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Oh it must be Tuesday, because I've got another fresh premiere to show everybody! I say that as a long lost ode to better days...a glorious time when Tuesday was the official music release day. Now we are but forced to deal with Fridays as the officially recognized international music release day. We are an event company that often has shows on you can see our dilemma with the choice, but alas we must now adhere to international standards (interesting read on why it was changed here). I digress..lets chat about our girl Ninth Child and her fantastic new tune "Say What You Mean". This record is full of exotic flare, mysterious vibes and interesting percussion. Much like her previous release "Ready," that we had the fortune of premiering, Natalia has established a distinctly arabic or worldly tone to her brand of electronic beats. That mixed with the vocals and vox chops combine into a flavorful sound that's easy to get swept up in. I was able to attend the music video release party for "Ready," a while back, and I'm hoping we'll soon see a similar treatment for this tune as well. Be sure to follow Ninth Child on Spotify here.   


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There's two things that really stand out to me in electronic music, they often go hand-in-hand, but when done right can turn a track into other-worldly good. First is simply good songwriting - just because electronic music is computer based and easier to make definitely does NOT diminish the raw skills it takes to construct the music. Think about how often we have seen really great guitar or piano covers of dance music hits (listen to both of Above and Beyond's Acoustic LP's if you really need an example). Second and what I'm going to focus on in this post is sound design. Sound design is the launchpad for electronic success. Some producers like Amon Tobin, CloZee, Bonobo and recently Tennyson immediately come to mind for outstanding sound design. Well pack Dutch duo Droeloe in with that group as expertly shown in their newest exposé "Wake the Warrior." An impressive amount of skill has gone in to the construction of this single with fantastic use of reverb, guitar, percussion and a droning bass sound that's sending chills down my spine. The haunting lead melody intertwines with night sound effects resulting in a soundtrack that could easily be inserted into Netflix's "Stranger Things." If you have a good set of headphones please use them to listen to this one so that you can really appreciate what the guys have done. "Wake the Warrior" is a perfect example where both songwriting and sound design have come together for raw electronic bliss. I encourage you to stream on Spotify here, and you can nab this as a free download here


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Well lookie lookie what we have here! In what feels like a short 4 months ago I did a little review of this pool splashin' single "Outta Here" from newcomers Papa Ya. Raking up a cool 779k plays on Soundcloud, I couldn't wait to hear their next installment. Flash forward to today I've been graciously given the opportunity to premiere their next soon-to-be-hit single "Sunny." Oh man, I know Halloween is right around the corner, but this new single is very much still keeping the summer heat alive! A bumpin' bass line and snaps appropriately start this upbeat jam leading us to Nate's vocals. The chorus lyrics perfectly exemplify the spritely instrumental, "Rollin' in deep got my girls with me, party gonna start when we step out the limousine," as they chant, "Woah Oh came for the hunnies...Drink till we're Sunny!" The dance chorus has a goofy bending synth line that's so infectious you can't help but smirk and tap your toes. This duo is fully ready to blow the top off of your pool party, and I don't care what the temperature is outside. Now I just need to see the music video and all will be complete. Grab this bright and shiny single as a FREE DOWNLOAD and promptly insert into all your pool party playlists.


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I am super excited to announce our next Crossroads After Party with the homies Louis The Child! Every time we get together with the yung Chicago producers we have the greatest time! They have sold out their show at Regency - so we're going to move the party over to Audio after and keep the night going strong. S/O to Crossroads x Audio for putting together another fire event (I love my job)! There will be very limited tickets available for this small club play - so grab yours ASAP before they sell out.  Also - check out their Diplo & Friends Mix above!



The New York based musical chef White Cliffs has returned with a slick bass heavy single "Come Here" featuring the dancehall vocals of Hugh EP. This is the second release from the imprint PRMD DSCVR which is a new sub-label of PRMD Music (Avicii, Hotel Garuda, k?d) aimed at music discovery by releasing a new track every two weeks. "Come Here" shines in it's simplicity with chest hitting sub and porky snares filling out the instrumental with a haunting piano melody and eclectic sound effects. Hugh EP keeps it funky and really brings the tune together with his vocals. We've been big supporters of White Cliffs before with his great remixes of Louis the Child's "It's Strange" and Alex Clare's "Too Close," and we definitely don't see this momentum slowing down anytime soon.


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I'm a little late getting to talking about this record, but Gigamesh is definitely one of my absolute faves, and this tune also features miss Kaleena Zanders who's recently become a friend and I just love her and her sumptuous vocals. "Synchronize" is one of the new tracks that recently debuted with the release of his full length LP 'Time Travels' last Friday showcasing hits like "The Music," "History feat. Damon Scott" and "I'd Do It Again" featuring fire vocalist Gavin Turek. "Synchronize" is another perfect example of Gigamesh's nu-disco inspired house that will have you tapping your toes from the second you hit play. The high hat work dazzles, the synths bob and weave, the piano hits with energy and Kaleena's vocals are soulful with oh so much yummy disco flare. I highly recommend giving the whole LP a spin. You can stream/download the LP on your favorite retailer here. You can also catch him live on tour with STRFKR across the US. Tour info available here

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Miami's up-and-coming techno act Sluggers has given us a dance floor heater of a record in their latest release "So Much Love" the second of two singles released from their upcoming EP 'Anthem' due 10/28 on A-Trak's bass friendly label Fools Gold Records. This track "So Much Love" is a groover of a dance cut that entices you in with its friendly vocal line, but then smacks you across the face with a dark driving bass line. Perfect for your upcoming Halloween festivities the whole 'Anthem' EP is definitely not one to miss! Listen to the title track "Anthem" and you can pre-order the EP here


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Ahhhhhh my boyz are back with a new tack that's oh sooooo delicious! The Knocks have 100% killed all things in 2016 - they finally made that move to the next level - selling out across the US, a European tour with Justin Bieber, and a siiick full length record! Wow! Could not be happier for our homies, they deserve every ounce of success! "Heat ft. Sam Nelson Harris" is a soulful love song with all the feel good sexy vibes - this is electro pop perfection! They'll be back on tour in the states early next year - can wait! 


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This is my catch-up track for the week! Honestly guys, all I really want to do is show you rad music and support all the uber talented yung producers we've come to know and love - but your girl can get so busy that tracks can sometimes slip through the cracks. So, that being said you HAVE to check out this new one from our homie Infuze! Out via Fool's Gold Records, "Alive ft. Brave" dropped last week and it's 100% fire! We love the massive edginess of Infuz's tracks, his intense bass mixed with melodic vibes is the stuff dreams are made of! With souring vocals from Brave and all the future feels - this one is huge! Grab that download HERE!