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Intoxicating like a cabernet by a warm winter fire, Benji Lewis’ latest release is a river of emotions and intellect. “Ride” is a blanket of feelings, a swim through a vast stream of intoxicating sounds, an effervescent plane of both pleasure and pain. His moving take on alternative resonance is sincere, possessive, moving. Almost impossible to articulate, Benji Lewis blends his medicinal vocal powers with Lincoln Jesser’s feathery production. An indescribable truth radiates from “Ride,” slowing the world around you, awakening your truest self. Lose yourself in this hazy labyrinth defined only by Benji Lewis.



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In a matter of months, Mickey Kojak has made quite a name for himself. After the well-received unveiling of his Daft Punk “Something About Us” cover, a world-wide fan base accumulated, quickly submerging listeners into his self-made, colorful world of disco-house. His latest release “Bones” is a genreless melting pot of digitized funk and complex cadences. Mickey’s textured, cheeky vocals echo, as each transition is drawn out with a poised seduction. Psychedelic to boot, “Bones” fits in gorgeously with his previously released gems. Still relatively new to the music scene, this Aussie character is a refreshing muse in an often often over-saturated industry. Stay spunky, Mickey, we’re listening.



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Bringing the sounds of the summer to the holiday season, Vienna-based duo PALASTIC brings electro-pop to life with their latest unveiling, “Goldmine.” Amassing a stunning 16 million streams across their discography since their 2016 debut, PALASTIC is quickly becoming a preferred ensemble in the pop atmosphere. “Goldmine” kicks off with a syrupy, salsa-esque melody. A cool breezy air rises as the production ascends into a bouncy, optimistic plane of digitalism. Subtly chopped and tropical to boot, PALASTIC is sunshine and saltwater with “Goldmine.” Tune in with us.

“We love this track! Written in the first sunny days of spring surrounded by good vibes, the mood easily translated into this upbeat, contagious song” -PALASTIC



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Electro-funk producer Late Night Radio is finishing up his 2018 with a bang. At the heels of his recently-released album Sunday, the future-funk producer returns with his official remix of Break Science’s “Anthemy Mason” featuring Brasstracks. A melting pot of funk, soul, hip-hop cadences, and nu-disco, the forces behind this “Anthemy Mason” remix are amongst the leading figures in organic electronic music. Balancing a bodacious beat with a wicked horn section, this remix pays tribute to the original single while simultaneously leaving listeners feeling refreshed by Late Night Radio’s unique take on funk. This syrupy remix is a wildfire of groove, setting the stage for what’s soon to be a fantastic 2019 for Late Night Radio- watch this space.

Disclaimer: Late Night Radio is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey



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Hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania three-piece ensemble Exmag returns with a swift swagger via their 2-track EP “Glimpses of a Vision.” The electro-funk outfit blends live instrumentation with contemporary disco, breathing life into the revolutionary genre. The EPs first single, “Amável” is a chamber of vibrancy, radiating sensual grooves that are both alluring and invigorating. A formidable horn section works as an anchor for sexy, lush synths to flow with ease. This palpable, funky joint is carefully layered, textured with a jazzy resonance. This immersive lead single lays the foundation for the second track, “In This” featuring rising rapper Ehiorobo. Both tracks are an audible parallel to the EPs artwork- bold, abstract, and inspiring. Ease yourself into the wonderful world of Exmag with “Amável” and lean into the brief, yet enthralling offering that is “Glimpses of a Vision.”



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Beautiful Buzzz favorite Alex Lustig returns boasting his signature charm with his latest single “Love Like Us.” A driving force as a producer behind the scenes for Freddie Gibbs and Young Thug, Lustig’s solo career is an esoteric take on indie-electronic. His feathery production, ethereal transitions, and crisp vocal features are the pillars that define his stunning catalog of sounds. “Love Like Us” carefully balances easy cadences and hip-hop-esque chops, creating a tonal divergence that doubles as synchronicity. Alex Lustig, we’re listening.

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Cheeky and vibrant, Nashville’s most inspired post-genre sensation Spazz Cardigan strikes gold with his latest offering, “DOIDOIT.” Raised by Queen and MJ, and inspired by Kanye and Bjork, his unique influences shine with radiance in “DOIDOIT.” Characterized by a DNA of romantic theatrics, subtle vigor, and undeniable glamour, this outline of sounds is a charming venture of resonance. Each vibrant transition is complimented by Spazz’s robust, alluring lyricism. Not to be defined by any one genre, Spazz Cardigan is manifesting his own reality, one where he will never be put inside of a box. Bubbly on the surface, yet profound in its entirety, “DOIDOIT” solidifies Spazz Cardigan as an artist to watch through the holiday season and into the new year- watch this space.

“‘DOIDOIT’ is about the one question that I think unites everyone: 'why am I the way I am?' It's a reflection on my life over the last few years as I've moved from sleeping on couches to making a living with music and a dissection of the decisions I've made in the meantime. I've got a nasty tendency of basing my self worth on how busy I stay and how productive I am, and while that's fueled me in getting music off the ground it's also led to me tearing myself apart when I feel like I'm not living up to the expectations I set for myself. I got to a place about a month ago where it hit me how unsustainable that is over a lifetime, and ‘DOIDOIT’ was written in about 5 minutes as I questioned why my brain was wired that way. This is the quickest I've ever been able to write and release a song.



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Austin natives, and long time friends of Beautiful Buzzz, Bronze Whale, have once again released a track that we can’t help but support. Over the years of listening to their music, we have seen them create dynamic electronic remixes and moving originals, but nothing has seemed to compare to their latest material. They have managed to keep true to their electronic sound, while morphing it into their own style infused with breakbeat drums, R&B vocals and a soul that is truly untouched. Their new track “Never,” comes as yet another luscious original that uses muted melodies to complement the engaging, and emotional vocal that speaks to moments of grief, loss and the stages we go to to finally bring our head above water. If you’re looking for the next tune to get stuck in your head, then turn the volume up and enjoy.



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Vibrant and feminine, Yianna’s latest offering “Ordinary Love” is a striking framework of stirring sounds. This soulful indie joint is sensual and enticing, breathing life into elegant cadences defined only by the songstress herself. “Ordinary Love” boasts a natural ebb and flow that is both gorgeous and gritty, solidifying the musically-gifted queen’s place as an artist to watch. This bedroom talk anthem is saturated with romance and fearlessness, constructed with fiery passion. Tune into this intoxicating single of femme resonance as you lose yourself in the beauty that is “Ordinary Love.”