I'm putting this out there now, Crywolf is hands down my favorite new discovery of 2015.  It took me a minute to find him, seeing as how he's been putting out music for the past few years and I have been missing it!  In fact, coming across one of his tracks was almost a mistake.  I was letting soundcloud play suggestions based off of another artist one day as I was busy with work, and "Wake (E-bow)" came up, and I just started thing .... who the fuck is this?  So happy that day came because I think he is absolutely brilliant!  I also love that I can still find something organically - that my work is actually not all PR agents, managers and artists throwing music my way - I love them all but there is nothing like finding it on your own.  This Los Angeles songwriter/producer is crushing!  His voice levels me.  There is so much emotion behind his music at times it can be painful to hear ... and THIS is how music is supposed to make you feel.  I am also a sucker for a ginger!  Crywolf dropped his new full length album "Cataclasm" a few weeks back that is a fantastic musical journey of indie electronic perfection -- I'v been listening to at least once a day.  I am so looking forward to 2106, because Crywolf will be playing one of our upcoming Beautiful Buzzz shows - cant say which one now, but I can say I am psyched!