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Indie electronic producer Roet just delivered the second single from his forthcoming debut EP, EP 1. A full circle creator, vocalist, producer, and songwriter, Roet’s catalog often surveys life’s most challenging discussions. Despite being laced up with optimism and poise. “Here For You” tackles self-doubt and feelings of helplessness. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Roet invites listeners in with his crisp vocal presence encouraging them to strive towards the truth. A universal message explored through the lens of electronic production, Roet will donate 50% of the song’s royalties to Suicide Prevention Lifeline. A charming musical gift with a profound message, “Here For You” is worth the listen.

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Indie-pop duo HOAX explores immigration and fatherhood on their latest single, “Unamerican Dream.” An electric rendering of alternative rock with poppy aromas, this formidable single is ethereal as hell and mystical to boot. Likened to the sounds of Tame Impala, “Unamerican Dream” is decorated with subtle psychedelics and a retro resonance. A striking story that parallels the contemporary political climate, HOAX are poetic and brave with their latest offering. The storyline centers around an immigrant father who, in facing his impending death, comes to terms with all his shortcomings. A larger-than-life mantra complemented by explorative indie cadences, “Unamerican Dream” is a profound musing from the duo HOAX.



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Spreading his Australian influence across the globe, Laurel Laxxes enlists vocalist Gavin Beach to unveil “Somewhere New.” This mellow single tracks gated drum kicks with sultry lyricism to set a new standard for alternative-electronic music. Esteemed for its subtly tropical aromas, “Somewhere New” is a hybrid dance cut that ultimately establishes Laurel Laxxes as one of the most innovate emerging producers in the land down under. Void of chaotic turns and transitions, “Somewhere New” is an atmospheric triumph that minimizes thunderous EDM cadences while remaining true to its influence.



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An ode to the all encompassing trials and tribulations that come with romantic relationships, Thomas White and Lia return with their Drifting EP. The introspective 4-track effort is a collaborative outpour of raw, emotive production and poetry. The intro to the EP, “Feather” forges a heart felt path for the rest of the catalog to follow. The minimalist cut swells with omni-present percussions and palpable lyricism. Lia’s vocal strength is complimented by a shadowy echo that shimmers behind her graceful prose. While the EP is inspired by duality, listeners can expect to feel both nostalgia and hope with each note and every transition. “Feather” is a mere glimpse into the electronic masterpiece crafted by Thomas White and Lia.



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If you didn’t cry to Dido’s “White Flag” when you were way too young to be crying to any kind of music, then you haven’t lived. The legendary track is a staple in Dido’s collection, just barely taking precedence over her equally phenomenal release “Thank You.” In a fearless pursuit, Australia’s rising producer Mickey Kojak gave the early 2000s single a chromatic treatment. The multi-instrumentalist and wide-range electronic producer revives Dido’s original with his own vocals and a unique take on the established beat. Although Mickey is goofy and charismatic as hell, his cover is equally as emotional as the original. Nostalgia pairs like a fine with his signature sound here as his vocal presence is more apparent than ever, allowing listeners to delve into a side of Mickey that is often overlooked. This Aussie cutie gets better with every offering, and we’re eager to hear more from the doll himself.

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson

Disclaimer: Mickey Kojak is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Hunter Thompson


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At the heels of a shocking year, Seattle-based producer Ark Patrol returns with an entirely new outlook on life. In 2018, the alternative electro powerhouse was diagnosed with cancer, straining his creative processes. Despite facing a life-threatening illness, Ark Patrol overcame adversity with a sense of intellect and grace. The new found warrior has since taken back his life, and is ready to share new music with the world. “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens)” is Ark Patrol’s lead single to his forthcoming self-titled album length project. Melodic and inviting, “Your Eyes” warms its listeners with glistening sound design and mellow cadences. Originally produced as an interlude for the project, the track later came to fruition as a staple single from the upcoming catalog. Find peace and healing in “Your Eyes (And Other Safe Havens),” and stay tuned for a monumental year from the Seattle musician.

Disclaimer: Ark Patrol is promoted by Beautiful Buzz writer Alli Lindsey



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Despite being relatively new to the dance music scene, AJ Salvatore is making stealthy gains in early, yet pioneering career. Garnering notoriety from Huffington Post and a slew of other heavy-hitting publications with only four releases under his belt, AJ Salvatore went on to find a home with HERO Records under the SONY umbrella. His latest release, “Alone” boasts features from vocalists Harley Bird and Valentina Franco, building an intellectual, artistic-powerhouse framework. Delicate harmonies, and electro alt-pop production coincide seamlessly, giving breath the breezy cadences that define its very mantra. Stitched with delicacy, and a powerful, poetic message, “Alone” is a piece that will help define AJ Salvatore’s lasting legacy in dance music.



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These guys are literally two of my favorite new acts out there right now, so when I heard they were releasing a collaboration I was excited to say the least. “Faded” comes to us from producer/artists Said The Sky and FRND, the former having risen to prominence for his lush emotional future electronic compositions such as “Rush Over Me” feat. HALIENE (with Illenium and Seven Lions) and the latter for his sugary alternative/electronic pop bops such as “Substitute” and “Be Happy”. Both artists are unique and recognizable in their own rights, and both make you feel something with their music. This collaboration is no exception. A release via MrSuicideSheep’s Seeking Blue label in partnership with Crooked Paintings, “Faded” features the best characteristics of both collaborators. FRND’s neo-alternative songwriting, vocals and signature choppy/modulated sound design are complemented by Said The Sky’s gorgeously melodic, orchestral, future bass style. I’ll be blasting this one all winter long as I drive around sunny LA with the windows down and the sunroof open.



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2013 was a big year for the British indie-rock band, Bastille. The release of their single "Pompeii" topped charts for months to come post-release. While I personally feared the ensemble would hit a one-hit-wonder wall, the band continues to impress critics such a myself with outstanding new music, while dominating worldwide performances. The release of their sophomore album, "Wild World" in June of 2016 was, undoubtedly, a hit. This album included their acclaimed single, "Glory." While the track is a stand alone testament to the possessive cadence Bastille continuously showcases, Vancouver-based duo, Young Bombs, flipped "Glory" into a tropical house gem. Their remix defies your average house resonance by using a tempo that appears to rise and fall simultaneously. This Young Bombs remix is fitting for a dance party, but avoids hectic, overwhelming production and drops. It is chopped and syncopated subtly, yet showcases the complexity and musical intricacy that defines its greatness. The long haired duo turned Glory into an easy, summery listen, with little to critique and so much to revere. Get beachy with this coastal remix from Young Bombs on both SoundCloud and Spotify