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Can’t ever get mad at a proper pop song, and our loves Phantoms just dropped the good stuff! This Los Angeles duo is telling a modern day love story … gone are the days of going out to dinner and seeing a movie, home by midnight, etc etc. Nope, these days it’s 3 am text that’s all about where you at? The bars are closed and your friends are heading home, but there might be that e-maintained individual who’s on your mind, and who might be down for late night cuddles … Are You Up? This funky dance track hits the mark for radio ready pop magic as well as bring the heat in the club …. we love everything Phantoms put into the world. You guys can swoop this one HERE!



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I don't know about you guys, but TCTS makes me swoon six ways from Sunday! For years I have loved everything this UK artist has put into the world, and have been waiting for him to come to the states for what seems like an eternity. He reminds me of why I fell in love with electronic music .... with his hard hitting rhythms and intense dance beats over salacious groove!  SWOON! This new TCTS remix of "Mistakes ft. Tkay Maidza" by Basenji is fire x 10! I've had it on repeat for an hour.  Out now via Future Classic ..... get yours!   



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Well, we certainly called this one! Probably the biggest breakout artist in the EDM world (at least in our world) for 2017 is K?d. From day one we knew we had something special here. Today he drops a new original "Glass" for our listening pleasure. It's a little bananas on how many tracks he puts into the world, and they are all so good! This latest one has that future vibe with big dance floor builds and a slight video game quality under deep bass beats. Delicious! K?d does it again! Grab a free download HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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It's Thursday and I'm like holy mac .... can this week be over please? The best medicine for a bad day is grabbing some new jams by your friends and blasting it as loud as you can! I'm doing that right now with this dope Autograf remix of "Colour Me" by Juke Ross. That Autograf future flavor is just what a girl needs to brush off the stressful vibes and get into the happy place ... they never let me down. You can stream/download this bad boy HERE!



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Really tho - I am so excited for this next show because SAVOY might just be my favorite new obsession .... this one is gonna be crazy y'all! Saturday September 23 at Mezzanine, get ready to get down with SAVOY house party DJ set, along with French house producer Anoraak and our super homies Manics.  Tickets just went on sale, and you can swoop them below!  Also, gotta check out this new track "How U Like Me Now ft. Roniit" that Savoy just released ... it's filled with all that future feels electro funk goodness ... swoon! See you kids there! 



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Moving Castle had me at hello. My love affair with this electronic music collective started strong and has outlasted all the others. When you find your family, listening to their music is like going home. Each artist with Moving Castle has their own vibe that intertwines with that feeling of freedom and youth ... this is the "now" ... this is the future! Newest member Astre drops this brilliant electro-pop track "Shades ft. Kevin Blu" and I am swooning over these smooth soulful vocals and chill synthy beats. This one is hawt! Thanks Moving Castle! 


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Kulkid gives me all the feels - I mean his tracks are always tops and not gonna lie, he's kinda dreamy. I may have mentioned this dreaminess on past Kulkid posts, I can't remember and it's too early to care, it's truth tho. One thing I never get mad about this funny industry I work is being surrounded by big talent and dreamy boys! Swoon! A few days back Kulkid dropped this rad remix of "Fear Nothing" by Selah Sue - an epic sounding dance anthem which he created as an outro for his live shows. Works for me! Start your Wednesday off right and get into this one! 


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We've been talking about this Canadian duo Love Thy Brother so much this year - they've been killing the remix game with one fantastic track after another.  A friend from their hometown of Montreal actually turned me onto these legends and I have been hooked ever since.  This latest remix of "Arrows" by Mas Ysa is a delightful dance track with a shadowy melodies under indie pop vocals - they nail that darker sexy vibe in all the right ways!  You can grab this latest Love Thy Brother free remix HERE!  


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Really excited for this next installment in the BUZZZMIX series!  Our homies Graff have slayed the mixtape game over the past few years, and currently they are working on a 6 part series of mixes, each lasting 100 minutes.  We figured it would be very cool to feature their third 100 minute mix - 300 Minutes In A Hot Air Balloon - as Vol. 17. This deep house duo gave us a very summertime feels journey with more disco cuts and classic soul vibes that everyone can get down with. We have also featured Graff for the last few years at our SXSW show and it's always been one hell of a party!  We tend to get personal on Beautiful Buzzz, which apparently is the biggest reason people love this blog and keep coming back, so we'll do that here as well -- 1/2 of Graff is a dear friend and fellow business associate who has become a major player in the agent world at one of the top artists agencies in the US. A few years ago he took a chance on working with a fresh new promoter with a vision, and without him and his amazing support that girl would not have been able to make big moves in such a short time.... and that promoter was me!  All the massive love in the world right here for Graff - they are talented and beautiful, inside and out!! Grab this mixtape as a free download HERE

Todd Terje - Alfonso Muskedunder (Mungolian vs. Tangoterje dub)
Roland Tings - Pala
Cole Medina - Tropical Funk
Session Victim - Never Forget
Get Down Edits - S' Punk (Deo Groove)
Yam Who - Find Out
La Tuerie - Jenny
Madji'k - Music is My Therapy
John S. Parker - Hittin the Jug
Late Nite Tuff Guy - I'm Goin' Outta My Head
The Groovers - Spirit
JD73 - Into the Night (Tornado Wallace remix)
Detroit Swindle - Figure of Speech
Ajello - Hot July (Pete Herbert version)
Moby - I Love To Move in Here (Holy Ghost remix)
Ben La Desh - 27 Degrees
Andy Ash - Freak
Rhyze - Just How Sweet is your love (Walker & Royce retouch)
Only Children - Whatever Makes U
Boris Dlugosch, Roisin Murphy - Never Enough (Drop Out Orchestra remix)
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Psychemagik remix)
Mylo - In My Arms
Andhim - Rollercoaster