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Minimal and innovative, Aussie’s own JVLY returns with “Blue Pill,” the debut release for Mammal Sounds Records. Featuring vocals from Sydney-based SARAI, “Blue Pill” is a Lo-Fi, bedroom R&B masterpiece. His unique take on production shines with this release- both warm and demanding. Creating a genre all his own, JVLY follows no particular algorithm to create such alluring bodies of art, allowing him to stand righteously outside the mainstream. As a wave continues to break in the music industry, JVLY is cruising waters miles ahead of the tipping point. Explore this labyrinth of mid-tempo feels and keep your eyes peeled from both JVLY and Mammal Sounds Records. This is just the beginning.



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Axel Mansoor is just keeping the momentum going. Fresh off an Emmy (yes you read right) Emmy nom nom nom, and an epic selfie-led music video for 'Talk To Me' that was featured by Buzzfeed, Axel is in no way looking backward. He's grinding and working hard to make beautiful tunes to bring to our earholes, and he's most certainly done it again with 'Brothers'. This folky acoustic and vocal-led single comes as the last song on the newly released Somerset EP named for the street he wrote it on. The song has a heart wrenching story to accompany the heavenly tune. Axel speaking about the song:

"'Brothers' was never supposed to be on this EP. It was an older song I had hung up a while ago, loved but never brought down. In January, I received an email from a grieving mother who had recently lost a son — she explained to me that her other son had found the song and that it had helped their family through the pain. I’ve never cried so hard from an email. I’d never met her son and yet it felt like I had lost him too. I knew I had to make a new version, and I asked her if I could dedicate it to him. Well…"Brothers" is out now, in loving memory of Brody Stewart (December 30, 1991 - January 14, 2018)."

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz contributor Mike Doose



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Master of vintage vibes and soulful swag, the one and only Tim Atlas is back with a new tune just as he prepares to embark on his All Talk! Summer Tour, and we’re excited to have the honor of premiering it for you today on this lovely New Music Friday. 

Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Counterfeit” is a short and sweet slice of classic Tim Atlas grooviness. Replete with a sassy bass line, plenty of cowbell, sexy synths, and cheeky gang vocals for good measure—it’s a bouncy toe tapper that’ll have you moving without even realizing it. Tim’s soft and subdued vocals glide above the 80’s rock drums, nostalgic synths and jazzy guitar and bass licks. Like most of Atlas’ music, it transports you back to an earlier era while maintaining an air of contemporary electro-funk of which the likes of Chromeo or Cherub would likely be fans. 

Speaking about the track, Tim said:
"We're all guilty of indulging in something when we know we shouldn’t. But we do it anyway because we’re human and we often choose that feeling over what actually makes sense."

Catch Tim Atlas on tour in a city near you
JUN 17 Bottom Of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
JUN 20 The Peppermint Club - Los Angeles, CA
JUN 21 Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
JUN 23 The Barbary - Philadelphia, PA
JUN 27 Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
JUN 29 Middle East - Cambridge, MA


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Despite being relatively new to the dance music scene, AJ Salvatore is making stealthy gains in early, yet pioneering career. Garnering notoriety from Huffington Post and a slew of other heavy-hitting publications with only four releases under his belt, AJ Salvatore went on to find a home with HERO Records under the SONY umbrella. His latest release, “Alone” boasts features from vocalists Harley Bird and Valentina Franco, building an intellectual, artistic-powerhouse framework. Delicate harmonies, and electro alt-pop production coincide seamlessly, giving breath the breezy cadences that define its very mantra. Stitched with delicacy, and a powerful, poetic message, “Alone” is a piece that will help define AJ Salvatore’s lasting legacy in dance music.



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I’ve been following CRAY for a hot minute. Ever since I stumbled on her Soundcloud and the Mario Bros. themed artwork and video game sample-laden trap tracks caught my eyes and ears, I’ve been watching the rise of the gamer girl who also makes dope beats and tweets hilarious musings about food.

CRAY has come a long way as an artist since her first releases on Soundcloud. She has since started singing on her tracks and developed an indie pop leaning electronic sound. Her latest original single “Peaches” quickly amassed over a quarter of million streams on Spotify alone thanks to a catchy hook, silky vocals, and vibey forward-thinking production. Now we’re lucky enough to have a remix from one of the best remixers in the game, RAC! Everything the dude touches is gold and this “Peaches” mix is no exception. With the addition of gorgeous guitar parts, thick percussion rhythms, and just the right amount of synth embellishments, RAC’s version preserves what made the original great while introducing a new relaxed-yet-bright energy to the track. Go peep this one and add it to your summer playlists now!



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I can't even begin to describe the size of the smile that spread across my face when I saw there was a new one from one of my favorite artists to date, Louis Futon. Everything the Philly-native touches turns to pure gold. Take his latest work, a cover of J. Cole's original, “Kevin’s Heart,” for example. There’s really no other way to characterize the rework than as a certified JAM.

