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NOKO has done it again! This duo has slowly become one of my favorite groups to anticipate new music from. Their claim to fame kicked off merely three months ago with the release of their remix to San Holo’s “Life Me From the Ground.” The remix is close to 100,000 plays on Soundcloud alone, and their other previous remixes are following a similar route.

Their newest release is a remix to The xxs “Crystalised.” They stay true to the emotions behind the vocals and back it with powerful and equally as emotional synths, giving new life to almost 10 year old song. NOKO have the ability to tackle a song that people haven’t listened to in ages and effortlessly revitalize it.

Later this summer, the two have some original music in store, with their debut EP to follow.



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Chicago-based producer ALIGN released his debut EP Intertwine today, no small feat for a budding artist. The EP features 5-tracks, including 3 previously released singles and 2 new tracks. Let me be the one to say: this is truly some amazing indie-electronic work. From one song to the next, the EP flawlessly flows, continuing to draw the listener in further and further.

One of the new tracks from the EP is titled “Symmetry,” a song that immediately had me hooked from the first few seconds of the song. Utilizing ambient vocals and a conglomerate of percussion elements, “Symmetry” is enthralling from beginning to end. I expect a lot more from ALIGN in the next coming years, so definitely add him to your radar to keep an eye on.



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ALIGN is back with one more single before the release of his debut EP, Intertwine. “Embrace” is the third and final release from ALIGN in anticipation of the EP. The single embodies every summer vibe imaginable as it kicks off with the sounds of an old school movie projector, transporting the listener back to a completely different time period. “Embrace” is the first single on the EP, setting the tone for what is to come.

Intertwine will be out on June 12.



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NASAYA is oozing all the vibes with his latest “PATTERNS,” featuring equally as cool vocals from Sara Diamond. NASAYA strays from the mainstream realm of electronic music and draws influence from his homeland: an island just outside of Madagascar. Diving deep into his roots, he finds inspiration from the diverse culture of his home. For this release, he pulls elements from 80’s & 90’s-inspired electronic music and soul to create a sultry and serene tune.

“‘PATTERNS’ is the first track I wrote after moving to LA. I was actually sleeping on my friends couch around the time I wrote the first demo. I’m quite attached to this song, I feel that it captures this new period of my life that was just beginning.” -NASAYA



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Ahead of his upcoming debut EP is ALIGNs first single from it: “Found.” The Chicago-native has spent quite some time the past few years releasing singles and remixes, honing in on his sound. All of his hard work is finally paying off with INTERTWINE, his debut EP, coming soon. “Found” is the first official peek as to what’s to come, including downtempo tunes and magically light soundscapes.

In a quote from ALIGN, he explains that “elements of ‘Found’ contain calmness yet hold a sense of excitemnet at the same time. I hope that ‘Found’ is something that listeners can collect their thoughts to, as well as relax and have a good time.” That’s the perfect way to describe how this track makes me feel. It instantly increases my mood, and everyone loves a good mood booster! Give the track a listen and keep ALIGN on your radar this year.



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Beauvois, more commonly known by his indie-pop moniker, Kidswaste, has once again graced us with an exposé of versatility and musical brilliance. His fresh release “Escape” takes a different path than previous releases of this alias that took on a mellower vibe such as his last single “Jupiter”. In his most recent, the French singer, songwriter and musician assumes an earlier 2000’s indie/synth-pop sound comprised of upbeat chords and energized guitar riffs. It perfectly cultivates a heavy sense of nostalgia through indie rock elements such as those found in old school Matt & Kim while the 21 year old artist tops it off with his own vocals- ones that almost scarily resembles that of Thomas Mars, lead singer of (also) French indie-pop/new wave band Phoenix. All in all, if you’re looking for an “escape” from the long hours of work, and the continuously shortening days of winter, then this is definitely going to be your go-to.



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If you’ve been a following Beautiful Buzzz over the years, then you know we are quite the fans of Philippine artist, Manila Killa. With that said, you better believe we were all over his brand new single, “Run Away”. His latest has us in complete awe as his growth as a musician is nearly impossible to ignore through its quality and intricacy. Manila Killa takes synths and vocal chops to a whole other level in the dreamy pop, melody ridden track. Blending indie elements with a dance-like structure, “Run Away” assumes its form as an universally enjoyable tune and an absolute hit. Styles and chords similar to those of Porter Robinson’s can be noted in the chorus before it smoothly transitions into a waterfall of colorful vocal chops and fluttering synths.

Like what you hear? Then make sure to keep your eye out for Manila’s forthcoming EP releasing via Moving Castle.

Disclaimer: Manila Killa is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.



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Shaping up to be one of the most influential contemporary electronic producers in the game, San Holo returns with passion and innovation with, “Show Me,” from his celebrated album1. The Dutch producer fuses glistening dance music with indie rock. Layering the electric guitar atop future-bass reverb, San Holo is a pioneer of a new wave of dance music. Breathing organic instrumentation into feel-good, digital production, “Show Me” is set to be a staple in his wildly influential career. This outline of righteously syncopated resonance stands as a testament that San Holo will never settle. Straddling the boundaries of experimental electronic and alternative dance music, “Show Me” is nothing short of stunning. The ever-evolving San Holo’s album1 is available now on all major streaming platforms- join us as we listen to the sounds of history being made with this charismatic manifesto of sounds.



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Even as we start to descend into fall, leave it to two artists who are setting some insanely high standards in music, Khamsin and Kidswaste, to make you feel like you’re only just reaching the apex of summer. The French musicians form an unparalleled chemistry in their brand new collaboration, “Plastic Dreams,” as they put their array of skills on full display.

The single is nothing short of an indie-electronic pop gem, one that will 110% be ingrained in your heads for the next month— or 10. It’s nearly impossible to listen to the song all the way through without simultaneously wearing a cheek-to-cheek grin across your face. Thanks to the track’s undeniably hooking lyrics, written and sung by Kidswaste, and innovative, bouncy and melody-rich production courtesy of Khamsin, we now have a soundtrack to help us get through the day while keeping our moods elevated.

Disclaimer: Kidswaste is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.