Besides the obvious reasons, Flume managed to give me one of the most hilarious and slightly embarrassing moments of 2015 - and I have to say I would do it all over again!  Back in October I was in Los Angeles on business, and I made plans to meet with a few of my close Aussie friends for a night of togetherness.  You see, I have known Touch Sensitive, Plastic Plates and Nicky Night Time for some years now, we are all close but the 4 of us have never been together all at once, so this was a special night to begin with.  When I arrived at the restaurant and found the guys, Flume and TEED were both sitting at our table.  Now, a little history here - I knew this moment would eventually happen because I am so close to Touch Sensitive, and I knew I would meet Flume through him, but I was not expecting it to be this night, and I was not prepared.  Full disclosure, inside I completely girled out -- it's hard meeting an idol and when you are blindsided -- yea I was dying! Game face on, I sat down and introduced myself, and we have nice conversation about me, how the guys told him I am a promoter -- and I played it cool saying yeeea I throw some parties and do some buying for festivals, no big deal because .... YOU"RE FLUME!  The conversation switches and I pick up my phone to group text my girlfriends to brag about having dinner with Flume, when all of a sudden Harley stars pointing at me and smiling.  I look at him and politely ask him what he was pointing at, and then Touch Sensitive looks at me and bursts into laughter.  I start laughing now, and again ask what they are laughing at .... and when he pointed to my phone one last time it all made since.  I had forgotten to take off my Flume iPhone cover.  Yea - I'm that girl!  I turned 8 shades of red, and when the other two caught on they burst into laughter as well.  Yea - ha ha ha - look at the fan girl and her Flume iPhone cover (it's the album artwork).  Harley tells me he's never seen one before and I tell him, yea I'm that girl ... I had is specially made!  I figured there is no use in holding back at this point.  He asks to get a closer look so I hand it over.  As expected, he was very flattered and thought it was cool, but deep down I know I will always be that girl .... 

Oh yea, and his remix of "Turning" by Collarbones was by far the best track of the year!