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Louis The Child + Pell = Pellican Child. This one is very fitting considering I am still battling a hangover from Wednesday night's Louis The Child after party we threw .... ouch! What a year for my bb boys - the "2016 worst year ever" curse seems to have passed up these yung legends - Louis The Child have absolutely crushed. This new project with experimental soul artist Pell is something pretty special, mixing the easy going dance vibes and delicious R&B hip-hop vocals. Feels! This is their first release, and from what I am told we are gonna get more goodies in the new year!  


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Well it's finally arrived. I think we've posted damn near every single from Golden Coast's amazing debut 'Golden Coast EP' and today I'm totally thrilled to bring you the last single "Make Ya Move." A sheer delight to listen to, the duo has channeled their west coast vibes into a perfect distillation of pop indie rock in this tune. I know it's December, but this new single instantly takes me away into the warm green re-birth of spring driving down the best coast with the top down. According to the guys: "Make Ya Move was our attempt to kind of throw off some of the traditional song-y rules and do something just purely fun.  Kind of tried to channel our inner Macklemore or Bruno and talk a little over-confident swagger.  Think it’s our favorite dance tune to date." I couldn't agree more, let the head bobbing, toe tapping, throw my hands up dancing begin, and just in time for the weekend! If you're feeling this tune, like I know you will, go ahead and throw on their entire EP it's well worth the ride.

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Every once in awhile I get dealt the winning hand, and all the planets and stars aligned at the perfect time to provide me exactly what I need .... the best intern ever.  Vinny takes care off all the things I can't while delivering the perfect cup of coffee during the week, and keeping my mimosas full on the weekends ... he's the best intern ever.  However, he is a Christmas freak! He loves Christmas - the music and food and all the decorations - and if you know anything about me you know I can't stand Christmas. So now, my perfect intern has started to taunt me with Christmas, making me mix tapes and trying to put pumpkin spice in my coffee. He even gave me a gift today .... bah humbug! All of this brings us to our next premiere, and Vinny's Christmas joy must be rubbing off on me because this track is a Christmas song!! 19 year old Austrian producer filous releases a brilliant cover of this seasonal classic "Let It Snow" today via Ultra, and I'm shocked to say that I 100% love it! It's hard for me to think that filous would produce anything less than greatness, and this beautifully eerie electro folk track will be a favorite  those of you who are Christmas lovers.. It gets the Vinny stamp of approval.  


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We're big fans of Sean Turk over here at BB. Our boss lady has even gone so far as to say that he's better than tacos. Certainly debatable because...tacos! But when he keeps putting out consistently great quality tracks, like this remix of Phil Good's debut "Sleeping In", it's not hard to see why that claim could be made.

The original's hook "We're always sleeping in" is a next-level ear-worm which has been playing in my head since it came out. Turk's adaptation bumps up the tempo a notch and throws in some super vibey future synths, snappy hi-hats, and the kind of percussion that makes you want to get up and dance like one of those kids in those ridiculous meme videos you see going viral on Facebook. So give it a listen and grab a free download HERE!


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We've had a lot to say lately about this new kid Justice Skolnik. He's been releasing some pretty great jams that we are loving, and we are all about supporting the up-and-comers because they become the game changers. Today we are psyched to premiere his latest flip of "American Boy" by Estelle - and it's 100% delicious! This Bay Area producer mixes his crisp dance sound with a deep house groove with touches of future beats for all the feels! We also all about that home town support! You guys can swoop this one as a free download HERE!

Also, if you missed his release last month - take another listen!  


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Get ready for some serious feels on this one. Relatively new LA-based producer/singer/songwriter Emmit Fenn exploded onto the scene last year with his captivating “Painting Greys” and he’s finally back with a stellar follow-up. His fresh style can be characterized by modulated vocals, a fusion of innovative electronic production and classically-inspired instrumentation, and an undeniable sense of introspection. While “Painting Greys” maintained a fairly minimal approach, “Blinded” is more of a grand ballad in which he makes further use of gentle piano and soaring strings, building with percussion into quite the cinematic presentation. Watch this guy in 2017 — there’s bound to be some truly amazing things coming soon.


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It’s the holiday season, so a time for traveling and spending time sitting in airport bars contemplating life, right? At least that’s what R&B/Neo-soul singer Noah must have been thinking last year when he dropped “Airport Bar” - a slow burning, blissfully relaxing number that borrows the melody from Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination” and became a smash hit on Soundcloud. 

This year, Coastal — co-founder of SoCal label Clouds Collective and part of Ethereal Family — revisits the record, bringing it up to speed into a playful electronic track with some tasty future bounce. I’m a fan.


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VALENTINE is one of those producers that I feel firmly confident labeling as “forward-thinking” and this remix is evidence enough. A little while back we shared his raw melodic bass take on Kid Froopy’s “bb (four missed texts)” for Moving Castle and his interpretation of OWSLA signee BASECAMP’s “In Stone” is just as refreshing. He’s taken the haunting original in a new direction with a hefty dose of bass, percussion, and assortment of edgy and shiny synths. If you’ve missed this one, you’re really missing out.


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My little G-House bundle of love Bijou is crushing this week! This Phoenix producer and quickly rising yung legend dropped his latest original "GURU" yesterday, and it's already received over 100k plays on Soundcloud! This is bananas! But honestly - the track is tite and totally deserves all the love! His hard hitting beats and bouncy melodies will get your G side moving - this has all the huge dance floor vibes and sexy feels, my bae Bijou is the shit! You can stream or download HERE!