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Who remembers VHS tapes? I know our lovely founder Erin definitely does, but I'm betting some of our readership might not remember these cumbersome vestibules of entertainment. The worst was when you really wanted to watch a movie, and put in the tape only to find out that the last person to use it didn't hit rewind! So annoying...anyways the opposite of annoying is Axel Mansoor's next amazing new tune "Hit Rewind". Co-written and produced with fellow BB faves Louis Vivet, this track is a light hearted ode to California that's absolutely sure to tickle your fancy. The infectious chorus rings out with a "Whaaa Ohhh" that instantly slaps a smile upon your face. The nostalgic lyricism combined with the spritely production easily hits home with this remix. As autumn is officially upon us, this fun tune easily hits rewind back to the summer fun. 



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Listening to tropical house music is like drinking a cranberry kombucha with vodka on the beach. If you don't know what kombucha is, it's a fizzy probiotic tea that is essentially the tears of God- it's delicious. Dominican Republic based musician and producer, Lash, just dropped an effervescent, super-fizzy, tropical house piece titled, "I'm Gonna Be There." Lash, was once a duo of two talented producers, but has since slimmed down to producer Kelvin Beato's solo project. Lash's release of "I'm Gonna Be There" is crisp, and bubbly, like my cranberry kombucha on the beach. The tropical overtones define the track's friendly connotation, making it approachable, uplifting, and signature. Although Beato is now a one-man-band, this release proves his dexterity is astounding with, or without a partner in crime.

"From start to finish the record took me about a year and a half to complete. Music has been moving so quickly and is constantly changing so I initially took this song in so many different directions. The lyrics tell the story about a couple enduring life and it's challenges, but no matter what speed bumps they hit, they're always going to be there for each other. It's something I think everyone has experienced in one way or another throughout relationships so I wanted to build a song that was listenable for all fans of music while staying true to the sound I've built. If you've listened to my remixes, you can hear the signature "Lash" sound I've tried to create with influences of everything from pop to a bit of rhythmic dance from my home country, The Dominican Republic." -Lash


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Ingredients for good vibes when you have the Tuesday blues- coffee, deep stretches, and some good music. I got the coffee, I did the yoga, and TastyTreat and Dead Robot just delivered the delicious track I needed to ensure that today won't be a weekday parallel to the sophomore slump. The co-produced single, "The Feeling Wasn't Mutual" has legitimately turned my day around. The intro draws you in with sensual, futuristic female vocals, topped off with dainty melodies that fuse with deep guitar riffs. It's drops pulse with a captivating vibration, moving feet and souls. It's artistically romantic, while maintaining a hefty big-room synth elements. It transcends today's genres and dives into the future of electronic music. The combination of live instruments with chopped, hard production lifts this track towards the sky. It is soft at times, and intense when necessary. Together, this trio has exceeded expectations, and created something energizing, and invigorating- straight up, I'm thankful. 



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Australian-born Nic Schweighoffer, otherwise known as Enschway just teamed up with Yeah Boy to drop "Over U," an electronic-pop banger with radiating production, and sonorous drops. "Over U" is like pop-art meets production- striking and bold. The intro follows the cadence of contemporary indie-dance music, but then dives deep with the first drop- showcasing layers of static, wavy resonance. "Over U" is a social single- a track to bump at the beach with the homies, or on long road trips feeling the wind in your fingers. 


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With a name like Donkeyboy you’d expect something different than this song. As someone who only just heard about this band who is apparently massively popular in their home country of Norway, I would have expected something humorous like Flight of the Conchords or Reggie Watts, but instead I got this happy-as-hell electro-pop anthem dripping with 80s-inspired sounds. You know what though? I’m not at all mad—I’ve actually been playing it on repeat.


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The White Panda has been busy! Over the past month they have dropped 3 really great remixes that have shown us a fresh new side to this dynamic duo. Combining that great White Panda party sound with future bass vibes, they flip Ember Islands cover of "Umbrella" into a massive dance floor hit!  These vocals tho .... so awesome!  I can't wait to check out their upcoming show in San Francisco next weekend - they'll be playing at Mezzanine on Sept. 30 so if your in the bay area you need to come out and do some dancin! Swoop tickets below! 



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Russian producer, ARTY is no stranger to success. The Anjunabeats artist has collaborated with Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, and Matt Zo. Mostly known for a knack for trance and progressive house, ARTY just unveiled a much lighter side of his musical aesthetic. His latest track, "Supposed To Be" is a tropical, feel-good pop with colorful drops, and approachable rhythm. This isn't the ARTY we're used to, but with "Supposed To Be" we see him expand his artistic depth and fluidity- moving, swiftly, with the inevitable changes occurring in modern music and art today. 



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I have one rule- don't remix Zeppelin. Anyone, and anything else is up for grabs, but that doesn't mean it's an easy feat. For example, America's ultimate sad girl, Lana Del Rey...not easy to flip. Her charmingly smoky vocals, and avant-garde depression- it works. But Moving Castle's Valentine, and multi-instrumentalist Rob Araujo tackled a Lana remix with a swift swagger. The original track, "Lust For Life" featuring The Weeknd just got a chrome makeover, and a taste of the future. Light up your square, Lana, it's impressive. The co-remix heeds elements of future bass, glitch funk, and uses bouncy production to hollow out a landscape for Lana, and The Weeknd's grammy award winning vocals to continue to shine. This track goes up, down, and side to side yet remains strictly, and intentionally composed. This "Lust For Life" remix is far out enough to be the future of indie-electronic, and approachable enough to remind you of the most witchy woman in the game right now.