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Foreign Family signee and Manchester’s own Duskus is quickly summiting a hill of mass influence. Between his textural sound design and floating melodies, Duskus delivers his In Retrospect EP. Woven with intention and a distinguished signature sound, “Can’t Stand The Feeling” is the fourth cut from the majestic 5-track effort. Introduced by a whispering lo-fi ascension, this shimmering triumph is infectious and velvety smooth. Boasting a retro-feel complimented with a shadowy reverb, Duskus manipulates emotion through music with each vibrant turn and transition. Like a dream like state, “Can’t Stand The Feeling” is an atmospheric relic carefully placed within the EP. Tune into today and watch this space for more from Duskus.



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For his third original release of the year, dance pop standout OTR is teaming up with Jarrah McCleary’s Sydney-based synthpop group Panama for “Drive,” out now via Astralwerks. “Drive” is elegant and complex, firmly establishing OTR as one of the most introspective and forward-thinking producers around. It’s OTR at his deepest, combining his emotive, thought-provoking style with the comfort and simplicity of heartfelt lyricism. With delicacy and grace, OTR has breathed fresh air into dance music with an emphasis on being and feeling, rather than just listening. Radiating new dimensions of sensitivity and eloquence, OTR’s foray into a new sound is daring and gracefully accomplished, a patent embrace of vulnerable artistry that speaks to his story to date.



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A visceral journey through complex sound, Midoca’s Dry The Rose EP is deeply personal. His mau5trap debut weaves tales of growth, vulnerability, and understanding. His lead single “Dry The Rose,” is out now. Transcending the boundaries of genre, Midoca combines sonic electronic elements with avant-garde production techniques to create a style that is uniquely his own. The EP’s namesake track comes as part one to Midoca’s story, chronicling the means of a powerful journey ending in acceptance and new, hopeful beginnings. Thoughtful and poignant, Midoca’s entrancing vocals craft soul-stirring melodies atop stunning synths. Melancholic to its core, the LA-based producer creates a mellifluous testament to shedding stale skin. “Dry The Rose” is an urgent plea for important change, and an everlasting reminder that even in moments of pain, we can emerge stronger and more in-tune than before.

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Budding indie-electronic producer Chris Siegel is quickly becoming an exciting act to watch. Delivering another breath of fresh air following the well-received release of “Week 1,” Siegel offers another slice of sunshine with “Anybody.” A tapestry of tropical cadences and vibrant transitions, this summertime gem pairs well with a margarita by the sea. Exploring the sounds of a myriad of electronic sub-genres, this Milwaukee native is defined by his free-flowing rhythms and intelligent sound design that varies with innovation from song to song. A juicy cut, rich with feminine energy courtesy of lulunah, “Anybody” is worth the replay.

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Miami living producer Luis Crucet brings lush synths to life with his latest offering, “Mist.” An ethereal triumph rich with blossoming chord progressions and future bass aromas, this Luis Crucet original drips in gold. Swathed in an indie-electronic cape, “Mist” is an ocean of emotive rhythms with echoing lyrical content which coincide like a yin and yang with the production- breathing life into one another as they aesthetically interrelate. A mellow cut with intellectual sign design, Luis Crucet delivers something incredibly special with the freshman single to his debut EP Current. Tap into this mystical vibration today.



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Indie electronic producer Roet just delivered the second single from his forthcoming debut EP, EP 1. A full circle creator, vocalist, producer, and songwriter, Roet’s catalog often surveys life’s most challenging discussions. Despite being laced up with optimism and poise. “Here For You” tackles self-doubt and feelings of helplessness. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Roet invites listeners in with his crisp vocal presence encouraging them to strive towards the truth. A universal message explored through the lens of electronic production, Roet will donate 50% of the song’s royalties to Suicide Prevention Lifeline. A charming musical gift with a profound message, “Here For You” is worth the listen.

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Indie-pop duo HOAX explores immigration and fatherhood on their latest single, “Unamerican Dream.” An electric rendering of alternative rock with poppy aromas, this formidable single is ethereal as hell and mystical to boot. Likened to the sounds of Tame Impala, “Unamerican Dream” is decorated with subtle psychedelics and a retro resonance. A striking story that parallels the contemporary political climate, HOAX are poetic and brave with their latest offering. The storyline centers around an immigrant father who, in facing his impending death, comes to terms with all his shortcomings. A larger-than-life mantra complemented by explorative indie cadences, “Unamerican Dream” is a profound musing from the duo HOAX.



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An ode to the all encompassing trials and tribulations that come with romantic relationships, Thomas White and Lia return with their Drifting EP. The introspective 4-track effort is a collaborative outpour of raw, emotive production and poetry. The intro to the EP, “Feather” forges a heart felt path for the rest of the catalog to follow. The minimalist cut swells with omni-present percussions and palpable lyricism. Lia’s vocal strength is complimented by a shadowy echo that shimmers behind her graceful prose. While the EP is inspired by duality, listeners can expect to feel both nostalgia and hope with each note and every transition. “Feather” is a mere glimpse into the electronic masterpiece crafted by Thomas White and Lia.



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Y Balloon has been turning heads since his debut release, “Mockingbird,” the lead single to his forthcoming JOMO EP. The indie-electronic project is a call to action regarding society’s unhealthy tendency to obsess and abuse social media in the technological age. His second single, “Careless” is a glistening adventure through lush soundscapes inspired by the forest- where it was created in part. As crisp, whispering vocals surround atmospheric synths, a flow of emotion and truth pours out from the track. Dynamic and morally righteous, “Careless” is the second look into the Joy Of Missing Out.

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