Sara NatkinsComment

There is nothing sweeter during the summertime than the music that reminds us it is exactly that time of the year. I’m talking about the music that fills us with warmth and joy, almost instantly spreading smiles across our faces as it prepares us for the greeting of sunshine and blue skies. When I stumbled upon Beauvois - widely recognized for his moniker Kidswaste, in addition to being 1/6 of French EDM boy band (if you will) Slow Hours - and his newly released EP, ‘Dimensions,’ I instantly fell head over heels. Though I would love to cover the entire project, it would probably round out to the length of a college thesis. With that said, I wanted to highlight one track in particular, “Jupiter.” 

The multi-talented artist nearly makes time stand still as he exhibits his refined musical abilties through the single. Introducing “Jupiter” with tender guitar riffs, the song eases its way into a kaleidoscopic amalgamation of lifting harmonies, sharp percussive plucks, and airy vocal chops- a combination that sends shivers running down your arms. I highly encourage every one of you to take a chance on Beauvois, “Jupiter” and the ‘Dimensions’ EP as a whole, especially if you’re a fan of all around feeling good.

Disclaimer: Beauvois is promoted by Beautiful Buzz writer, Alli Lindsey.