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Miami living producer Luis Crucet brings lush synths to life with his latest offering, “Mist.” An ethereal triumph rich with blossoming chord progressions and future bass aromas, this Luis Crucet original drips in gold. Swathed in an indie-electronic cape, “Mist” is an ocean of emotive rhythms with echoing lyrical content which coincide like a yin and yang with the production- breathing life into one another as they aesthetically interrelate. A mellow cut with intellectual sign design, Luis Crucet delivers something incredibly special with the freshman single to his debut EP Current. Tap into this mystical vibration today.



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Traversing the vibrant world of nu-disco, pioneer of groove LA Felix casts NYC-based producer LEFTI for this intoxicating remix of his original cut, “Too Many Lies.” Boasting his formidable writing style, LEFTI stitches this flip together with lush guitar plucks, funky synths, and flamboyant chord progressions. A nod to the golden age of disco, this remix breathes a refreshing new life into the boundless stream of this multi-faceted genre. A shimmering cut saturated in glamour, this “Too Many Lies” remix is a polished summertime gem that effortlessly collides with the original track. Pairing well citrus and pastels, this LEFTI flip solidifies his position as a funk aficionado.



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Sydney-based producer ARONA MANE radiates a distinguished vision with each release. His latest offering, “Tell Me” featuring Maribelle is an intoxicating framework of electro-R&B. Effervescent and funky as hell, ARONA MANE delivers the kind of track that lights up psyche and lingers for days to come. Infectious hooks are embellished with inviting, tempered vocals that illuminate its distinct ability to balance a myriad of genres. Dancing fearlessly on the edge of modern disco and a never-before-heard sound, “Tell Me” is a dance-floor ready feat cascading an optimistic wave of resonance. Swathed in glamour and groove, ARONA MANE and Maribelle are brilliant on “Tell Me.” Tune in with us today on your preferred streaming platform.


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Bringing an organic feel to electronic music, London ensemble Myo delivers a fresh feel with their latest single “A Particle.” While everything they touch turns to gold, this track is a moving triumph with hallowed out synths that echo across a field of honey dipped vocals. A dreamy cut brushed with shadowy hues, “A Particle” radiates a new age resonance that forges the path for a new era of dance music. Rounded out with chilling sound design, cut with jagged edges, Myo offers something distinguished in a sea of monotony. Rhythmic and visionary, “A Particle” is not one to miss.

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In a cross-continental collaboration, Aussie musician Jamie Lane teams up with American artist Naji to unveil “Say It Again.” Boasting an invigorating draw, "Say It Again” is a fresh take on contemporary R&B. Chambers of charming, distorted vocals melt into the optimistic electronic production with ease. Naji brings a raw, rhythmic feel to the digital resonance, propelling the track into a different dimension. Assembling a tapestry of genres to create a single outline, “Say It Again” is as intellectual as it is musically dynamic, Lane quotes “Although the track has easy going vibes it’s lyrically a fairly personal song. There are a few themes running through it but the main one is; trying to establish real confidence through drive & will, instead of through the validation from others, which always leads back to self-doubt and depression.” A single rich in value with an acute attention to the technicalities of electronic production, “Say It Again” is a stunning reveal. Stream it across all platforms here, and watch this space for more from Jamie Lane.



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Making future-pop glow, this Netherlands duo is turning heads with their latest unveiling, “NAUGHTY BOY.” 2CRE8 is an electro-fusion duo riding a wave all their own. Stitched together with an acute sense of glamour, these dance music pioneers are as effervescent as champagne bubbles. This charismatic joint is vibrant with optimism- untethered and unbound by a shared artistic synchronicity. Inviting and versatile, “NAUGHTY BOY” continues to pave the way to an exciting future for the 2-piece outfit. Stay tuned for more.



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Bringing the sounds of the summer to the holiday season, Vienna-based duo PALASTIC brings electro-pop to life with their latest unveiling, “Goldmine.” Amassing a stunning 16 million streams across their discography since their 2016 debut, PALASTIC is quickly becoming a preferred ensemble in the pop atmosphere. “Goldmine” kicks off with a syrupy, salsa-esque melody. A cool breezy air rises as the production ascends into a bouncy, optimistic plane of digitalism. Subtly chopped and tropical to boot, PALASTIC is sunshine and saltwater with “Goldmine.” Tune in with us.

“We love this track! Written in the first sunny days of spring surrounded by good vibes, the mood easily translated into this upbeat, contagious song” -PALASTIC



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A slackened sensuality oscillates DELIA DANE in her latest single, “Kinda Nice.” Formerly known as DVWEZ, the Florida-born, NYC-hustling songstress is unapologetically herself, balancing easy, indie-electro reverb with a succinct R&B cadence. Her velvet vocals breathe life into an experimental, down-tempo hip-hop beat. Balancing the fine line between ethereal and profoundly grounded, “Kinda Nice” is laced together with a strong feminine presence- both seductive and empowering. At the heels of her well-received 2017 Paradise EP DELIA DANE shows no signs of slowing down. Dripping in a self-defined swagger, this rhythmic siren is one to watch.



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Influenced by the likes of M83, Chairlift, RHYE, Miguel, and Gorillaz, LA-based indie electronic powerhouse Zhao returns with vibrancy per his latest single, “Car.” This full bodied joint fuses elements of alt-soul with a house-esque cadence, boasting a touch of disco on the nose. Radiant and distinguished, “Car” is flawlessly balanced, embodying the very definition of musical equilibrium. Satin vocals grace the club-like production with a neon glamour. Anchored by a deviating, yet constant synth that dances at the bottom layer of the track, this multifaceted anthem is saturated with a refreshing, artistic coalition. Both dance-floor-ready and introspective, “Car” is not one to miss. Stream Zhao’s latest on your favorite listening medium here.

“There’s a lot of dance tracks that coast along on a few phrases for imagery, but I wanted this to hit on something specific- like feeling responsible for the downfall of a relationship. A song where the person actually recognizes they fucked up, and knows the situation is irreparable. There’s no redemption in the end, the only consolation is the memory. We all carry moments like  this around with us, and music has always been an outlet for me to ruminate and daydream about myself, about things I’ve done, about what could have been.” -Zhao