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Autograf has been on a roll from their hit originals “Nobody Knows” “Simple” and “You Might Be” to their stunning remixes for Clean Bandit, Lukas Graham, and Juke Ross, the trio can’t be stopped! And now they just so happen to remix one of my favorite artists/biggest girl crush Halsey for her single “Bad At Love”. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first, because it’s the worst when a song you really like gets a remix and it just doesn’t feel right…but that is not the case here. Autograf somehow manages to capture the emotion and soul from the song but gives it a totally new vibe. With crunchy synths, trap style drums, and Halsey’s buttery voice floating on the top it is the ultimate combination. It's so awesome that it will have you both singing along and doing weird dance moves in your car so everyone will wonder what fire your dropping from the driver seat. 

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Bred in the live music capital of the world, Bronze Whale of Austin, TX has solidified their come-up in recent months with their future synth aromas, and formidable chemistry. The duo's artistic vision is restless, ever-expanding. Their latest unveiling, "High" combines electrifying waves of synth production with brooding hip-hop verses from a second Austin duo, 5-D. With a rounded out synergy, "High" is a lightening-in-a-bottle track with a cosmic resonance that expands BW's musical reach and highlights the depth of their dexterity. Drawing inspiration from their city, the track echoes with individuality giving birth to a new-age sound of dance music and rap. "High" is rich in energy- an atmospheric expulsion of colorful, audible waves booming with syrupy production and finely tuned bars. Volume up.



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Up until now, “woo woo” was an interesting phrase in the lexicon of English slang. Merriam-Webster defines “woo-woo” as an adjective meaning dubiously or outlandishly mystical, supernatural, or unscientific. A Woo Woo is also a sweet fruity cocktail. But “WUWU” is an acronym meaning “What’s up with you?”— fitting for the 21st century, and the rapper who is going to usher it into the text messages of today’s youth: Thutmose. We’re big fans of the Nigerian-born Brooklynite and are excited to be in on the ground floor of his rise to success.

“WuWu” is only Thut’s 5th original song on his Soundcloud, but he’s already amassed hundreds of thousands of plays across the various streaming platforms. “WuWu” is one of my favorites of his to date—it’s such a jam. It feels like an island vibe and a trap beat went on a date at a Miami bar and Thut came to serenade them both over Mai Tais. Give it a listen and add it to your party playlists on Spotify now.



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After a slew of successful remixes, our boy Thoreau has finally released his first original, and it was certainly worth the wait. His latest effort, an exploratory future bass record "Illusion" is an epic tune from the second you hit play. It starts with string plucks and sound effects as ethereal ahh's lead us in to Tina Decara's first verse. The tune envelopes you in pulsing gyrations of sound right after she sings "I'm High on the way that it feels" leading us into an impactful chorus with an energetic rhythm section and warped vocals. The second verse brings in Thoreau's signature blend of beats and rock guitar. We've come to expect a spicy blend of guitar and synths in most of Thoreau's productions, and this one falls right in line. Illusion is a dope addition to his growing catalogue of sweet tunes and is a proper advancement in his sound.     



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It's no secret that I have become a sucker for filous. From his whimsical arrangements and lovely guitar that are entangled in each tune, whats not to like? The 20 year old Australian singer/producer finds himself following in the footsteps of some of the best from Flume to ODESZA, and with his 11+ HypeM number ones and a quarter of a billion plays on all platforms it looks like there is no sign of slowing down. Now the brilliant artist brings us his "For Love" EPwhich features 6 beautifully cohesive tracks that I could talk about all day long, but I will spare you all the paragraphs and tell you about my favorite track. "Already Gone" ft Emily Warren (which you may recognize from her song with The Chainsmokers) at times is a very light almost acoustic track, but then twists into a cinematic adventure that will give you all the feels. Once again he highlights what he does best with plucky guitars, a little light percussion, and of course Emily's incredible voice...and BOOM your new favorite track is born. 


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For the unawares, Rusty Hook, aside from his contribution to the Slow Hours project, has been lurking around SoundCloud racking up millions of plays and drawing off the oldest heads on the platform. He has been building his cv and biding his time, but now he is ready to release his first original project, Romance is Dead, Good Riddance. The first single of the compilation, ‘Relief’, features smooth and colorful vocals from brother-sister duo Truitt. Rusty Hook’s production on the track blends R&B with electronic, leaving a lasting impression. Combined with the sultry lyrical delivery of Truitt, the track truly shines.



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Following the success of his Cosmos & Creature assisted single “Children”, Listenbee has returned with an official remix in tow. Supported everywhere from MrSuicideSheep to Hardwell’s Off The Record on Sirius XM and reaching #1 on Hype Machine, the original was a genuinely jubilant cut with a carefree ethos. Thus it makes sense he’s tapped Attom - whose remix credits include Steve Aoki and Bishop Briggs - for a flip that maintains the youthful energy of “Children” while serving a breezy, chilled out vibe to perfection.



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One month ago, SAINT WKND and MAX teamed up to bring to fruition their collaborative single, "Survive." While the original piece is a stand-out single on its own, Palm Beach-based PLS&TY took the track and ran with the wind on his "Survive" remix. The OG track is indefinitely more low fidelity, intentionally sending notes through a grainy filter to create a vintage electronic sound. While maintaining respect for the proprietors, PLS&TY shifted "Survive" into a colorful, kinetic masterpiece. Emitting colorful vibrations, and an exhilarating resonance, this particular treatment is distinct, outstanding. Each drop is a release of vivacity, bringing life each metaphysical note, making the intangible, tangible. Intense, yet approachable PLS&TY's flip of "Survive" is an animated, electronic anthem with zeal and vigor. 



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Got some fresh new music for ya today for our next premiere that we think you are gonna love love love! Canadian electro-pop duo Electric Treasure drop their new single "Familiar Faces" via SF based indie label Popgang Records for all the end of summer feels! It may already be snowing in some parts of the country, but Electric Treasure wants up to keep summer alive with their warm and bouncy new track filled with laid back melodies and bright pop vocals. Thanks for keeping summer alive guys!