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Happy Friday kids! Here at B.B., our Fridays are absolutely sacred to us as we are greeted with an abundance of new and fresh music. One of my personal picks that I couldn’t pass up on is the new collaboration from steadily rising pop singer/songwriter Kailee Morgue and globally recognized electronic producer Whethan. In light of today being Whethan’s birthday, I figured there was no better day than today to share their single “Do You Feel This Way.” The track showcases the two's irrefutable musical chemistry through Kailee’s fervent vocals and Whethan’s evenly-paced rhythms that match the aesthetic set by the calm, yet confrontational lyrics. This one is an undeniable jam that you’re going to find yourselves putting on replay.



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I didn't want anyone to start the holiday weekend without at least one more new jam! New to the scene and oh so dreamy is Belgium producer Alex Lustig.  He's dropped a new track called "Morning ft. Anjulie" that is making all our future pop dreams come true.  With bright rhythms and easy-going vibes under lambent vocals, we have ourselves some fresh sounds that everyone can get into.  Swoop that free download HERE!

Disclosure: Alex Lustig is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.

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Recently I had a conversation with a few music industry people about how we have a hard time understanding those who do not like music.  Because music is the soul reason many of us feel alive, it's hard to imagine people not being passionate about music ... you don't have to be into the exact same music I am ... but be passionate about something!  Then .... our favorite Aussie threesome drop this track late last night ... and I ask the same question ... how can you not feel anything when you listen to this ... because I feel EVERYTHING!  RÜFÜS's new single "No Place" IS everything! For years this band has touched my soul in every way, from their magical jams to their amazing friendship - there is definitely no place I'd rather be when I'm with RÜFÜS. Listen to this new track, and tell me you feel nothing, because it's just not possible! I can't wait for the new record!  



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Curt Reynolds channels the laid back San Diego beach town mentality with his recent single release, “Fill In The Blank.” This release draws closer to his forthcoming EP, dropping early next month. With recent performances at Lollapalooza, SnowGlobe, and Splash House, he’s been gaining recognition and making an impact on the busy scene over the last year. He credits his happy, funky-disco sound to growing up in Solana Beach with constant sunny days. Now residing in Los Angeles, he draws inspiration from different angles, living by the beach to stay connected to nature, in the midst of fast-paced urban sprawl. Beautiful Buzzz spoke with him and he’s promised a variety of feels, styles and fun sets in the near future!



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Sensual, smooth, and properly in sync- New York producer Element and Boston’s R&B genius, Khamari have teamed up to release their sultry, intellectual single, “You.” Taking the East Coast by storm, the duet shares a sense of respect and admiration for one another's respective craft. Having already been homies, the partnership comes to fruition by the likes of buttery production, rolling drum cadences, and a controlled ebb and flow of synth. Carefully layered and curated, “You,” is the sound of electro-r&b at its apex. Khamari’s crisp, palpable hymns cascade with ease atop a genre-blending horizon of sexy, synthesized sounds. Navigate your Tuesday with this cool track from two brilliant collaborators.



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We all know that at some point during every music festival after hours of dancing, sometimes even days of it...when you finally sit or lay down and rest your body, it rejoices as you feel a pent-up weight float off of your body. Recharging your body is almost a constant necessity when it comes to a festival, which is something that Lightning in a Bottle understands and caters to well. According to The DoLab, “Yoga is the antidote to tired festival bodies; our classes will restore your body and re-inspire your breath.” There are two dedicated movement spaces at this year’s Lightning in a Bottle festival, Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol. These carefully and creatively crafted spaces are inviting and offer yoga and guided meditation classes from the early morning all through the evening.

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Whether you’re a professional yogi, or simply learning and in need of a stretch, Lightning in a Bottle will have something for you. The festival’s yoga offerings purposely range to be inclusive of all styles and levels of yoga, and are taken from both traditional practices to those that are wildly fun and unconventional. If you’re familiar, some of the practices you can find at the festival are Vinyasa, Kundalini, ecstatic dance, kids yoga, sound healing, guided meditation and more.

