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SACRE is the Parisian duo breathing a new life into contemporary electronica. Their latest offering, “11:00PM BECOME HUMAN” is rich with witty sound design and haunting synths. Robotic, Daft Punk-inspired vocals share space with a blossoming electronic progression. inherently cinematic, SACRE delivers something both retro and futuristic while avoiding on-the-nose cliches. This chromatic masterpiece is a synergistic triumph- wickedly fierce, and distinctly intelligent. An extraordinary cut, “11:00PM BECOME HUMAN” is the adventurous 5th single to SACRE’s forthcoming Love Revolution LP. Lose yourself in this chilling track and watch this space for more from these Parisian visionaries.



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Announcing his debut LP 'Places We Don't Know', Kasbo has dropped an incredibly fluid and pretty new single "Aldrig Mer". This record is a joy to listen to and further cements his place alongside Odesza on their Foreign Family label with some of the best forward thinking indie electronic producers. Having trashed an initial version of the tune, the up and coming swedish producer had this to say about it, "I trashed the entire thing except for the guitar riff part along with the chords. From there I finished up the demo and involved TENDER, who absolutely nailed the emotional vibe without ever transcending into something cheesy which often feels like a risk when doing something "pretty.”" The line between beautiful and cheesy is often hard to ride in music. But given the eloquence of his previous couple singles and the depth of this new one it's easy to hear that Kasbo is really starting to come into his own.  



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Well the secret is out. The mysterious FRND has stayed ambiguous for months hiding behind the guise of a colorful Koala animation. But now with the release of his debut 'In Your Dreams' EP we've learned that FRND is none other than producer Andrew Goldstein, producer for a huge variety of big names including Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Robert Delong, Andrew Mcmahon, Celine Dion among others. I had the pleasure of seeing his debut live performance here in LA, and man I can't wait to see where this train keeps going. Our other writer Mike and I kept saying during his show that this music somehow brings us back about 10 years to the myspace days of Never Shout Never, Postal Service, and Hellogoodbye with the feel of indie rock meets electronica. Regardless the music is impeccably produced from start to finish and this latest single "Movies" is spot on again. With youth like exuberance and even children vox samples in the beginning FRND is definitely tying his music to that aesthetic, and we're totally ok with that. As the chorus drops in you can't help but bob your head. We hope there will be many more shows ahead as the EP continues to garner even more support across the web. 


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Here's a cool record I came across in my perusings of the interwebs. The dreamy intro and casual piano lead to funky vocals and a lazy beat that really struck my fancy when I heard it. I'm not usually into more experimental music, but I thought this one had the right combination of funkiness and groove that starts to take a hold of you by the end. The end also just opens up and heads into a completely different direction from the opening leaving you rather breathless. I don't know much about Bandmaster or Ezeri other than that they are from Latvia and also just came out with an EP last Friday entitled "Stay Awake" that is also pretty tight so check it out!


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This last year has been an absolute breakout for not only San Holo's career but also his crew of future music stewards at his label bitbird. We were lucky enough to have him at our SXSW event last March, and it's clearly evident that his popularity is spreading like wildfire. San Holo's style has continued to evolve and morph, and this is easily shown in his latest fittingly titled "The Future" featuring none other than James Vicent Mcmarrow. These two names together should already get you pumped, but then you hit play, and it's pretty much everything you could ask for and more. Characteristically SH vocal chops lead the way for effervescent pads and heavenly guitar expertly dialed in below JVM's characteristically raspy falsetto. "I think too much, when I think about the future" he sings as we're swept away from thinking about pretty much anything. The chill chorus cascades in filling up pretty much all the available sonic space left. This one is definitely another home run add this to your best Spotify playlist here


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If you ever find yourself in a lucid dream, immersed in a pixelated world and surrounded by all your favorite Zelda and/or Mario 64 characters, 2ToneDisco should be on your shortlist for the musical backdrop. The Los Angeles duo have graced us with a new track, “OMW”, to premier for y’all. Living up to the bright, vivid sound we have come to expect, 2ToneDisco delivers an experience that feels like the soundtrack to an ambitious journey implied in the title. Grab your free copy here and get movin with the perfect motivational track to start your day.


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Well these are two names that are frequent arrivals on our pages, and for good reason. The Knocks have continued to just put out amazing tunes over the years including this rad original "Trouble" from the Testify EP featuring up and comer Absofacto who we recently heard from with his original "Light Outside". Well now we've got another up-and-comer LIONE on remix duties with a bright and sparkly rendition that further energizes the original. LIONE has been making waves over the last year or so with some quality breakout remixes, and he can add this one to the list. So dive in and enjoy! You can add this remix to your fave spotify playlist here.  


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The first time I heard of Brig was in 2013 when he released his Mutiny EP on Disciple Recordings. I can still vividly recall his signature island-esque synths making an imprint on my ear, and recognizing that it was an artist to be reckoned with. To my surprise, he just recently released a brand new EP called "Summer Melancholy", with the title track undoubtedly being the most powerful. Its refreshing future bass melodies are quite pleasing to the ear, and it's great to see that he still has that bouncy vibe in his music we all know and love. You can grab a free download of the new EP HERE!



Matt DiMona is the man! Erin and I had such a good time hanging with him at our show when he opened for Goldroom last April. He told us about this EP being in the works back then, and damn are we stoked that it's arrival is finally here! I really like the whole 'Up All Night' EP especially "Touch" and "The Universe We Dreamt," but I've chosen "Malibuu (feat. Lani Renaldo)" as the one to support mainly due to it's more mainstream pop appeal. Not to mention all the Cali references : ). The song is simple and refined. It doesn't reach too far outside of the box mainly relying on the background pads and comforting vocal performances by Matt and Lani to lead the way. There are splashes of rising arps and other sounds that help accent the endearing nature of the track. Seriously listen to the whole EP I could post any of the tracks, and be sure to download it FOR FREE right here.