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I'm all abut the vibes today!  It's Friday and this week has been rough ... I'm really looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing for the next few days. Maybe we could all use a little cuddle therapy ... am I right? I digress, I'm feeling these electro R&B vibes riiiiight here with a new track "Press Play and Escape" from Teflon Sega. This up-and-coming artist has got that sweet jams thing happening with sexy future feels and soulful vocals - this is the definition of vibey! You guys can grab a free download HERE!


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We've always been big supporters of XYLØ, so when this next premiere was placed in my hot little hands I could not resist! Please meet yung east coast producer Kaidro who's crushed this remix of "Alive" in all the best ways! This rising star combines progressive house vibes with future beats to create a stellar sound of musical bliss.  As the day starts to wind down, this one is a great pick me up so grab your headphones and sink into this one! Want a free download? No problem, you can swoop that HERE


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Y'all lookin' for some delicious buttery deep house groove this weekend? Yep - I got want you need riiiight here! Aussie legends Dom Dolla and Torren Foot just dropped "Be Ready" via Sweat It Out and it's full of that disco sauce ... we can't get enough! With pumping rhythms and dance floor beats - this one 10% needs to be included on your weekend party playlist! Also - if you are in the bay area, Dom Dolla will be dropping sweet jams live Friday night -- July 21 at Halcyon -- San Francisco! You can still swoop advance tickets below! Lets dance this weekend kids! 


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If you don’t know Mazde by now, you’re seriously missing out. The German producer first garnered serious attention when his remix of Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind” premiered via YouTube music curator MrSuicideSheep and consequently blew up to over 38 million views. Since then he’s released a handful of future bass originals and remixes (including the most popular official remix of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s “Say A Prayer For Me”) which have all helped develop the Mazde sound — evocative, chill, rich electronic production that incorporates elements of future bass, pop, deep house, trap, and hip hop. He’s also proven an incredible collaborator having released a whole EP with the amazing LissA and the hip hop future bass crossover Neverland with NY rapper Khary. 

We’re proud to announce today that Mazde will be sharing an exclusive Buzzzmix coming out right here on Beautiful Buzzz next Wednesday July 26th. In anticipation of his mix, we’d love to share his latest original—"Fading Out" is a warm summery future pop number full of his signature lush electronic sounds complemented by Rromarin’s lovely, velvety, emotional vocals. Great for a backyard chill day by the pool with your significant other and cool beverage. 


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I am on a serious 48-hour Motez binge, and I have a dark feeling it's transcending into a (completely warranted) bender rather than a binge. My fascination with the Australian producer began my freshman year of college after discovering his spooky flip of Flight Facilities' "Clair De Lune." Motez has a musical style that is, actually, unparalleled- it's approachable, yet often mysterious and whispers sin in sound waves. His latest single, "The Future" featuring Antony & Cleopatra, is a choir-based, integrated jam piece, full of healing properties- dreamy, captivating, hypnotizing. Motez's production is so distinct, it's hard to pinpoint where he draws his influence from, but that's what I love about him, his work is contentiously refreshing, novel, and original. Honestly, just check it out for yourself because I am going back to my woman cave to further dissect this musical genius. It's on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music


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My fave brassy duo are back with another delicious cover of a famous hip hop track. Following up on their cover of "All Of The Lights" with Alexander Lewis they've chose to take on Lil Uzi Vert's "XO Tour Llif3". Someone told me that Lil Uzi Vert is a messed up version of lucifer? Not sure if that's a joke or true, but now I'm wondering where he got that name haha. Anyways the Brasstracks boys do their thing and deliver another fun gem that's a head bobber for sure. Oh and it's on Spotify too >>>>



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Nova vida. It means "new life" in Portuguese. Allen French's Nova Vida is a worldly, poetic track combining the sounds of cultures from all over the world, with a pronounced emphasis on Latin style tempos. Baghdad born, and Australia residing producer, Motez, just gave the sexy track a distinct, almost dark remedy. From 2:40-4:00 there is an avid, spooky, whispering production that pulls you in just before the apex of the track possesses you with burning desire to close your eyes, and move your hips. Motez just flipped this single into something house music has never seen before. It's a call to cultural unity through sultry production, and dark, conspicuous piano riffs. Despite the language barrier between myself and the lyrics, I can still feel the powerful message behind them, quite distinctly (with a little help from Google translate).

"Castles of gold
Line in the sand
In my dreams
I like the riches
Fear and death
Life and faith
And our destiny
Let's go to a new life"

Brb, going to learn Portuguese. In all seriousness this remix is enchanting, walking the line of fantastic- I truly think Motez just added a new dimension to house music. Get inspired with Motez's Nova Vida remix on 


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2013 was a big year for the British indie-rock band, Bastille. The release of their single "Pompeii" topped charts for months to come post-release. While I personally feared the ensemble would hit a one-hit-wonder wall, the band continues to impress critics such a myself with outstanding new music, while dominating worldwide performances. The release of their sophomore album, "Wild World" in June of 2016 was, undoubtedly, a hit. This album included their acclaimed single, "Glory." While the track is a stand alone testament to the possessive cadence Bastille continuously showcases, Vancouver-based duo, Young Bombs, flipped "Glory" into a tropical house gem. Their remix defies your average house resonance by using a tempo that appears to rise and fall simultaneously. This Young Bombs remix is fitting for a dance party, but avoids hectic, overwhelming production and drops. It is chopped and syncopated subtly, yet showcases the complexity and musical intricacy that defines its greatness. The long haired duo turned Glory into an easy, summery listen, with little to critique and so much to revere. Get beachy with this coastal remix from Young Bombs on both SoundCloud and Spotify


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I can't think of a better way to start off the week than with this next premiere from our homies Autograf! I feel like they are constantly touring, dominating the festival circuit, and always dropping the fresh jams ... where do they find the time? These guys are unstoppable! They just handed us their new remix of "You're Not There" by Lukas Graham that is a feel good future bass gem which I've actually had on repeat for days! With glitchy rhythms and soulful vocals, this one will 100% have you dancing at your desk! Grab your headphones and feel the vibes - this will be the best thing you hear today!