This year, Lightning in a Bottle has announced that they will be hosting a roster of highly-esteemed practitioners ready to lead and support your journey to mindfulness. There will be practices led by world-renowned instructors such as Cristi Christensen, Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman and more. Furthermore, there is sure to be a practice for everyone...with a “Reconnect, Recharge, Reboot” class put on by Kiyomi Takahashi in addition to a “deep house yoga” presented by JQ Williams, Valerie Rutka, and DJ AlissaJo. The full Yoga & Movement lineup can be seen here:

So whether you’re ready to immerse yourself deep in a prana flow or simply want to savasana under a beautiful shaded structure and relax, Lightning in a Bottle has the spaces and teachers for you. Lightning in a Bottle invites you to check out and learn more about the variety of classes and instructors, and add to your festival schedule on their interactive lineup here. Check out all of the lineups that the festival has to offer, including music, art, performance & culture, and vendors so that you can plan your schedule accordingly, and leave room for rejuvenation.

All pictures provided by LiB from 2017’s festival.


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Some artists are so versatile; you have to hail them as creative gods. Jimmy Edgar continues to impress, often regarded as a renaissance man for his various talents, ideas, and style. From music, graphic design, fashion design, filmmaking, and photography- he seems to be a student of all art. Edgar began experimenting with electronic music at age 10, preforming at 15, and iconically signed to Warp at 18. Influenced by music theory, modal interchange, and jazz transitions- he brings a unique style and flair. He recently released “Puzzled,” a single track, version of “switch switch.” Less than 2 minutes long and sourced from various hardware synthesizers, Edgar intends to give every sound away. The basic principle is creating songs within songs, to keep attention and harmonic variety. The Detroit native became legend during Detroit Electronic Festival when security guards began raving with the crowd. Turning music into a sensory experience, Edgar continues to gain following from his one-of-a-kind sound.



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He claims he is never mad, and never takes naps- quite the conundrum considering his name is Madnap. Tune into his remix of Win and Woo’s “Chasing Tail,” and you’ll get a proper feel of his refreshing, optimistic, awakening energy. A musician named after the perfect contradiction, Madnap leaves a distinct imprint on Win & Woo’s original piece, loosening the feel of a once specifically-tuned framework. Delicate melodies compliment a striking layer of synth production, lengthening the frequencies of the original single. As Madnap continues to release gem after gem, his signature sound becomes more defined, solidifying his position as one of our favorite producers to watch this year. Chill out with this fine flip of “Chasing Tail.”



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Picture this moment in time: I’m sweating, intoxicated, and digging my own grave in the name of networking exhaustion at SXSW in Austin, Texas. It’s 10 PM at Austin’s historic Scoot Inn, and ThisSongIsSick is showcasing artists by the likes of Louis Futon, and Classixx. All I need is a lighter. I meander my way past the bar and find a stool to set up shop, I dig through my purse for my Turkish Royals, and a lighter. Naturally, I have no luck on the lighter. I glance around to find a seemingly “cool” human to bum fire from. I strike up conversation with a handsome fellow who aptly lends his lighter for my self-righteous use. As we continue our small-talk, I come to find he is a member of the creative collective that is NVDES, playing a show a few blocks away in only a matter of hours. We talked about fears, and creative struggles as I made feeble attempts to blow my smoke in the opposite direction of the masses. That was it. I moved on with my evening, falling victim to the beauty that is my down comforter, and didn’t think much of the aforementioned composers.

It was only days later that I realized exactly who NVDES was. The creative collective, led by Josh Ocean, is one of the grooviest, rising contemporary ensembles in the game. They’ve seen a slew of successes over the last 6 months alone, and their latest single, “Anything Goes” was featured in Spotify’s official “New Music Friday” playlist upon release. A rugrats-esque intro drops into a mid-tempo wave of groove, and chrome-like production. The lyricism is outlined to mimic the rhythm of hip-hop verses- conversational and idiomatic. It’s playful aura is inviting, and saturated with vibrancy. Their consistent, colorful aesthetic directly translates into, “Anything Goes,” as technicolor vibrations cause synesthesia, awakening senses beyond the obvious. Tune in and stayed tuned for more from the peachy outfit that is NVDES.