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Happy Friday y’all! Your girl has been slammed at work; the club has been raging all fall and it’s demanding all of my attention. I have put aside a few minutes today however to post some new jams, and this on is all the feels! These boys are no strangers to our pages, we’ve be hangin with Louis Futon and Medasin for a minute - and here they are coming together on this tasty flip of “Wake Up” by Travis Scott. So much juice … with funky R&B vibes and funky rhythms it … I’m swooning! Add this one to your weekend playlist kids!

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Enticing, fascinating, and handsome to boot, BLVTH returns with a striking framework of thunderous sounds via his latest single, “Rigid.” The German-based babe is relatively new to the professional music scene, yet far from novice. His unique sound is distinguished, sharp, resounding. “Rigid” is a smokestack of polyrhythmic soundscapes. Industrial and chromatic, BLVTH channels the unfamiliar sounds of post apocalyptic techno, later diving into a world of echoing, electro-R&B. Reverberating vocals oscillate moments of controlled chaos, giving rise to a zealous yet chilling energy. Explore this labyrinth of sounds, and watch this space for more from BLVTH.



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Philanthropist, creator, designer, rapper, producer- these are a mere facet of the long list of terms one could call Mod Sun. A household name in dance music, hip hop, and R&B, Mod Sun shows no signs of slowing down. His latest release, “Burning Up,” released via Filthy Fangs is a robust r&b masterpiece. Founded Mod Sun’s girlfriend, former Disney star turned “it girl,” Filthy Fangs is the brain child of the eccentric Bella Thorne. Drawing influence from contemporary hip-hop and fusing it with a unique take on electro-pop this track is nothing short of dynamic. Both flamboyant and poetic, Mod Sun is unapologetically himself in “Burning Up.” The rapper/ producer also just announced his nation-wide fall tour, and you can get your tickets here. Stay tuned for more from Filthy Fangs, and this modern day renaissance man.

  Disclosure: Mod Sun is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Member Alli Lindse y

Disclosure: Mod Sun is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Member Alli Lindsey


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From the first 10 seconds of URCHN’s debut single “Composure” I was instantly hooked. Soft muted guitar plucks that drive with a sense of urgency. A nervous percussive shaker sound. A brief flutter that reminds me of a baby dinosaur. My early impression was that I was listening to something I hadn’t quite heard before, and it only gets better as the song continues. Making his debut via Casablanca Sunset, URCHN is the solo project of the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Max Greenhalgh. Max is also notably recognized for his work as the front man in the indie pop act Inspired & The Sleep amongst other projects and musical outlets. Cinematic in feel, with thought-provoking lyrics sung in a haunting half-falsetto, URCHN quickly weaves a web of contemplative discomfort on “Composure”. The thoughtful blend of organic and electronic sonic elements, syncopated rhythms, and vocal affectation come together to make this track one of the most compelling debuts of 2018 thus far.



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Only in 2018 can a mannequin have 20K Twitter followers and remix a future pop song into a dance floor rave-ready beat. Yes this is a blog post about a FRND remix done by a mannequin (“Charlotte” from the world of creepy YouTube phenomenon Poppy). Only in the age of Gen Z is it acceptable for computer-generated voice to be incorporated into music. I’m not talking about Styx singing about Mr. Roboto or Soulwax using a MicroKORG, Charlotte is all computer. Or is Poppy speaking for her through a computer? The mystery of the internet, my friends. All things considered, this remix does what most great remixes generally do: twists the original track on its head in a unique and refreshing way that makes you want to dance. Nice job, Charlotte. Not half bad for a mannequin.

frnd-BUIDE-charlotte remix.jpg


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Swimming in groovy melodies, the Austin duo Bronze Whale, has been excellently crafting their newfound sound which masterfully pieces together luscious breakbeat drums, shimmering pads, and of course Benny’s gentle yet catchy voice, to create an uplifting yet chill experience at every turn. The guys have released four original tracks in this style and now excitedly announce the release of their album, The Shape Of Things, coming later this year. With their soul infused tunes like “One” and “Patterns,” the duo show their ability to effortlessly bend genres, taking elements from electronic, indie, R&B and hip-hop, to create a truly unique listening experience.



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Swathed in the sounds of gold, Thai songstress Pyra returns with her latest single, “Regret Me.” Combining ancient world sounds with modern dance music, the lyrical siren radiates a radical elegance. “Regret Me” boasts chopped production that skips atop a vibrant beat like a stone on water. Stitched together with a DNA of ominous glamour, Prya’s fluid, vocal strut can not be overstated. A labyrinth of digital production transforms into a mosaic colored by her seductive, stormy voice. Her coolness comes with a sense of wisdom, and ease. Lose yourself in this psychedelic crossover of temptation and rhythm.



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Celebrating the echoing soundscapes of indie electronic music, Berkeley-based producer Emmit Fenn returns in an R&B-esque fashion with his latest drop, “Without You” featuring Drew Love. Defined by a slackened cadence and seductive lyricism, the duo showcases a deep sense of synchronicity. Revered not only for his mellow take on dance music, Emmit’s poetic vocals simultaneously stand as a pillar in his signature aesthetic. “Without You” is as tranquil as it is prolific. The silvery outline pays tribute to music that reaches far beyond the influence of everyday electronic production. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Polished and fluid, “Without You” stands at the apex of indie-R&B. Emmit, Drew, we're listening. 



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Swathed in allure, Belgium-based producer Alex Lustig returns with “Enough,” boasting the esoteric vocals of Melbourne’s own Akacia. Having produced for hip-hop legends by the likes of Young Thug, MGK, and Freddie Gibbs, Alex Lustig is redirecting his resonance into something softer, a sound defined by mysticism. “Enough” is built on meditative pillars, strong enough to carry his signature sound, and gentle enough to feed the soul. A smoked out beat lays the foundation for Akacia’s seductive lyricism to glow with bliss. This organic framework of sonorous sounds is saturated with a whispering mantra, proving his enchantment is set to be long-lasting. Join us on this cloud, as we lose ourselves in the trance-like labyrinth that is the prodigal mind of Alex Lustig.