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Today has been a balancing act of work, trying to do things around the house like laundry, helping friends, trying to be impressive, and basically getting people to do what I want them to do! All in all a good day, a productive day, and I'm super excited to head out into the evening to kick off this exciting weekend! know what else is exciting? The latest original track from SLUMBERJACK "Open Fire ft. Daniel Johns" dropped this week and it's fucking fire! This is the first release the guys have had on a big American label, so quite an accomplishment! Cheers! It's filled with all the sexy soulful future beats feels we have all grown to love from this Aussie duo .. swooning! You guys can swoop this one from a number of music outlets HERE!  


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Yung KRNE is massive! I was robbed last weekend - someone came into the airbnb I was staying at in LA and took many of my things while I slept, including my fancy headphones! Therefor, I am currently sitting in a Starbucks somewhere of the 5 on my way back to San Francisco just trying to get a bit of work done, and in true giving 0 fucks fashion I blasted this new KRNE remix of "Summer Sixteen" by Drake so I could blog about it!  I'd like to say the Starbucks got lit - but I can't! I got lit tho ..... It's massive! Grab a free download HERE!  


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We were robbed yesterday! Our boys Coyote Kisses dropped a hot and steamy new original and through the powers of corporate label red tape it was yanked down out of our lives until another date hopefully sometime in the near future. It's cool tho because today our BFF's over at Next Wave were like - oh here's a super awesome new remix Kulkid crushed of "The Deep" by Coyote Kisses. I guess good things do always come with the bad - and we 100% love all things Kulkid puts into the world! This one is straight fire for the dance floor - the perfect way to kick off your weekend! Get into this one kids! 


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So it's Friday, which means it's the new new music release day, which means I have a very very busy Facebook messenger currently chiming away! Friday's are my new Mondays almost - like it's a constant flow of information coming all at once with so many great jams - industry really makes my Friday's tough! I'm feeling this one tho with it's ultra cool feels and electro pop vibes - Andrew Luce & Graves just crushed with new track "Up To You ft. Chelsea Cutler."  Synthy future beats mixed with light angelic vocals, this will definitely brighten up your day! 


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I've got something pretty special this morning - something so brand spanking shiny and new that I know you're going to love it!  Please meet Blair, a young pop artist out of Los Angeles, and today he drops his first track "Five Past Ten" for all kinds of delicious dance pop feels!  Coming from the electronic music world as a producer and touring DJ, Blair is getting back to his roots with this new project, where his love for playing live music in a band can shine through. Using plump and bouncy guitar riffs, sexy synths and his own vocals, this legend has manages to produce a track that is pretty much pop perfection. It's refreshing to hear new artists making amazing music that we can all vibe with! Grab this track as a free download HERE!   


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I'm thinking this will be the best thing you hear all day! I've been waiting for this one to drop because it's such hot hot steamy fire ... and finally we can all take part!  Grab your headphones y'all coz Bearson & Wheathin deliver a bananas remix of "Pillowtalk" by Zayn .... and it's super sexy! Both producers have some really cool things coming up this summer ..... this is just the beginning! You can grab this as a free download HERE!


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I 1/2 way feel like Eric should be posting this one - he's so much better with words than I am! Being the furthest thing from a music journalist, I may miss the mark of giving a track its just deserts - I just run this blog OK I never said I actually know what I'm doing! What I do know what to do is pick out the best tracks for all you legends to jam with, and this one is bananas good! Brandyn Burnette and Win & Woo are no strangers to BB, and seeing this collab for "Underneath" gives me all the feels! Brandyn Burnette's voice is like a dream .... swoon! Mix that with the always magical Win & Woo production .... you get some massive electro pop perfection! You guys can swoop this one from iTunes HERE!


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Our homies over at Next Wave keep churning out one amazing track after another - and this latest from Los Angeles newcomer Trace is like a little slice of heaven! All sorts of chill vibes here with "Low" - overflowing with electro pop melodies topped off with dreamy soft vocals, you should be getting a massive amount of feels with this one. I hear Trace has a ton of really cool things happening in 2016 - I can't wait to see what's next!  Until then get into this kids!


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Ah look right here! Our girl Monogem is back with a total summer jam "Take It Slow." We had so much fun with her at our Get Buzzzed Austin showcase and we know she's got a really bright future ahead of her. "Take It Slow" is a perfect mix of tropical and pop feels that's ready for your pool party, backyard grill, drive down the PCH, pretty much anytime you're feeling good! The record begins fittingly slow, but a hot second later the synth stabs chime in grooving behind her heavenly vocals. You can grab this on all digital retailers including Spotify right here.