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Happy Friday kids! Don't know about you guys, but I am so ready to get my weekend started! Let's all get futurebound with this rad new track "End Credits" by EDEN! SO many vibes here, this is the kind of track you want to sing long to at the top of your lungs!!! This Irish producer is about to drop a very delicious EP on August 8, and this title track is fresh as hell! He's the whole package -- producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, vocalist, and such a babe! This electro pop song is just what we all need for epic weekend feels! Definitely grab a free download HERE


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It's sexy time friends, and this girl (me) is swooning over this steamy new track "Sober" by CVIRO & GXNXVS. I have a press release I could tell you about for this song, but all I really want to do is talk about how HOT it is, and how HOT they are!  CVIRO's vocals are ridiculous - can we all just pause over this! When listening to this song, not gonna lie ..... all I really want to do is make out with him! Electro R&B with future vibes, get the fuck outta here!  And they are Australian, I mean, come on .... it's everything good in the world! I know some of you are expecting a "legitimate" review (you've come to the wrong blog for that), and all I can say is I legitimately wanna make out with them! Take a listen and see if you agree! 


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Every new track my sweet friend Slaptop puts out is another reminder of just how brilliant he is! This bay area producer found some serious dark groove with "Remember" that is currently winning the headphones game -- I love it! This is the kind of track you put on when you want to get things real sexy in the club, or driving through the city late at night, or when you really want to impress your friends with a hot new track .... all of these things wrapped up in an 80's synthed out deep house dance gem!  Delicious! 


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Every year I meet a fresh group of musicians who play one of my events throughout the US, and every year there is one person or persons (usually Australian) who totally steal my heart! I know we are only 1/2 way through 2015, but I'm convinced Carmada will walk away winning! I've already done 2 shows with this gorgeous Aussie duo, and kinda chomping at the bit to do more! They have provided us with their top 5 summer jams, and as I suspected they have handed over an eclectic group of tracks -- asking us to get low,  chill out, and feel summertime vibes for days!  

This Friday Carmada will be slaying their live set in San Francisco at 1015 -- and I'll be there raging!! If you are in the bay area this is something you cannot miss!  Tickets are on sale now - so grab a pair HERE and meet me and the Aussies there!!

Nick Lynar - Too Dope
Perfect track for chilling by the poolside

Bengal - The Nile
This track makes you want to do backflips of jetty's into water!

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
There's no need to explain this track, just listen and you'll understand. 

The Similou - All This Love
Mad because it's real sick and makes everyone do mad stuff!

Bob Marley - Could You Be Loved
Just because it's Bob.


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This just happened! As sad as we were when Treasure Fingers could not make our after party on August 7 at MEZZANINE - we are very happy that our homies The Knocks have decided to join in the fun with Cut Snake and The Aston Shuffle!! This is bananas! Knowing San Francisco and this night -- this will sell out, and we are still selling Early Bird tix for a very limited time! Grab them while you can! 


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Wanna know what my morning vibes are??  This -- right -- here! As we all dive head on into our work week, sometimes getting low in the AM hours is the only way to make it through the day! The collab between Alexander Lewis, KRNE and JNTHN STEIN has produced one hell of a track "Mega Blastoise" in their Blastoise series! Nothing like a little trap with your morning coffee! Grab a free download HERE


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Well hello there little babies! There is something so exciting when discovering teenage beat makers, making sick beats! Ha! Pretty sure these two are not even old enough to vote -- what's the voting age in New Zealand again? They might actually still be in high school, who knows, and who actually cares cos when you are dropping sexy future beats like this... age is definitely irrelevant. SACHI are hot hot hot, and this new remix of "All Cried Out" by Blonde is delicious! Want a free download? No problem, you can grab that HERE!  Get into something new! 


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Soundcloud is such a great way to get exposed to new music, and lately we have noticed that our feed is being filled with all sorts of people sharing tracks.  99% of these people who are sharing are actually artists, reposting their label mates, or their homies, or just stuff they are listening to that they found on Soundcloud.  So, we decided to make THE VIBE GUIDE - a weekly installment on Beautiful Buzzz where you can check out what producers, music enthusiast and taste makers want you to hear!  Enjoy!  


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Did everyone survive their Monday! It's never fun to start the week off on a bad note, so this late afternoon burst if indie pop is just the thing to keep your spirits up! The day is almost done!! Los Angeles songwriter nvdes has released a new track, the second installment in his summertime fun vibes! This light and bouncy love song has so many feels, you can't possibly not love it!  nvdes is shinny and new, get into this kids!