What can I say about my little Australian angels Carmada - I'm just a big pile of mush over them!  I first met Yahtzel on Valentine's Day when he played my pool party in LA - totally fell in love!  I then met his better half L D R U at SXSW, also fell in love!  Together they make Carmada and they rule my world.  From crazy fun back alley hangs at SXSW, to finding the bottom of bottles in Miami, to rowdy green room shenanigans in SF, I'm filled with happiness when I am around these wonderful creatures, and I think they think I am pretty cool too.  Helping to introduce Carmada to the US market this year has been a blast, and I have definitely made some life long friends.  They have certainly helped me discover the bass side of electronic music, something new for me the past few years, and I gush over everything they put into the world.  Their sound is this original hybrid of tropical trap brilliance that only they can produce.   I have listened to their live set at Groovin The Moo Maitland 2015 one million times - it's what we put on in the car on the way home from the club. The Carmada boys are the sweetest, most beautiful, most loving devils around - I can't wait to squish their faces again! They slayed 2015!