GEOTHEORY, a.k.a. Joseph, is an up-and-coming music producer from New York City. This 18-year-old unleashes thought-provoking music riddled with warm and nostalgic vibes. Geo was exposed to various genres growing up, bran ching from jungle, to old-school hip-hop, classic R&B and beyond. Some of his favorites were Garage and House, two styles that you can hear rooted in his music. Around the age of 10, he began experimenting with basic software like Mixcraft and Virtual DJ after becoming obsessed with Daft Punk. At age 14, his approach to music became more serious. “After I listened to Haywyre and Singularity on Mr. SuicideSheep I was like, ‘Alright, I really need to learn the science behind what these guys do.’” He only first stepped onto the scene dynamically at age 16. Now, GEOTHEORY is making the most of his sound, whether he’s kicking it with the “Flow-Fam” or The Moving Castle Crew. It’s clear to see that GEOTHEORY is going above and beyond with his music.