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Here's something brand spanking new for ya kids! I'd like to introduce you to NAATIONS - your next favorite Aussie electro pop duo. NAATIONS pairs together Van She's Nicky Night Time and Nat Dunn, and they are creating some pretty awesome sounds that I think you'll go bananas over! I've actually been pretty excited about this project for some time, Nicky has been the ultimate homie and part of the BB fam for years, so I've heard all about NAATIONS and the excitement behind it. "Kingdom" is the first single to drop and it's so delicious ... you have to get into this one! Keep your ears open for more fresh jams from NAATIONS, we'll be covering it for sure! 


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I've recently become friends with both these West Coast fresh up-and-coming producers, so I am loving this collab remix they just put out of "Ruins" by Ryder. BKAYE & Ben Maxwell have both impressed me to the point that I have put them on upcoming BB/Crossroads shows ... and I can be very picky! But as you can hear from this siiick future beats flip, they are kinda bad ass! You're looking at two talented dudes who will be part of the next wave of creative music makers putting all that love into our ears. Grab yourself a free download HERE!


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Oh DENM -- everything this kid is putting into the world is perfection! This Los Angeles electro pop artist is slaying with this soulful dance grooves and wistful vocals, and his next original "Green" has got me feeling some kind of way.  DENM drops his debut EP, Dreamhouse, on August 26 - definitely something you can't pass up! Get into this one kids! 


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This week has been really hard personally - when life gives you lemons we are to make lemonade - but sometimes you can feel like you're drowning in it. So, this morning I am gonna try to get to some of my favorite tracks that have dropped over the past few days for all the rad feels, and this new Tim Gunter remix of "Afterlife" by XYLØ has topped the list. This Austin producer has added his flavor to the already amazing track and vocals by XYLØ frontwoman Paige, with awesome future beats over a dark sexy tone ... I love it! You can swoop a free download HERE


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I have to show some more love to Brasstracks. They have just had a killer year so far and I've absolutely loved all of their releases including the 'Good Love' EP which was just released last Friday. We actually had the pleasure of hosting Masego at our SXSW showcase last March, so when I saw these two teaming up I knew this was going to be something special. "Melanin Man" is everything I hoped for and more. The track is funky, soulful and yep super horny with an ice cold smoothness that's like non other. Masego hits the vocals with flair, the drumming keeps its snappy while the horn arrangements accent with pin point precision. This is a total jam and deserves every bit of support it can get. You can purchase the 'Good Love' EP on iTunes here, or stream on spotify here.   


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Lincoln Jesser is back with his third release on the iconic Spinnin' Deep imprint. Following up on the hugely successful single "Time Will Tell," Lincoln is back on the vocal duties for this one. "Lost Without You" seems to be a perfectly fitting name for this release due to the mesmerizing nature of the lead piano/synth line. The way the melody winds its way around leads you to feel like you're wandering a peaceful forest with no direction nor end in site. Good thing for us the journey is the destination and the journey feels soo good. The bass hits perfectly to keep you dancing while Lincoln's vocals and the light flute work at the end entrance us into an auditory mirage. Speaking of which, Lincoln also just announced that this single is the first from his Casa Mirage EP coming soon. He also just launched his own Spotify playlist of the same name featuring a mix of chill, deep, funky, and euphoric tunes that he happens to be vibing with at the moment. You can find that playlist here, and you can hear "Lost With You" on Spotify here.  


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It's elementary my dear Watson. Golden Coast is back with a killer new tune that's channeling your inner childhood. Working sucks, sometimes you need to just go outside and run around and Golden Coast has just the soundtrack. "Recess" is a beautifully simple yet effective tune, that smirks as it plays along. The opening synth bobs set the jovial tone as the massive claps groove us into the first verse. The "Hey's" chime in as the half falsetto vocals proclaim "I just want to go to recess." I love the high school marching band like drumming at the end, music supervisors beware Golden Coast has made a terrifically syncable tune with this one. Regardless Golden Coast is keeping the summer vibes very much still alive as we're nearing the beginning of September.  


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As if this young Norwegian producer has not already stolen our hearts multiple times this year with all the amazing music he's putting out, Jerry Folk has another new one to make our day a little brighter via our besties over at Next Wave Records. "Life Under Water" is filled with all the sexy time vibes with sultry soulful vocals over future beats for all the feels! I am so in love with this one! Want more awesome news? Jerry Folk will be hitting the road with the homie Jai Wolf for their Kindred Spirits North American Tour this fall, and you can check out dates here!


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Ah yes another great Moving Castle release this time courtesy of yung newcomer Kid Froopy. "bb (four missed texts)" is a upbeat electro pop record I'm dubbing future pop, with all sorts of earworms to dive into. The track starts energetic with light airy synths and piano before diving back down with a smattering of guitar strums and ambient pads. As the record picks back up with the vocals we're introduced to more spritely guitar licks and bass. The vocals lightly anchor the top end as the synth work bobs and weaves around the percussion. My favorite part comes about 2:50 in when we're treated to a breakdown with terrific arp work building us back up through the end. This original comes right after an excellent release of Kid Froopy's energetic remix of Hoodboi's "Closer ft. ASTR." There's a bright future ahead here, but for now you can grab this track on retailers here.

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