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I kinda feel like BLU J are my besties even tho we've never done the hangs. Pretty sure we have covered every release on BB, and lately their name keeps coming up among industry peers and I always smile and think, yea I've supported them for a minute. BLU J are back this week with their delightful flip of Ariana Grande's "Into You" for some super sexy grooves that are perfect for chill evening vibes. Deep funky beats mixed with soaring vocals - I'm so into this! Grab a free download HERE!


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Lincoln Jesser returns with another vibe-y deep house cut that's showing off his tropical side. "Between These Lines" is laid back tune that meanders its way forward with ease as the synth stabs lead us into fun drop with a vocal type chop/synth (I can't tell the difference sometimes now-a-days) that adds the exclamation point to the beautiful top line provided by Quiñ. We finally have an announced date of his Casa Mirage EP due November 18. No doubt this single will be included, and as we find out more from the track listing you will be the first to know. You can also stream this from Spinnin' here.

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Holy cow Myrne has absolutely murdered this remix of Gramatik's "Native Son Prequel." This track has just about everything you could ask for packed together and presented with a bow. A super funky piano riff starting it off, zany eclectic sounds, an impressive albeit hyperactive rhythm section, plenty of vocal chops and of course a crazy synth solo at the end. If you're in to electro funk like me then this track is simply mind blowing. The singapore bred producer has already put out some ridiculous tracks: peep his collab with SteLouse "Call Me" and his killer remix of Hoodboi's single "Closer ft. ASTR" just for starters, and definitely start keeping tabs on this guy, You won't regret it. You can download this amazing remix on your preferred digital retailer here.



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It's been a while since the NERVO twins have put out any music, and judging by the sound of their new single "Anywhere You Go" I can see why. Foregoing the progressive roots that made their start, the girls have chilled it down instead going for a much vibe-i-er, pop friendly tune. The record also prominently features trumpet courtesy of Timmy Trumpet resulting in an smooth house tune that's 100% ready for the electronic community to re-work and re-create. Until the plethora of remixes arrive take a second and enjoy the original. You purchase the single from Monstercat here or stream on Spotify here.  



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Sydney's Enschway has delivered a hype remix of sub contortionists Slumberjack. Slumberjack's original "Open Fire" was already a hell of a tune check out our review here, but Enschway has taken this hit record and amped it up even further packing in all sorts vocal sounds, bright synths, fun samples, horn sounds and crazy arps. The second drop just goes ham with this deep distorted lightning synth that blows the top off this remix. If you're ready for a banger we've got just the tune right here. You can also grab this as a free download here.  


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Day two of ridiculous heat in LA. I've got every fan in my house working overtime, but just about the only thing cooling me down is this amazing new single from Gosh Pith. The Detroit based duo has been slowly gaining momentum since their formation back in 2014. They received early buzz for their debut EP 'Gold Chain,' and have since gone on to release the singles "In My Car" which was recorded in one of Detroit's oldest churches recently re-purposed for recording, and now this single "True Blue." "True Blue" is a wonderful blend of indie pop and electronic that showcases the band's uncanny ability of combining various vocal effects and obscure sounds with electronic rhythm, guitar and synth bass. Josh Smith's vocals perfectly slide into the production with ease, which in my mind really separate this duo from the pack. They're about to head out on a Fall tour in the Midwest and you can get tour details at their website.


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It is ridiculously hot in LA today. The sun is scorching everything and the weather report is reading 100 pretty much all over town. Sounds like perfect timing for a new SNBRN record! Just like the weather LA is getting BRNT to a crisp over his new Swedish House Mafia cover of "Leave The World Behind." Teaming up with the always impeccable Kaleena Zanders for a second time (check out SNBRN's hot cover of California Love), the two have discovered a successful system for updating and rejuvenating seemingly overworked tunes. In true SNBRN fashion the record is packed with strings, piano, deep kicks, horns and he's chosen to go with a fun pan flute sounding melody that adds that tropical crisp to this Mai Tai of a tune. SNBRN is keeping the summer alive in September, and with LA scorching the way it is, I'm completely on board. You can stream on Spotify here or buy on Beatport here. San Francisco don't sleep on getting tickets to see SNBRN at Mezzanine Saturday November 19th. Grab them tickets below:     


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Fresh on the heels of the creation of her very own label Feed Me Disco, Eau Claire wows with debut EP "All the Wonder". The first and signature track of the EP features for the first time Eau Claire's own vocals laid over keyboard reminiscent of all those tracks that made you first fall in love with house music. The EP's second track "Room" follows up with a one-two combo from DC's own Camille Michelle Gray and Cautious Clay, providing vocal support and a saxophone solo respectively. Following the EP release, Eau Claire will make her way down the Eastern Seaboard on tour at the end of September and into October. Between shows and future releases through Feed Me Disco, as well as 3 years of experience under her belt, you better believe Eau Claire is a force to be reckoned with.

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Up and coming producer Miller Guth hailing from Michigan has already experienced some quick success performing at the prestigious NYC nightclub Pacha along with the signing of an official Trey Songz remix of "Na Na" with Atlantic records. Flash forward to today, he's just released a fun upbeat tune "Broken Cities" featuring upstart vocal talent Charlie Brennan. The tune starts melodic and relaxing, but builds to a joyous tropical-esque progressive drop that's sure to get you out of your case of the Mondays. Definitely add this one to your summer Spotify playlists here.