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Heroic Recordings is establishing itself as one the most sound and reliable outlets for indie-electronic music. One of Heroic Recordings most notable artists, the one with the stunning jaw line, Dooqu, just released a dreamy, progressive-synth single. "Cirlces" featuring singer-songwriter Ian Gott is a brief, yet fulfilling track rich in emotional depth. Gott's jarring lyrics are in fine tune with the airy leads carefully executed by Dooqu. The track is riddled with charm and attention to detail, both instrumentally and lyrically. Gott sings, in a whimsical tone, "the yarn from your shirt unravels my nerves-" lyrically exposing the power of detail in a not-so-romantic age. Its elements are fractalized, but the sum of its parts create a idyllic, consciously driven piece. Dooqu's latest release is a diamond in a world of musical dust. Explore and stream this arduous collaboration, via Spotify now. 


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We've been known to stray outside the normal "electronic music" genre that we feature on BB from time to time - and today I've got a sweet little treat for ya! LA singer, songwriter and bedroom producer, Gabriel Black just released a new track "Sad Boy" that's 1/2 alternative pop and 1/2 emo, and I'm kinda crazy about it! This debut single is a shining glimpse into what's to come from this newcomer, who also happens to be the creative force behind his visual brand, drawing and curating every piece to tell his story! Pretty cool! 


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No better way to start off a Monday morning than with a premiere of a super chill jam filled with all the feels! This fresh duo just nailed it! Los Angeles producer and vocalist jy and Los Angeles songstress tribes. just dropped a bitter sweet electro R&B fused track "Release Me." With intimate vocals and ethereal future beats, "Release Me" is an emotional love song that has us feeling a bit sad but loving the vibe! You can stream on Spotify HERE! Get into this one kids!    


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Hunter is getting his groove on at Paradiso at The Gorge this weekend, so I have updated the Spotify playlist this week .... and wow wow wow wow ..... so much great new music this week I  almost can't stand it! We've got new tracks from Flight Facilities, ANIMA!, SWIMS, Kid Froopy, Slow Hours, Alexander Lewis + Brasstracks, OTR, Carneyval + Hudson Thames, Midoca, and my girl-band crush VÉRITÉ! Follow Beautiful Buzzz Selects Spotify Playlist for all the goods! 



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The power of a clean house track is unparalleled. There is something about the way simple, charming melodies move spotlessly around a consistent, undeviating pulse. It is energetic without chaos, and rich without complication. Maryland-based house producer, Fomo just dropped a single that possesses the simple, yet fruitful spirit of a proper house track. "Vibes" is a stimulating, feet-shuffling, almost centering treasure. Channeling O.G house production and tribal undertones, "Vibes" is a refreshing jewel that is powerful enough to physically move you- regardless of if you want to. The single is personified with Fomo's suave yet humble charisma; it is powerful, opulent, grand, but never gaudy. It's often hard to articulate the striking characteristics of this unique facet of electronic music. But, in only one listen to "Vibes" there is a world of understanding and appreciation for well-engineered house music. Explore, share, and support Fomo's latest piece of art on Soundcloud- we have it on repeat. 


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Some of my most vivid memories of in college, not to mention formative bonding experiences with lifelong friends, occurred with an RAC remix in the background. Industrious doesn’t even begin to describe the volume of amazing work he has graced our ears with over his long, yet seemingly ageless, career. Throw St. Lucia into the mix and you have a recipe for greatness anytime, every time. The two recently combined forces again to bring “The Beautiful Game” into existence for our listening pleasure, and needless to say they deliver. Like a lot of their previous work, the track pulls me into a state of contemplation over the furious contradictions that come with loving someone. The juxtaposition between melodic indie pop beats and lyrics outlining the intoxicating frustrations of infatuation get me every time. If you’re trying to catch those feels in person RAC just kicked off the North American portion of their tour with a full list of stops here. RAC & Jean from St. Lucia also graced the interwebz with a Q&A session you can view here.  Stream/Download your very own copy here.


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Fresh off a pair of performances at EDC, Mahalo is keeping spirits high with his celestial new piece of liquid house perfection in "Heaven". Back again with his vocal partner Cat Lewis the duo has churned out yet another piece of silky smooth house music that will melt you into your seat. Perfect Havoc is known for breaking BB faves like Tobtok and Oliver Nelson, and I heard were eager to sign Mahalo's sound. With tracks like "Current Mood", and my personal fave his hypem chart topping remix of Trace's "Honey" we knew this Mahalo thing wasn't a flash in the pan. Now we're hearing rumors of a signed single to Insomniac Records, and bookings at some major festivals, I think it's safe to say he has arrived. This epic tune features a contemplative lead synth line that is simply "Heaven." The track will be live on Spotify tomorrow (Friday June 23rd), ready to add to your favorite dance party playlist.


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Electronic music is often portrayed as its own, stand-alone genre- specific to a certain crowd, following specific chord progressions and melodies. But, in recent years electronic production has influenced genres as niche as garage rock and heavy metal. Simply put, electronic music is changing the way the world listens to, and composes music. Stoney Roads Records' artist, Mazde confirmed this theory with the release of his single, "Neverland." The single was a collaborative track with Rhode Island rapper, Khary, combining two, seemingly different worlds, EDM and rap. As Mazde continues his European summer tour, he is rekindling his relationship with the 9 month old track by passing it on to two other producers for remixing. NYC duo, MEMBA and Seattle based, Ark Patrol stepped up to add their own, unique third dimension to "Neverland." MEMBA's treatment is self proclaimed as "cheeky." The twosome added a bangin' trap vibe, overflowing with pleasantly nasty turns and drops—it is dynamically hype. While MEMBA turned it into a slam dunk piece, Ark Patrol layered "Neverland" with a slower, deeper and darker resonance, putting emphasis on the conscious nature of its lyricism. It's safe to say that Mazde passed the torch to the proper artists for capitalization. Each remix possesses a distinctly different spirit, giving the original release the complimentary elements it deserves. Explore these polar yet plentiful remixes via Soundcloud, and keep your eyes peeled for a very special Mazde Buzzzmix coming soon. 

Mazde European Tour Dates:
03 JUN - Young & Tuneful, Germany
18 JUN - Aperitivo al Verde, Italy
07 JUL - Neversea Festival Constanta, Romania
29 JUL - MOX, Cluj Napoca, Romania
03 AUG - Untold Festival, Romania
04 AUG - Sounds Of The Forest, Germany
01 SEP - Awake Festival Targu Mures, Romania


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There are many days I feel like the "music industry" should be renamed to the "hustle industry" because we all live that hustle life. I've never met harder working individuals anywhere else, from artists to agents to managers to buyers, we all work 24-7 and never give up. If you don't know that hustle life, you're doing it wrong! Know who's doing it right tho ..... these two incredible artists riiiiight here! LA Producer Alexander Lewis and Brooklyn future bass duo Brasstracks combined their big brassy sounds on this cover of "All Of The Lights" and I am feeeeeling it. Both these rising stars have spent the past year on that strong hustle releasing one fire track after another, and we love supporting them every step of the way! This is the future of music, these are the guys breaking new ground. You can grab a free download HERE