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It's eclipse day and I think there's no better brand of ethereal electronic music as Attom's celestial sounds. Attom's music has such a loftiness to his production that you feel like you're floating on air. I would say his music is an offshoot of tropical, but really it's in a category all its own. The cascading pulses of chimes and bells fit perfectly alongside the atmospheric guitars and the (keeping with the theme) Cosmos & Creature's vocals. Brandyn and Molly can do no wrong, and are serious workhorses in the market of indie pop. Add that all up and you get a tune that's wonderfully ready for you to "Dive" into. 


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It's that time again .... time to  get cray cray with our homie SNBRN! We are teaming up with Another Planet Entertainment and are super excited to welcome this LA producer back to Mezzanine in San Francisco on November 4. Last year's show was epic, so I am foreseeing another great night ahead! Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, and will sell out quickly so be sure to swoop yours ASAP! In the meantime - grab a free download of his latest track "Ele" HERE!



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Here at Beautiful Buzzz, we adore Prince Fox. He continues to humbly top charts and climb the ladder of success while remaining novel, and refreshing. Sure, he's a friend of ours, but if you dissect the many facets of adoration that make up our relationship with Prince Fox, the most defining piece comes in the fact that he is one of the best in the game right now. His latest track, "Space" featuring QuinnXCII is yet another testament to his unwavering gift for production. "Space" is a soft single with a demanding, smoky, dark beat. QuinnXCII's falsetto-esque vocals delightfully contrast the rich, round beat- much like an eclipse. It is garnished with romance and philosophy, both musically and poetically. The track digs deep, and spontaneously rises into a twinkling, approachable resonance. It's a stunning track to say the least, and you know we added this piece to our weekly Spotify playlist. Support Prince Fox on Soundcloud with our link above, and on Spotify with our link below:


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Ah the time...the time just slips away so quickly. I wasn't going to let this track slip away from making it onto the BB pages. At this point Throttle doesn't need our help. He's been rocking festivals all over the world in the last year, but he's a homie, he played our south by southwest show, and we love him so we had to support his latest jam - this fever inducing dance floor heater "Baddest Behaviour". Living up to his appropriately titled name this track throttles the gas with a flame-like blend of dancehall vocals, horns, and groovy bass. This tune is just soo ready for dance floors everywhere and it's already getting serious air time from the biggest of DJ's. Time for you to "put your hands in the air" it's Friday, the weekend is here and this song is ready to be THE anthem for your weekend shenanigans. 


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If you’re a casual listener of Spotify’s curated chill/electronic playlists, there’s a good chance you’ve heard BAYNK. The New Zealand-based producer is known for his sensual textures and layered electronic arrangements on tracks such as “What You Need” and “Poolside.” He’s also released notable remixes for artists such as gnash (“I hate u, I love u”) as well as A R I Z O N A (“I Was Wrong”). 

While I can’t say for sure, there’s a good chance that Philadelphia-based artist Hazey Eyes has been on some of the same playlists as BAYNK. They both create supremely chill, atmospheric indie electronic music and share support from some of the same industry tastemakers, namely YouTube promotional channel turned full-on record label Majestic Casual. Today marks the release of BAYNK’s official remix package for his latest single “Come Home”, a collab with Chicago-based producer/vocalist Shallou. Hazey’s take is easily the most relaxing and moody redo of the four in the pack. It’s a delicate and tranquil piece of music that might make you teary, or in my case is keeping me sane and relaxed on this Friday morning despite the mountain of work I know I have ahead of me today. Enjoy!


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Finally it's Friday and I am ready to crush this weekend with large amounts of chill. To kick things off, our love Slow Magic has released his new single "Light ft. Tropics" from his forthcoming album and I am psyched! Having been a huge Slow Magic fan since forever, every time this legend puts out new music it's like it's Christmas Day. With light ethereal melodies mixed with swirly vocals and synthy future beats, this new track is heavenly! I can't wait to hear more!



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Our bb boys Louis The Child are back with another yummy remix, and it's just what the Dr. ordered after a long morning commute into the city, or for your first day back to real life after whatever festival you went too last weekend! These boys were in my hood at Outside Lands Festival .... crushed it! Today they drop new remix of "All Night" by Chance The Rapper, and it has all that Louis The Child flavor we love!  They also just announced new tour dates with some pretty great support artists - check and see if they are playing your city HERE! You can also swoop this remix as a free download HERE!  


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Ashe is a familiar name to our blog pages. The airy indie pop vocalist is known for her work with a slew of rising electronic producers such as Whethan, Louis The Child, Ben Phipps, and Win and Woo to name a few. She recently launched her solo career with a strong debut, a jazzy bop full of laissez-faire attitude called “Used To It."

A name that has surprisingly not yet been featured on the blog is Aire Atlantica. Another rising artist, Aire Atlantica is a “september born music producer from nyc” according to his FB page. He’s released some killer electronic remixes for the likes of Hotel Garuda, Billie Eilish, and K.Flay with his remix of “Blood In The Cut” probably being my favorite. Also be sure to check out his new originals which are more in the dance-pop crossover lane but are equally pleasing to the ear.

This latest remix of Aire’s comes via Ashe’s label Mom + Pop Records. It’s a bright new take on the record that almost feels as if Ashe is singing from aboard a 2048 space station instead of 2017 Venice Beach, California. That’s the best way I can describe it. I’ll just have to keep bumping this one in my car in LA until I can afford a trip outside the stratosphere.


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Fitting enough this new act Internet Friends did in fact meet over the interwebs. Alex and Boris were introduced by mutual friends on facebook, and immediately struck up a fast bond of shared musical influences. Flash forward, they've embarked on a project together, and have released "24/7" as their sweet initial offering. This record is a chill tropical inspired tune lead by the infectious vocals of Brook Baili. As the summer days are starting to morph into fall, this tune fits perfectly - with dashes of summer spice, mixed with mellow and relaxing overtones. The end result is pool ready electro pop record that won't get out of your head.