Dugong Jr


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We were trying to find the perfect date for 2ToneDisco to release their mix, and after dodging what seemed to be a million roadblocks thrown up by life - finally I am super psyched to present the next Buzzzmix Vol. 32.  This Los Angeles duo is starting to make a name for themselves -emerging from that great pool of electronic music makers who have all migrated to SoCal and receiving our stamp of approval.  2ToneDisco are getting lit with their selection of bouncy dance tracks filled with all that sexy future beats vibes we crave. Throw in some hip-hop and trap teases and we have ourselves 43 minutes of greatness! Swoop up that free download HERE!  

2ToneDisco - Headset Radio
Dugong Jr - Baby Avo
William Crooks - Kingdom <3
2ToneDisco - Cat Nip
Wave Racer - World Record (CHLO Club Remix)
NRMN x Sliink - Feelin So Right
Popeska - I Believe
Buji x Omniboi - Penthouse Suite
Hundaes - Be There
2ToneDisco - Deep Ft. BBTEETH
Frost - done
Cosmic Osmo - Animal Crossing
Rytmeklubben - Seen (Keii Flip)
Flukes Nukes - Want It (2Tone Edit)
2ToneDisco - Sakurai (Seimei’s Tofubeats Edit)
Evil Needle - Hanayamata
Hex Cougar - Sweet Dreams
2ToneDisco - Pizza Sauce
2ToneDisco - Tummy Treasures feat. Ducky (Leg Day Remix)
Kan Takahiko - NRG
2ToneDisco x Dreamcasts - Glimmer


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I was just telling the boys over at Moving Castle that I was so happy they put out this new YesYou record - it kind of makes me feel like I've come full circle with this Australian duo! I have supported every move they have made since day one, and now they are rollin with my Moving Castle fam, and have evolved into making some of the most brilliant music ever! This new YesYou remix of "Secrets" by Dugond ft. Tashka is a beautiful combination of funky indie dance mixed with future beats that is perfection - totally original and totally awesome .... pretty much made my week! You can grab a free download HERE


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There was no chill anywhere today! Shit has been hella wild all day, and honestly I've been going non-stop for hours now, except for that trip to Starbucks! I digress, I'm so ready to chill ok .... and my most favorite little label and artists collective Moving Castle dropped some serious vibes today!  Up and coming Australian producer Dugong Jr slays his new single "Secrets"  with deep future beats and R&B thrills - featuring Sydney based pop singer Tashka, lending her soulful voice for ultimate feels!  Love this! You guys can swoop this one via iTunes HERE