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Damn you guys, SXSW was absolutely nuts. It was an amazing experience - special thanks to all of the 83 fantastic acts that played. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget. It's been a rough week getting back into the swing of things and I definitely came down with a little sxsickness a couple days ago, but I'm on the other end of that now and getting back into the cut. Just got sent over this new track from Jacob Banks and it was too good to resist. It's brimming with gospel soul and enough electronic beef to make you wet your pants. This track is just a whole lotta yumm and I'm screaming Jacob PREACH! Add this to your fave spotify playlist here


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Look who's finally back with some new music!! Oh and just in time for our Get Buzzzed 2017 Austin showcase. It's not secret we love RAC at Beautiful Buzzz, and we were super excited when we saw our boy Andre win his first Grammy for his absolutely sexy take on Bob Moses' "Tearing Me Up." Well now he's back with his first remix since eclipsing the career milestone, with a bass driven remix of Matthew Koma's "Hard To Love." If you're heading to Austin next week be sure to RSVP for our showcase and catch RAC on Friday March 17 closing down the night at 12:30.


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Moving Castle had me at hello. My love affair with this electronic music collective started strong and has outlasted all the others. When you find your family, listening to their music is like going home. Each artist with Moving Castle has their own vibe that intertwines with that feeling of freedom and youth ... this is the "now" ... this is the future! Newest member Astre drops this brilliant electro-pop track "Shades ft. Kevin Blu" and I am swooning over these smooth soulful vocals and chill synthy beats. This one is hawt! Thanks Moving Castle! 


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Happy Friday! Sorry friends, I am way behind with life it seems! Sometimes I think I can do it all, then I remember I'm just a girl with a blog and a full time day job where I play DJ Monopoly buying for parties, clubs and festivals all day .... rough! This week we announced our full line-up for our SXSW party Get Buzzzed, and this legend Alexander Lewis will be dropping some sick jams ... like this new remix of "Murder" buy Lido. He teamed up with the homie Y2K to drop some serious bass vibes filled with soulful future flavor - it's so fuckin' good! Full disclosure, I have not seen Alexander Lewis live yet, so I am pretty psyched to rage with him in Austin next week! You can swoop that download HERE!


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The dreamy British vocalist Leon Else is back with my favorite disco duo from Los Angeles, Oliver, on a retro but new single “The City Don’t Care.” The song will resonate with any big city boy or girl, especially if you’re an Angeleno. Leon writes the record about the loop-set lifestyle of living in LA, and the pairing of the paradise vibe with the “deceiving side of the city,” as he described it. A friend played this for me the other day, and I was dancing in my seat so hard that my pup, Lou, jumped up to check if mommy was okay. We’ll be seeing this name more often, so stay tuned for more!



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15 seconds into this I got the goosebumps! Pham has been one of those emerging artists we've been looking after over the past year who's been blowing our minds with his super sexy and soulful tracks. Today we are psyched to release this new Buzzzmix Vol. 39 featuring this yung Polish producer, and it's packed full of all the future feels. Pham is also one of our featured artists at our upcoming SXSW show GET BUZZZED in Austin - March 15-18.  We were so excited to have him, he's playing two days - you can check out the line-up HERE! Start your day of the right way and grab a download of Buzzzmix Vol. 39 - Pham HERE!



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The Blu J boys are back once again with another yummy track, and they continue to impress. I pretty much love everything they put into the world, and 1/2 of this duo lives in my city so we get to do the hangs from time to time. They just dropped their first  original of 2017 "Safe ft. Matthew Chaim" that is packed full of dancy future beats and synthy soulful vocals. We are gonna see quite a few gems from Blu J this year, so keep your eyes and ears open! 


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One of the great debates in the music blogging world (at least in my world) this past Friday was which Lido remix do we pick to feature? I mean, there are so many and they are all so good ... just one of the many struggles a girl with a blog goes through. Mossy. won me over after listening, his smooth clean sound left me feeling some kind of way. Last month we premiered this Los Angeles producer's first release, so makes since we back it up with now featuring his delicious remix of "Dye" and I'm telling you - it's brilliant. Lucky for us, we get to watch this young producer come alive, I'll definitely be with him every step of the way.