After what seemed like a lifetime of emails and facebook chatting with this Chicago based outfit, I finally got to do hangs and get to know Autograf better this year! I mean you can only be internet friends for so long in this industry before it starts to become ridiculous!  I sat down at a table in catering at a west coast festival this year with a few homies, and then realized these legends were sitting right next to us, and I was like ....  it's me it's me!!  Autograf also found themselves on our best of list last year, and they continued with the goods throughout 2015!  They upped the live game, now filling bigger rooms, got down on that festival circuit, and supported some pretty crazy big artists! Their disco house sound mixed with future beats vibes and electro pop feels is 100% delicious, and Autograf have definitely created a style to call their own!  We already have some plans in 2016 with them, guess you'll have to stay tuned to see what we have lined up!