SHY Nodi is solidifying himself as an R&B act to watch. “Snakes” is a fountain of nostalgic rhythm and chill-hop. His accented vocal flow compliments the creamy production at the epicenter of the track. An outpour of mellowed out beats and conscious lyricism, “Snakes” is a fusion of melodic-pop embellished with aromas of hip-hop. SHY Nodi continues to impress fans and critics alike as he continues to summit the new wave and R&B.



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Benji Lewis has been captivating hearts and minds for over a year. His drifting vocals and lush production tug at the heart strings, and his latest single is no exception. “Away” was produced by close collaborator Golden Vessel and their artistic synchronicity shines as they feed off one another’s glow. Another dreamy triumph for Benji, “Away” is an atmospheric indie gem outlined with golden hues. Boasting a resonance that feels almost holy, Benji Lewis continues to capitalize on his already impressive catalog.



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WOW! This new Autograf jam with The Griswolds is seriously catchy. You might recall Autograf’s remix of The Griswolds that dropped 5 years ago, so these guys are no strangers to working together. But this new collaboration is just out of this world! There’s nothing casual about how much I love this song. Check it out and see what’s up.

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Oh my goodness! Our favorite Bay Area native is back with another magical remix. Heartthrob Justice Skolnik just delivered one of the hottest remixes of the year taking on Calvin Harris’ ‘Feels.’ Seriously though, this young gun has been crushing it all year long. Justice’s debut EP is finally complete so expect to hear some new original music from this up and comer very soon.

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Frequent collaborators of free form bass BINKS and GNOSIS team up to unveil “Defcon” ahead of their TRANSCENDENCE EP. The last single on the 5-track effort, “Defcon” is a fantastic showcase of tension and release. An eerily melodic build-up ascends its final resting place before soaring into a plane of static resonance. Controlled digital chaos breathes life into a heady outline of impressive sound design. Left of center and tantalizing to boot, “Defcon” is an out-of-this-world triumph that stands as an paramount facet to the forthcoming EP. TRANSCENDENCE drops tomorrow, May 7.



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Bringing an organic feel to electronic music, London ensemble Myo delivers a fresh feel with their latest single “A Particle.” While everything they touch turns to gold, this track is a moving triumph with hallowed out synths that echo across a field of honey dipped vocals. A dreamy cut brushed with shadowy hues, “A Particle” radiates a new age resonance that forges the path for a new era of dance music. Rounded out with chilling sound design, cut with jagged edges, Myo offers something distinguished in a sea of monotony. Rhythmic and visionary, “A Particle” is not one to miss.

A Particle Art.jpg


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Ahead of his upcoming debut EP is ALIGNs first single from it: “Found.” The Chicago-native has spent quite some time the past few years releasing singles and remixes, honing in on his sound. All of his hard work is finally paying off with INTERTWINE, his debut EP, coming soon. “Found” is the first official peek as to what’s to come, including downtempo tunes and magically light soundscapes.

In a quote from ALIGN, he explains that “elements of ‘Found’ contain calmness yet hold a sense of excitemnet at the same time. I hope that ‘Found’ is something that listeners can collect their thoughts to, as well as relax and have a good time.” That’s the perfect way to describe how this track makes me feel. It instantly increases my mood, and everyone loves a good mood booster! Give the track a listen and keep ALIGN on your radar this year.



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The man is back with another melodic masterpiece. The Mansoor that is. Axel Mansoor, the talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist known for his flawless falsetto, catchy lyrical cadence, and glistening guitar licks just dropped his second single of 2019. The track, entitled simply “Busy”, is a chill pop record with sweet synths, sparkly guitar lines, and a message about being so caught up in the constant millennial-grind for success that the important people and things in life fall by the wayside. It’s not quite summer yet, but this tune is getting me primed for chill hangs in the backyard or at the beach. Definitely going on the daytime jams playlist! Go peep!

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Alt-electronic duo LMBO strikes gold with “Still Love U,” the freshman single to their forthcoming debut EP. Embellished with thunderous synths and luxurious melodies, the dynamic offering is layered with electronic complexities. Their distinguished sound is an explorative journey through geometric sound design and evolving transitions. Paying close attention to the acute technicalities of electronic production, “Still Love U” is a wicked, experimental triumph and an incredible inside look at the EP.