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I know we are all counting down the hours to get us some of that Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night ... but before we stuff our faces and celebrate being thankful to do so, we need to have some sexy time .... and Medasin is bring all the sexy time with this new track! His remix of "Will He" by Joji is dripping with vibes, it's straight sex on a plate! His easy going R&B sound under slow sultry future beats and soulful vocals ... it's impossible to not love this one! All the feels! 

Disclosure: Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson. 



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Hey kids! We have another great ticket giveaway for ya! Our sweet friend San Holo will be slaying all things with his live set on December 02 in Oakland at the beautiful Fox Theater. With San Holo being one of our faves, we had to invite some of y'all to this show ... so if you're in the bay area and want to come along, enter to win a pair of tickets below! Also, this legend just dropped a new track "One Thing" that I am swooning over - everything he touches is gold! See all your beautiful faces next weekend! 


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This week I told my amazing, hard working, beautiful staff at Beautiful Buzzz that DNMO is going to be huge! Just wait and see ... I'm calling this one! My sweet sweet UK producer friend is continuing to crush all things, and just a few days back he released a new remix of "Fire ft. Evalyn" by Louis The Child. It's pretty delicious! DNMO puts his edgy bass sound on thick with bouncy future rhythms plus all the pop sensibilities you could ever want .... swooning! You guys can grab a free download HERE!



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Hello Monday! Y'all I have been fighting a plague ... the winter chill finally got me and I've been down and out for over a week! But today, I'm back in the office and back to listening to all the fresh jams! Looks like our homies Win and Woo just dropped a fire remix and gotta say .... I'm feeling this one! This dynamic duo played our SF party a few weeks back, and oh man did we have a good time! Their version of "Anybody Else" by JP Saxe is a super charged sexy dance track dripping with bouncy future beats and soulful vocals! I'll be blasting this one all day! 



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Starting today, all of our playlist updates will take place on Mondays. Why you ask? Because everyone else and their brother refreshes their playlists on Friday when the deluge of new releases for each week floods in. And we think Mondays need more cool shit to make us hate them less. Pardon the later evening update for the first week, but we think you'll like our selects this week. We've got a whole slew of eargasmic new tunes from artists new and established. This week's BB Selects features goodness from Snugs, SŸDE, Phil Good, Hotel Garuda, Kidswaste, Yuppycult, The Flavr Blue, Ekali, and more.



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With a name like Snugs, it’s gotta be good. This is probably the most uniquely branded DJ/Producer project I’ve ever seen, and the music is actually great. Little is known about Snugs, other than that the face of the project is an adorable light blue blob with a snaggletoothed smirk and the slogan “Get Comfortable.” But what I care about is whether the music is good, and as mentioned, it’s great. Debut single “Radio Silence” featuring vocalist HAILZ is a bright and shimmering dance pop record with effervescent and meticulously crafted production that will make newbie Soundcloud producers’ jaws drop. Within this one release, there’s hooky songwriting, high-energy builds and drops, sonic easter eggs, and loads of smile-inducing vibes. I’ll have this one on repeat for a while.

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Even if you aren’t familiar with SŸDE and their lightly energetic, sweetly melodic, and tribally rhythmic indie-electronic vibes, then there’s still a pretty good chance you’ve heard their massive first single “Orbit” somewhere over the past year. The duo composed of Will and Mitch, two friendly 18-year-olds out of Melbourne, Australia experienced a rare meteoric rise thanks to strong support from Spotify for their undeniable debut hit single in the form of heavy rotation on numerous official playlists. Now faced with the daunting task of following up with a sophomore track, they’ve partnered up with NYC’s Olivia Reid for “Above The Clouds” which showcases a laid back, sing-songy folk-influenced sound. It’s without a doubt SŸDE though, most noticeably in the percussion and guitar work. “Above The Clouds” is a future folk-pop anthem for Generation Z’s increasingly worldly youth. It’s exciting to see these young musicians getting to share their talent with the world, and I can’t wait for more music from them, hopefully soon.

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We were sent this song a week and a half ago and were instantly impressed. I didn’t realize at first that I already knew SHY Martin’s work, but now that I’ve done my research and also see that this new single is the third song on Spotify’s primary New Music Friday playlist this week, I’m certain she’s one to watch. This song is a perfect modern pop smash. Martin’s velvety, sensual vocals, which are processed just the right amount, sit perfectly above expertly crafted and mixed electropop production. What solidifies “Good Together” as a smash is the healthily saccharine hooks and Julia Michaels-esque melodies and lyrics. It’s not surprising the Swedish songwriter has already amassed more than one billion streams globally for her writing and featured artist appearances, which include everyone from The Chainsmokers and Kygo to Bebe Rexhe and Astrid S. You might also recognize her vocals from her massive 400 million stream hit with Mike Perry “The Ocean.” I’m a huge fan already, and I’m excited to see the waves she’ll continue making in the greater music community.

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We’re big fans of Phil Good here at Beautiful Buzzz. Just click his name in the tags section at the bottom of this post to see all the times we’ve raved about him. This latest one is definitely one of my favorites so far. On top of just being a really rad, moving, emotional piece, it has these epic choral backing vocals that come in during the climactic moments of the chorus and lift the song to such an impactful level (presumably just Phil tweaking his own vocals to sound like a choir supporting him). Somebody please let me know when I can see Phil Good live in LA, because I’ll 100% be there.

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