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Yes. Once more, "The Live Music Capital of The World," Austin, Texas has brought to fruition another illustrious musician. A duo actually, Bronze Whale, composed of Benny and Jaques who make "sexy whale sounds" that have continuously dominated the electronic music scene in ATX, just dropped a saucy remix for Whethan and Oliver Tree's, "When I'm Down." The original track is a stand alone classic, but the holy hands of Bronze Whale have cast upon it new dimensions. The flip possesses a pop-step energy, with a kind hint of bubbly on the nose. Yet, it still has this sharp, demanding tone that drives it up and down, you know, so you can shuffle. There is a pronounced emphasis on the intricacy of the production, it's never quite simple- but always an affable listen. Bronze Whale is recognized for their consistent delivery of big room sounds that pull on the heart strings. But, with this remix they give us a party. With this remix, they share with us the testimony of layered complexity in production. Although Bronze Whale is a fraction of a massive, often restrictive music scene in Austin, the two musicians are expanding their reach at a rapid pace, crashing into the scene without a parachute. And we are all here for it. Get familiar with what's about to get big by streaming, sharing, and gettin' down with their spunky, brilliantly unorthodox remix. My feet are moving, y'all. 

Download the vibe here:


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Kid Froopy can do no wrong! He's hit some absolute home runs with "BB (four missed texts)" and "Dreams," and you know we were excited to hear his latest concoction - an energetic indie electronic tune "Drive Slow". The song pulses with layers of rhythmic vocal chops throughout the choruses and finale. There's also hints of funky guitar, and an infectious downward falling synth melody that floats in every now and then that serves as the whipped cream on top. This delectable tune is another fine dime in his deck of tasty jams. You can listen on Spotify as well here.



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It's no secret the mid-west city of Chicago is producing some major players in the electronic music scene as of late. They may all be moving to LA, but they know their roots! Today's premiere features two of these chi-town rising stars with this siiiick Stratus remix of "Surreal" by Mielo. I love this sexy slow groove under syncopated dance beats and big trap drops. This is the kind of track that makes a dance floor get dirty! Mielo will be heading out on his first US tour this year, and after featuring him at our SXSW show this year I can tell you its a set that can't be missed - more info to come on that soon! Until then - you can grab this as a free download HERE!  


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Nothing like a perfect, musical collaboration to ease a 101 fever on a Monday. NYC-based producer, Jai Wolf, just passed his track "Starlight" onto Goldroom for a remix. Goldroom, an LA man of "shuffling feet and melting souls," just gave the single a dreamy, ethereal treatment. The flip is introduced to listeners with a near-ominous foreward, combining tunnel vision sounds and a glowing reverb. The down tempo, kick-drum build up later drops into a dominating, bouncy production. The entirety of the song is ambient, but never sleepy. It flickers with warm lyricism, while musically capturing its psalm, "drifting through a memory, wake up in your crystal sky." It's a starry eyed remix- soft, charming, and saccharine. The chemistry that links the two artists is apparent with this track, defining that rare synergy between two producers. Get spacey with Goldroom's remix of Starlight on Spotify

"I've been listening to a lot of weird drugged out house music in the deep corners of YouTube and I wanted to turn this remix into a bit of a weird romantic desert trip." -Goldroom


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I totally vibe with this track - I get wild thoughts all the time! I also totally vibe with this yung producer Medasin because wow, he can't put out anything but the shway shway. You could even say his music gives us the wild thoughts! This remix of "Wild Thoughts ft. Rihana, Bryson Tiller" by DJ Kaled is full of sexy soulful hip-hop vibes with all the future flavor we crave. Medasin has been making huge moves this year, and he's on that super star track ... so now it the time to sink your teeth in!  


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We're starting a fresh new week, so I wanted to feature something band spanking new to kick off this lovely Monday morning with a bang! Say hello to Essex. - Las Vegas based duo who just brought the heat with new track "What You Do." Essex. presents a creative mix of synth pop vibes and future bass beats to forge a signature sound that I am loving! With ethereal melodies and soothing vocals, these guys might be your new favorite flavor of the week! Also, for the ladies .... they're definitely easy on the eyes .... babe alert! I can't wait to see what's to come from Essex. You guys can stream this at all kinds of placer HERE!


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There is no better way to start off your morning than with a fresh track from our loves over at Moving Castle. This little collective + label always produces the goods, and this new track from AObeats & Annabel Jones is hitting all the right notes. With that future groove and glitchy beats sound we love from AObeats mixed with the sweet girlish vocals from Annabel Jones, we have ourselves a dance floor heater that I'm sure we'll all be hearing at the club for months to come. You can buy/stream this bad boy HERE!


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I'm all abut the vibes today!  It's Friday and this week has been rough ... I'm really looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing for the next few days. Maybe we could all use a little cuddle therapy ... am I right? I digress, I'm feeling these electro R&B vibes riiiiight here with a new track "Press Play and Escape" from Teflon Sega. This up-and-coming artist has got that sweet jams thing happening with sexy future feels and soulful vocals - this is the definition of vibey! You guys can grab a free download HERE!


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We've always been big supporters of XYLØ, so when this next premiere was placed in my hot little hands I could not resist! Please meet yung east coast producer Kaidro who's crushed this remix of "Alive" in all the best ways! This rising star combines progressive house vibes with future beats to create a stellar sound of musical bliss.  As the day starts to wind down, this one is a great pick me up so grab your headphones and sink into this one! Want a free download? No problem, you can swoop that HERE