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Miami living producer Luis Crucet brings lush synths to life with his latest offering, “Mist.” An ethereal triumph rich with blossoming chord progressions and future bass aromas, this Luis Crucet original drips in gold. Swathed in an indie-electronic cape, “Mist” is an ocean of emotive rhythms with echoing lyrical content which coincide like a yin and yang with the production- breathing life into one another as they aesthetically interrelate. A mellow cut with intellectual sign design, Luis Crucet delivers something incredibly special with the freshman single to his debut EP Current. Tap into this mystical vibration today.



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Traversing the vibrant world of nu-disco, pioneer of groove LA Felix casts NYC-based producer LEFTI for this intoxicating remix of his original cut, “Too Many Lies.” Boasting his formidable writing style, LEFTI stitches this flip together with lush guitar plucks, funky synths, and flamboyant chord progressions. A nod to the golden age of disco, this remix breathes a refreshing new life into the boundless stream of this multi-faceted genre. A shimmering cut saturated in glamour, this “Too Many Lies” remix is a polished summertime gem that effortlessly collides with the original track. Pairing well citrus and pastels, this LEFTI flip solidifies his position as a funk aficionado.



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Kyle Braun is a 21-year-old producer hailing from New York who began releasing music in 2016 under the name Poorchoice. The project's first success on a large scale came when he released a remix of “Chateau” by R&B artist Blackbear in June of 2017. The remix currently has over 600,000 streams on his Soundcloud and has even garnered support from Blackbear himself. Drawing inspiration from acts such as Porter Robinson, Grey, The Chainsmokers, and Illenium, Poorchoice continues to shape his sound around catchy vocal melodies, classic house drums, all while trying to create emotion driven moments in his music. In 2019, Poorchoice has already released a plethora of music including collaborations with Veronica Bravo, Big Z and KVMO. He has many more collaborations, solo productions, as well as remixes lined up for the remainder of 2019 in what is shaping up to be the biggest year of his career so far.

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Having already wrapped up three EP’s – ‘Shelter,’ ‘Watching’ and ‘Rhythm Flow’ respectively – Noel ties it all together on his debut album “Reborn.” This project is the finishing product of a producer who wanted to re-immerse herself in the world of drum & bass and found a perfect place in ProgRAM. As one of four of the album’s exclusives, title track ‘Reborn’ steps in with edgy synths patterns and rippled arpeggio melodies. The track’s subtle rowdiness offers more to marvel at which makes it no surprise why the productions made it onto the full LP. Since Noel was the first artist to manifest his album on ProgRAM, he certainly cements himself in the history of the label. "Reborn" is a coherent collection of Russian talent.



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jackLNDN is no stranger to our pages! We’ve been supporting this legend since he was a wee lad still making beats from his parents basement in the UK. After many years of rad releases, about a dozen shows, a move to the USA, and all around general hangs …. you could say he’s one of our besties! We are VERY excited for this next premiere of “Gone” by jackLNDN which will be included on his first full-length album THOUGHTS out AUG 16. This new track has all that deep house goodness that only Jack can vibe, but this time he’s tackling the “darker side of loneliness; when the mind is such a mess, that numbing it seems is the only way to cope.” With shadowy melodies under deep house beats and dulcet vocals, we get all the feels. Get personal with jackLNDN and get into this one kids!



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Radiating a fresh sense of tech-house feminism, Kallan HK is RAM Records’ razor sharp new songstress. The first lady of RAM Records, Kallan HK unveils her 2-part single “Flight Path” and “Future Shock.” A spellbinding triumph, this techno feat is a speedy treat garnished with high-energy cadences and invigorating melodies. Between its consistent rhythm and fluid digital tenor, Kallan HK effortlessly boasts her quick-witted production skills on her latest offering. Her simple yet intentionally calculated sound design keeps these breakneck beats anchored to tantalizing soundscapes. A futuristic introduction to the weekend, “Flight Path” is the warped techno gem you need to hear.



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Sydney-based producer ARONA MANE radiates a distinguished vision with each release. His latest offering, “Tell Me” featuring Maribelle is an intoxicating framework of electro-R&B. Effervescent and funky as hell, ARONA MANE delivers the kind of track that lights up psyche and lingers for days to come. Infectious hooks are embellished with inviting, tempered vocals that illuminate its distinct ability to balance a myriad of genres. Dancing fearlessly on the edge of modern disco and a never-before-heard sound, “Tell Me” is a dance-floor ready feat cascading an optimistic wave of resonance. Swathed in glamour and groove, ARONA MANE and Maribelle are brilliant on “Tell Me.” Tune in with us today on your preferred streaming platform.


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Frequent collaborators of free form bass BINKS and GNOSIS team up to unveil “Defcon” ahead of their TRANSCENDENCE EP. The last single on the 5-track effort, “Defcon” is a fantastic showcase of tension and release. An eerily melodic build-up ascends its final resting place before soaring into a plane of static resonance. Controlled digital chaos breathes life into a heady outline of impressive sound design. Left of center and tantalizing to boot, “Defcon” is an out-of-this-world triumph that stands as an paramount facet to the forthcoming EP. TRANSCENDENCE drops tomorrow, May 7.



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Perfecting drum and bass is a feat that few can master- true rhythm often gets lost in its rapid sound design and speedy cadences. Russian producer Noel challenges that notion with his latest offering, “Rhythm Flow.” Like a steady hand, each note of the track is, ironically, concrete in its fluidity. The track is a percussive anthem that works like a musical drug as the rapid-fire cadence infiltrates the air waves. “Rhythm Flow” is fastened to an anchor of high-energy resonance, drawing a blueprint for what drum and bass should look like. Close your eyes and listen to the wicked vibes of Noel with this righteously untamed cut.