When I was just a boy I would rock out with my fake Les Paul and Shure microphone with my dad and little brother playing backup and my mom beating on her cardboard drum set. We would have a talent show every year when I was in elementary where we would dress up like Kiss and perform in front of the whole school. I think that was my first fond memories of music and the power it had to transform moments and the way people feel. I grew up in a multi-culture home in a multi-cultural neighborhood with many different friends. We were adventurers, making forts, hiking trails, jumping trains, riding dirt bikes and creating skits. We didn’t stay in much and the world was our playground. That stuck with me, and as I grew older my dreams and ambitions didn’t fade away, they just grew larger. They grew out of the passion for a will to do something more and the hope that I could inspire people to never give up on their dreams they used to hold so dear. As I grew up I seen many of my friends lose hope, stop exploring and give in to the pressures confining them to this dsytopian society. I made it my point to live a life worth telling, going places worth going and teaching people lessons I’ve learned so they don’t have to repeat them for themselves. This page isn’t really about me, it’s about you, my dreamers, my lovers, my friends. I’m just here to remind you to fight for the life you want till the very end. Music is my medium and how I choose to share my experiences, but life is my inspiration and you are my motivation. -Fomo.