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Swoon! I have had a girl crush on this lady here for a minute! We have been big supporters of this New York band from day one - over the past few years they have played our SXSW shows, our CMJ shows, and we just love everything about VÉRITÉ! This new track "Undressed" is so amazing -- packed full of this incredible sad emotion that I think all of us ladies (and maybe most men) can relate with. This is like a fantastic electro-soul journey into the dark area of one's soul .... it's beautiful and heartbreaking and I love it more than anything right now! You can swoop this one from iTunes HERE


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Getting a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs sounds amazing, and thanks to Owl City we will forever have that image in our heads.  It's a good one too, considering all the negative goings on in the world recently! We need some feel good warm vibes right now, and our next premiere delivers just that!  Denver musician and producer extraordinaire Said The Sky has remixed "Fireflies" by Owl City for a tantalizing symphonic adventure to our feel good zone, combining swirly melodies and crisp vocals - this is epic sauce! Said The Sky has been dropping one brilliant tack after another this year .... we are swooning!!  We also have a free download for you HERE, so swoop that up and think about those Fireflies! 


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Happy Friday kids! Don't know about you guys, but I am so ready to get my weekend started! Let's all get futurebound with this rad new track "End Credits" by EDEN! SO many vibes here, this is the kind of track you want to sing long to at the top of your lungs!!! This Irish producer is about to drop a very delicious EP on August 8, and this title track is fresh as hell! He's the whole package -- producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, vocalist, and such a babe! This electro pop song is just what we all need for epic weekend feels! Definitely grab a free download HERE