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Colorado’s 2-piece outfit Break Science returns to the forefront of organic dance music with their first single of the year, “Coded Theory.” The live-electronic duo is compromised of producer and jazz pianist aficionado Borahm Lee, and iconic funk/hip-hop drummer Adam Deitch. A cosmic collision of interdependent genres, it comes as no surprise that “Coded Theory” is a tapestry of intoxicating psychedelia. Whispering samples of female vocals oscillate meditative bells before a fiery build up drops into heady soundscapes. Tethered by technical sound design and dreamy layers, this Break Science original is a sublime cut worth replaying.



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Bringing an organic feel to electronic music, London ensemble Myo delivers a fresh feel with their latest single “A Particle.” While everything they touch turns to gold, this track is a moving triumph with hallowed out synths that echo across a field of honey dipped vocals. A dreamy cut brushed with shadowy hues, “A Particle” radiates a new age resonance that forges the path for a new era of dance music. Rounded out with chilling sound design, cut with jagged edges, Myo offers something distinguished in a sea of monotony. Rhythmic and visionary, “A Particle” is not one to miss.

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Due to overwhelming popular demand, we have added a 2nd Kasbo show in San Francisco on NOV 30. The first show sold out in just 3 days and we had so many people on our waitlist that adding an early show was the only move … psyched! We’re giving our Beautiful Buzzz family early access to tickets with this promotional code: pwdk — follow the ticket link below and enter this code and swoop your tickets now before they go on sale to the public tomorrow!


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I am credited with, give or take, 95 digital bylines in the discipline of music. Admittedly, I have glorified music that I don't particularly love. And rarely am I completely awe-struck by a track, especially in the world of electronic music. The artistic tendencies seem to be repetitive, and well, a bit grey. But when LA-based, Dreamers Delight and Austin-based Cloudchord come together...touching, technicolor notes and melodies rise from the ashes to remind me why electronic music is a legendary artistic locus in the entire timeline of art and music. Their co-written track, "Swirls" is a flighty one, warming your senses, dipping you in gold, and most importantly, evoking emotion. It's a live electronic gospel, with structured layers and meditative guitar riffs. Ironically (but probably intentionally), it sounds like the intangible sounds of "swirls-" it almost tickles when you listen. "Swirls" is a trip, and you peak with a sense of euphoria and come down satisfied, taught, and more aware. Dreamers Delight and Cloudchord have created something very special with "Swirls." Get your headphones, or your aux and start streaming today. 



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You know the music that plays over a festival recap video? A track that has a cosmic, broad frequency sound over b-roll of massive crowds flailing their totems carelessly? Savoy and Grabbitz just crafted one of those tracks with the release of "Contemplate." It's epic; with it comes a sense of tasteful familiarity, but also the collaborative, signature sound of both parties. Most impressively, both names are at large in the game of live electronic music. An incredibly difficult genre to excel in, Savoy and Grabbitz both have found a way to demand EDM fan-based crowds using both digital production and live instruments. "Contemplate," is becoming in its electronic, chromatic production but simultaneously pays tribute to each parties respective choice of live instrumentation. The track has a large, tunnel vision-esque reverberation and walks a line between Deadmau5-style house music, and classic, indie-electronic. It's cleanly mixed, and the collaboration is seemingly star-crossed, yet indeed, a cosmic reality. Check it out via Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music. Also, every Monstercat release sounds like the track artwork- props. 


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Some songs grab you on the first listen and others take time to grow on you. For me, this new one by Phiilo definitely falls into the former category, and I’m excited to get to premiere it for you today. The Denver-based live electronic duo is starting to see some tangible success so far in the form of a recent sold-out show supporting Viceroy, a release with MrSuicideSheep that landed on the Spotify Viral charts, and upcoming releases via PRMD Records. 

Their latest “Keep On” is an uplifting soulful future bass groove with all original instrumentation and vocals. The soundscape created isn’t dissimilar from other live electronic acts killing the game now such as Lostboycrow, Opia, or Autograf. Jonny William’s soft weathered vocal trades the spotlight with funky guitar licks, thick synth chords, snappy percussion, and an array of other lush production elements courtesy of Nick Carruth. I’m bumping this one on repeat and I think you will be too after the first play through.


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Multi-talented musician, CLOUDCHORD, just surprised his fans with an immersive remix of "Living Color" by Savoy ft. FATHERDUDE. Combining the syrupy sounds of soul, house production, and classic guitar riffs, CLOUDCHORDs remix is a testimony to his undisturbed dexterity. His manipulation of live guitar over electronic production warrants an organic listening experience- a truly satisfying, artistically faceted engagement. CLOUDCHORD has developed a lightening-in-a-bottle sound as he precisely associates, and synthesizes separate genres with detailed production and skill. Explore his hypnotic sound demonstrated by his latest remix on Soundcloud.