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Honestly .... I could go for happy hour 24 hours a day, especially if it sounds like this! But let's think about the best part of happy hour .... drinking when the sun is out! Does anyone else love doing this more than anything! Day drinking for life! But on the real, my loves over at Moving Castle keep handing me the heat and I can't resist any of it ... it's like they have all the secrets of my heart and they keep opening that feel good door and dumping all the good shit into my soul! Not a bad problem to have actually. "Happy Hr" by UK singer-producer SAKIMA is the latest from this LA based label, and yea.... I'm swooning. His vocals are like butter melting over hot biscuits of fluffy R&B vibes. With synthy melodies and super sexy future beats, SAKIMA will make you feel love in all the right places! Swoop this one HERE!


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Last weekend we had another AMAZING time with our bestie Goldroom ... pretty sure we have never NOT crushed a Goldroom show ... together we just make sense. If you are a fan, then you've already heard this new single "Spread Love" at one of his live shows. But now, we can all bask in it's glory and hit that dance floor like the fierce dancing queens we are!  This is classic Goldroom with delicious bouncy disco beats laid over that dance pop goodness, and with super soulful vocals from Rooty we're lifted up into our happy place. Such a legend this Goldroom fellow! 



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A few months ago I was introduced to this Boston-based duo and we've quickly become good friends, as far as cross-country internet friendships go. Sleeping Lion is Nate Flaks (songwriting/vocals) and Noah Longworth McGuire (production/co-vocals) and their press release labels their sound as so-called "dorm soul" which is a fairly apt name considering the two met at Berklee College of Music and make emotionally drenched alternative pop-soul rich with youthful lyrical melodrama and forward-thinking electronic arrangements. A co-write with Flaks' recent ex Abbey Carey and guest vocals from Opia's Jacob Reske, this new tune "Stop It" was released last week via Majestic Casual, and it's a slow-burning story of heartache with an overarching feeling of hope for brighter new beginnings. Take a deep dive into this swirling electro-soul pool of feels y'all.


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Indie electronic darling Emmit Fenn is back with another hauntingly chill original that's here to float you away to a melting cascade of dreamlike soundscapes. Leaning heartily on longing piano the singer/producer meanders a tuned vocal melody around moody synths and sweeping saws into an emotionally raw effort that's as enjoyable as it is emotional. Additionally Emmit has launched a really cool new website that has digitized his musical journey so far. Definitely check that out at, and don't feel too afraid of letting a couple tears flow down your face listening to his latest "1995". You can add this to your cry me a river playlist on Spotify here


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Wow 2 for 2 so far from Axel Mansoor - who's been lighting up the interwebs so far with his pair of sweet releases "Wasted My Love" and now "Out Of My Head". His fresh take on falsetto infused indie pop is showing us just how a marriage of heady lyricism and clean electric guitar can infuse into a musical breath of fresh air. The song is blissfully dynamic while still retaining enough punch that keeps you firmly locked into the quick 3 minutes of music. These are the types of tunes careers are built upon. Go add this to your favorite chill Spotify playlist here.  


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Well these are two names that are frequent arrivals on our pages, and for good reason. The Knocks have continued to just put out amazing tunes over the years including this rad original "Trouble" from the Testify EP featuring up and comer Absofacto who we recently heard from with his original "Light Outside". Well now we've got another up-and-comer LIONE on remix duties with a bright and sparkly rendition that further energizes the original. LIONE has been making waves over the last year or so with some quality breakout remixes, and he can add this one to the list. So dive in and enjoy! You can add this remix to your fave spotify playlist here.  


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Holy shit this album is good. I mean really good. It took me a while to finally get around to playing this through in its entirety, but I couldn't let this opportunity slide away without a BB post. I don't think Deorro has made it onto our pages before, and while we definitely try and support the little guys over prime time successes like Deorro, I just couldn't not post this album. I have tremendous respect for the diversity of the LP while it still retains a lot of the characteristically Deorro sound that has brought him to the top. This is simply 51 minutes of goodness and you all better take notes. Deorro is setting the bar really high for 2017, and I'm not sure we'll see much better. Grammy's out Deorro's coming for ya. Listen on Spotify here.


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I recently did 2 shows with these legends, one in Austin at SXSW and another in San Francisco  - both were sold out ragers and both were fun as hell. Now officially BB boyfriends, DROELOE will always have a place on these pages, a spot on my stage and a piece of my heart! They just dropped a new one "See Through Me" via bitbird that is so much fire, and I am loving all the things about it! With bendy melodies and big bass beats, this one has all the right vibes to get me going on this lazy Wednesday morning! You guys can grab that download HERE


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Hey now! Look who's back with another super tasty track! My favorite emerging UK producer DNMO teamed up with Sub Urban to create "Broken" and hi ... I'm swooning. This year I feel like DNMO will be the kid I go on and on about because his bass heavy sound is something pretty special. It's almost like he's not trying to be one of the cool kids, just making music that sounds like everything else. He has his own vibe, and for me this is where the real magic happens. Best part is he's just a wee lad - spending his teen years in his bedroom making beats, and I for one am glad he does! Don't worry - the word is already out and industry has taken notice .... now it's your turn to be on the cutting edge by swooping this one HERE!