Collaborating with the gifted minds of Bellah, BXRBER and Armani White, LF takes the popular R&B single and spins it into his own funk-driven interpretation, roping you in immediately with an infectious beat that is signature to his brand. The rhythm is complimented with a jazzy, emphasized take on the melody of which is shaped through an amalgamation of crisp, futuristic synths. J. Cole's verses also receive a makeover through the honeyed, harmonizing vocals of Bellah and BXRBER, while Armani White packs in the heat with his very own lyrical lines. Just hit play and you’ll realize within seconds that one listen will not be enough to satiate your ears.



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On gloomy days like the one we're experiencing over here in New York, we always need some sort of pick me up. For me, that's music. Luckily I stumbled upon this new little gem by SF-based producers Medii and singer/songwriter Kristen Olsson, titled “Run Dry.” Combining elements of pop, electronic and R&B stirred together with twinkling synths and impassioned chord progressions, this uplifting tune allows you to still see the sunlight even on the most ominous of days. As it elicits a rush of adrenaline through gripping build ups and a powerful chorus, it’s difficult not to feel elevated after a single listen to “Run Dry.”



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Romantic and alluring as ever, Benji Lewis returns after a massive flux in his career with “Us Again,” the enchanting sophomore single from forthcoming EP “Together Apart.” Uprooting from his native Australian land, Benji traveled to the states to perform at SXSW in Austin, Texas later making his final ascent to Los Angeles- a place he now calls home. Produced by close collaborator Golden Vessel, “Us Again” is a spacious, atmospheric composition with a sugary aura. Benji’s robust, honeyed vocals shine at the apex of the track, while the shimmering, perfumed production creates a labyrinth of echoing opportunities. We’re listening, Benji.



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 Player Dave crushing the stage at the Pagoda Bar at Lightning in a Bottle 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson  @youngianphoto

Player Dave crushing the stage at the Pagoda Bar at Lightning in a Bottle 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson @youngianphoto

We were lucky enough to catch Player Dave Sunday morning at Lightning in a Bottle a few weeks ago as he was grabbing some breakfast after his Saturday set at the Pagoda Bar. We sat down and asked him some quick and simple questions, asking for rapid responses. Thus, the answers range from both simple and quick, to deep and thoughtful, giving us an insight into the mind of the 20 year old artist. We learn a bit about the rising producer’s upbringing, inspirations, and finally find out exactly how he is creating such a unique identity through his sounds.

What's Player Dave's formula for production and success in such an incredible community? Read more below to find out.

 Player Dave queuing up heat at LiB 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson  @youngianphoto

Player Dave queuing up heat at LiB 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson @youngianphoto

Beautiful Buzzz: Let’s do it. We out here with the Player Dave. First question, where are you from?

Player Dave: San Clemente, California


Beautiful Buzzz: What was your favorite thing to do when you were growing up as a kid?

Player Dave: Playing guitar locked in my room by myself.


BB: What is your favorite part of your career as an artist?

PD: Being able to give back to the community that gave so much to me.

 Player Dave filled with happiness to the incredible crowd and their support at LiB 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson  @youngianphoto

Player Dave filled with happiness to the incredible crowd and their support at LiB 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson @youngianphoto

BB: Who were your biggest influencers throughout your career, both initially as well as now?

PD: Jimi Hendrix, Dave Tipper, and Sam Gellaitry


BB: Any artist or artists you’re hoping to work with this year or in the near future?

PD: Sam Gellaitry, CharlestheFirst, and Medasin


BB: Most memorable show you’ve played thus far for you personally, and or most memorable

PD: Lightning in a Bottle

 Player Dave dropping the mic during his 2018 Lightning in a Bottle set - Photo by Ian Johnson  @youngianphoto

Player Dave dropping the mic during his 2018 Lightning in a Bottle set - Photo by Ian Johnson @youngianphoto

BB: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

PD: Birds chirpin’


BB: What keeps you up at night?

PD: Music.


BB: Just listening to it?

PD: No, no, no, no, no, getting deep in making getting weird in my thoughts and staying in my room. When everyone goes to sleep, I take all of their energy while their sleeping and just transform it straight into my sounds.

 Player Dave at Lightning in a Bottle 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson  @youngianphoto

Player Dave at Lightning in a Bottle 2018 - Photo by Ian Johnson @youngianphoto

Player Dave definitely found success in his sounds at Lightning in a Bottle as he kept the entire crowd enthralled during his set which ranged from both chill and laid back to heavy and deep. By intermixing his original work with chiller artists such as Fla.mingo and harder hitters such as Chee, among various others, Player Dave proves that he has done his homework on the plethora of diverse music that exists in the industry’s space. Lightning in a Bottle is definitely an incredible stage for any artist, which only proved true for Player Dave as well. The combination of Player Dave’s promising set at LiB 2018, divergent range of inspirations, late night hard work, and incredibly original style, all with his his young age definitely makes for a promising future.

You can check out Player Dave's unique sound on Spotify, Soundcloud, and also connect with him on Instagram here: