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This is such a fantastic song - Los Angeles duo RKCB crushed in all the right ways. We have seen some pretty great remixes follow, and our next premiere is tops! Newcomer Nikö Blank puts his future feels spin on "Elevated" for an edgy splurge of vibes. This kid has skills, and he's just getting started! He took this track to the next level with big bassy builds and sexy beats under awesome R&B vocals ... it's exactly what I needed on this Monday morning! Nikö Blank is going to be your favorite new producer. Grab a free download HERE


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My love for Poolside compares to none other .... they were one of the main catalyst when I started getting into electronic music. Before this blog and before I even thought about being a buyer/promoter - I used to go see Poolside in LA and think they were the greatest band ever.  I still feel that way to this day -- and today not only do I have my second sold out show this these legends - they just put out a new track which is long overdue. "And The Sea" has that unwavering daytime disco groove that only Poolside has perfected, and this electro pop dance track is everything for your summertime vibes! You can grab a free download HERE! If you're in San Francisco, we're having a pool party with Poolside today - me and 1000 of our closest friends! Advance tickets are sold out - but there will be limited tickets at the door - Phoenix Hotel - 12PM - 21+ -- come out and play! 


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I stumbled across this record perusing soundcloud and instantly fell in love. I did a little research and I knew Tula is a group BB listeners need to hear. "Another Kind Of Red" starts with sporadic plucks meandering around sparse rhythm while her voice is so smoothly layered above. The chorus hits and you instantly understand why I'm bringing this to your ears. This crossover pop meets indie record showcases excellent songwriting laced with A+ production. Listening back to their other two records "River" and a cover of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" I'm happy to say this is the real deal, better hop on board the bandwagon now.


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Let us introduce you to LA newcomers Stalgia with a beautifully eclectic indie electronic tune "In the Trees." Signed with record label Crooked Paintings that also houses indie starlet Annabel Jones, "In The Trees" oozes a deep sense of nervous calm that's uneasy, and yet somehow still relaxing. The track is full of etherial ambient sounds that I personally love, which allow the sumptuous vocals to shine. I'm a little behind in the game on this one because it's already sitting in the Hype Machine top 10, but I love this tune so much I had to get this post up and help it get to #1. Be on the look out for more good stuff from this camp. 


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This is everything! I'm not gonna lie - sometimes I think this life is not real - that I get to have a successful career involving my passion (music) and I get to work with such talented and forward thinking artists like these two legends. We live on this cutting edge of music revolution, scattered among massive creativity - we shape people's lives through what we put into the world, and it's just so fucking cool! And hello.... I can't escape Malcolm Anthony ever since he walked into my life in Austin this past March ... and I gotta say that is definitely not a bad thing! PHAM has been dropping heat this past year, and this new one "My Way ft. Malcolm Anthony" is full of laid back future grooves with smooth hip-hop vocals and so many vibes ... this is my new summer jam! You can swoop this one from our homies at Next Wave Records! 


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I've got something brand spanking new for you this evening kids! Boston producer Tim Suby has released his first ever single and we're super into it! A good electro-pop track can always make your day a bit brighter, and this one is a breath of fresh air. Filled with synthy melodies under light and bouncy beats with playful vocals from Jessie Reyes! Tim Suby gets the stamp of approval! Grab a free download HERE


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Every track Joyryde drops crushes! Happy hump day y'all ... time to smash your speakers with some serious bass. This Los Angeles producer never fucks around, and I fuck with him on the regular. With intense builds and massive beats "Maxium King" delivers a powerful punch of edgy dance vibes. You can grab a free download HERE!